This is my Sherlock Halloween costume! My phone doesn’t take the greatest of pictures, which is why some of them are blurry and yellow and make me look ultra white, and I kind of lost it after my friend had a ton of struggles taking the pictures (hence the close-ups and tongues and peace signs, I was more of a rebellious teenage Sherlock). I only got recognized a few times, but I rendered one girl speechless. She saw me and screamed “SHERLOCK!!” so I turned around and winked and I’m pretty sure she imploded but y’know, Sherlock. So yeah. Just thought I should share.

lilyfreakingpotter said:

Why aren't you going in a date anymore? *tear*

because my mom is a dumb and we have to (as a family) go to this thing with another family even though my mom can’t stand the other family’s mom equivalent and it’s really dumb. and also the boy i wanna go do things with isn’t answering his phone and he never pulls through with these things bc he’s a dumbo.

lilyfreakingpotter said:

Who was that actress (or not actress?) who you used as Marlene in your little McPrice thing? You might have posted that a long time ago, idk, because I doubt the McPrice tag gets a lot of use. But you had a cute little picture thingy of Marlene and Adam.

Oh right! That’s Freya Mavor. Jules doesn’t actually like her as Marlene but I’ve seen many others use this fancasting and it somehow fit for me. Freya played in Skins and is currently in The White Queen, you might want to check that out, it’s really good!