Jily/Marauders FanFic Masterpost

I wanted to make my own contribution to the fanfic master posts on Tumblr because I know plenty of good tics that haven’t been on any that I’ve seen!
My personal favourites are in italics and bold.



Lead on to Fortune by cgner (Royalty AU)

Runaway Love by WhtChoc (Modern AU)

Definitely Not Perfect by chaseroftheyear

New Year by scared of clouds 

The House with the Blue Window by live.in.books

Blood Binding by SphinxScribe (Jily come back to life AU)

Porcelain by SpazzAvalanche (TW: Anorexia/Bulimia)

Turning Tables / My Kind Of Love by scared of clouds

Asleep in the Common Room by the potter family

Four Matches (or The Red and Gold Prophecy) by quettlequorn

Summer Surprise by Claudia Crazyfangirl

The Pregnancy Scare by livy bear

To The Ends Of The Earth by Tapi20

If We Only Die Once by Apalapucian

The Rise and Fall of the Stag and the Doe by SiriusUntiltheVeryEnd

In Progress

The Life and Times by Jewels5

Red Amongst the Blue by twilight stargazer (Pirate AU)

The Trials and Tribulations of Hogwarts ‘78 by cassdaft

Fighting Fate by scared of clouds (Pirate AU)

The Potters and the Choices Made by MSupernatural

Odds and Ends by KisstheRain14

Letting Him In by Mwac

Evolution by TidalDragon87

Their Seventh Year by Enlightened Piglet

Petal in the Rain by pratty-prongs-princesse (Royalty AU)

All the Difference by AutumnBelle (Jily come back to life AU)

Alternative Rebirth by Nellark (Jily lives AU)

Series of Oneshots

Light by ohprongs

Alternate Moments by twilightstargazer (AUs)

Nah, She Didn’t! by fawkkes

Defining Moments by scared of clouds 

Fear is Only a Verb by percychased

Moments by twilightstargazer

Oneshots (I read so many oneshots so there are like 6 million here)

And the Wolves All Cry by monroeslittle

Lie In by Emmaphantastic

Protect you by wowcute

The Other Loss by livy bear

A Sister’s Wedding by moreofaguestage

Why Yes, Yes You May by WhoaItsAmber

The Darkest Hour by MaraudersInFedoras

By Morning We’re One by Suzie’s Q

Excalibur by Galindaba

Father of the Year by alwaysmarauders

Test Results by TealShootingStar

Her Realization by alijoz97

Fall For You by CokeBottleK

Push by hannah415

Four Times by twilightstargazer

di immortals by ohprongs

15 - Seeking Solace by kaahiescheck

Thrice Defied by iRawrPirate

The Peace In War by amamour

Three Quarts of Milk by snapslikethis

Today by bullet.sophia

Ten Points From Gryffindor by dance-in-storms (Snape/Lily/James)

Compromises by APhoenixRising

Twenty-four by YumiOCS

Now There’s You by KJ7311

Optimism by october31st1981

The Girl in the Upstairs Bedroom by Layla Wolffe (Nazi Germany AU)

Don’t care about anything else by GinnytheQueen

Luna Plena by Alstromeriae

Who Would You Marry? by PenguinBuddy

What Happened on the Tower by flawsmadebeautiful

Bonus: My Favourite Fanfiction Authors

snapslikethis ( ff.net / tumblr )

twilightstargazer ( ff.net / tumblr )

ohprongs ( ff.net )

SiriusUntiltheVeryEnd ( ff.net / tumblr )

scared of clouds ( ff.net / tumblr )

Jules ( ff.net / tumblr )

livy bear ( ff.net / tumblr )

Happy reading :)

(my ff.net for anyone interested: rosetylerandthedoctor

Fuck Marry Kill

A game of Fuck Marry Kill is harmless right? Well it would be if there were less complicated feelings involved.

also available here

"Lily, Alice, Mary," Sirius grinned, looking at James.

Lily’s eyes snapped up from the floor where she had been so intently staring. James had a similar reaction, except he looked at Sirius. There was a tense moment where the boys stared each other down.

For the first time since the game started, James began to regret his decision to play Fuck, Marry, Kill. It was the last night before winter hols, so it seemed like a harmless idea. The Marauders had started playing first sometime right before curfew, and then Frank and Alice had shown up. Peter invited them to play, and they had both eagerly agreed. Alice, however, had made the condition of her playing that more girls had to join. Enter Lily, Mary, and Marlene. It had been a lighthearted game, until Sirius decided to ask the most awkward question he could. 

James hesitated again, before swallowing heavily and pasting a grin to his face.

"Well I’d do Mary. Kill Alice—sorry, love you’ve got a boyfriend—" Frank laughed. James grinned back at him, but then lowered his voice to near whisper before finishing. "And I’d marry Lily."

She tried not to blush.

"Your turn, Evans: fuck, marry, kill—"

"You can’t ask her, you just asked Prongs!" Peter cut Sirius off.

"Than you ask her, Wormtail."

"Fine, but that’s not how the game works…" He huffed, rather pink. "Benjy Fenwick, Prongs, and… Snape."

"Peter," James and Remus muttered at the same time, shooting him the same look of irritation and scolding.

"It’s fine," Lily promised, smiling placatingly. She thought about it for a minute. "I’d fuck Benjy, kill Snape, um, marry James, I guess."

James eyes yanked away from the murderous look he’d been shooting at Peter. Their eyes locked. Something jumped in James’ stomach.

"Black," Lily began, without taking her eyes off of James. "Marlene, Dorcas, James?"

Sirius’ barking laugh broke the tension, and everyone smiled. “Fuck Prongs, kill Dorcas, marry Marlene just because if I married anyone, they should at least be a good shag.” Marlene winked.

"Aw, Padfoot, I didn’t know you felt that way." James grinned throwing an arm around his best mate. Lily giggled.

"I’ve loved you from the start." Sirius slapped his hand against his heart.

"Not enough to marry me," James looked dramatically.

"My love," Sirius reached for him, feigning dramatics.

"You never loved me," James sighed. "Moony loves me."

“‘Fraid not, Prongs.” Remus shook his head. “See Peter and I have had a long love affair, and I just couldn’t bear to leave him.”

"You wound me!" James turned to Marlene pleadingly.

"Sirius just called dibs." She laughed.

"Mary?" James bit back a grin.

Mary shrugged, giggling. “I’m all signed up to be a nun, sorry Potter.” 

Alice pointed to her promise ring when asked, and it seemed like James wasn’t going to get anyone his side. He looked to Frank who laughed and shook his head. "Sorry, mate, but your bed curtains and I eloped last year."

James laughed too, finally turning to Lily.

"You love me, right Lils?" His tone implied joking. His smile implied joking. His whole demeanor implied joking, but again, those eyes of a hundred colors held an intensity that rocketed down her spine causing goosebumps to rise on her arms.

She almost denied him like all the others, but something physically stopped her. She just couldn’t get the rejection out, joking or not. “I just said I’d marry you last round, didn’t I?”

James’ eyes flashed. He threw his arms around Lily, enveloping her in a hug. “Ah, I knew I could count on you, Evans.” She giggled as he planted a kiss on her temple. 

"Careful, Potter, or I may rethink the Benjy Fenwick prospect." The group laughed and moved on with the game. James kept one arm around Lily’s shoulders the rest of the night.

I need more Marauders Era fan art where in they’re acTUALLY WEARING 70’S FASHION.












I have a mighty need.

We'll Meet Again

World War Two AU from this prompt list of mine.

It’s a mushy, under-researched drabble and I apologize, but here ya go

We’ll meet again

Don’t know where, don’t know when,

But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day…

Bending to sing into the microphone, Lily Evans’ red lips curled upwards. Her gaze scanned the crowd, made up of khaki green and their colourfully-dressed counterparts. Couples swayed to the music, noses touching, their own little bubbles undisturbed by the rest of the world for just this moment.

Lily had been singing for the army for a year now, performing at various town halls around the area. She’d always liked to sing, and she saw this as a good way of shutting up her annoying sister, who worked at ammunition factories for the war effort and pestered her to do the same. She knew the songs well enough by now to let her mind wander as she hummed.

Looking over the crowd, her eyes lingered at a table in the back, where a group of three men sat. Two of them seemed suitably drunk, laughing into their glasses. The third, though, was looking straight at Lily.

For an entertaining event, this boy wasn’t smiling. His hazel eyes were thinking, she saw, as he considered her. His jet black hair was ruffled out of any attempt at a hairstyle, and his uniform hung on his slim frame, exaggerating his shoulders. He couldn’t have been more than twenty, she figured.

With her green eyes locked on his, the last note rang out.

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A Strange Turn Of Events

For Jayne ( apalapucian), because she’s had a tough time lately

letthebookbegin answered: Sirius and 1 yo Harry pranking james and lily on their date night?


full-moony-moon answered: hmm, lily takes james to a little place by a stream in the middle of nowhere and they have a picnic (very fluffly?)

Thank you for your prompts! I tweaked a few things but I promise that the ending is…interesting :) Also, it’s not a short drabble anymore. Oops!

“I still don’t see why we had to split up,” Lily swatted at the pesky mosquito persistently attempting to get at her face. “What’s Peter playing at? Harry’s never been away from us and the last thing he needs is to be separated on one of the noisiest, busiest days of the year.”

James dusted the dirt sticking to his shoulders and staining his white t-shirt. He was quite certain he had a bug stuck in his tussled hair but he wasn’t all that willing to check. He answered truthfully, his frown hidden by the dark, “I don’t know, Lily. Wormtail’s clever, alright. I’m sure he’s got something planned. It’s best if we just trust his judgment for now.”

She glanced at his shadowed face from over her shoulder.

At her dubiousness, he sighed, lifting a hand to run through his hair but then reconsidering the action, “I’m not very keen on this either but I trust Peter. He won’t let us down. He’ll keep Harry safe. Perhaps we’re being paranoid because we’ve been living under the threat of being hunted down for a year now.”

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Just think about it though.

It’s around the middle of their seventh year and everyone’s wondering what they’re going to do after Hogwarts and making plans. And maybe one day they’re all studying in the Great Hall. Remus and Sirius are sitting horribly close to each other, holding hands under the table. Sirius taking every opportunity to ask Remus a question because he knows Remus will lean way too close to him for it to be platonic when he answers.

But they have to be careful because they aren’t exactly out as a couple quite yet. Remus let everyone know he was gay back in third year and Sirius came out as bi a year later. And they’ve been together for over a year, they just haven’t exactly gotten around to telling anyone. They have been meaning to, the right time just hasn’t come up yet.

And even right now they’re passing notes to each other, trying to figure out how and when. And then Sirius, because it’s Sirius and this is just the type of thing he would do, lobs a crumpled up bit of parchment at James’ head and it bounces off him and onto Peter’s essay that he’s writing. And Peter looks up to see Sirius looking at them expectantly so he shoves his elbow into James’ side because god forbid he notice being hit by flying parchment when there’s Lily Evans to stare at. And finally James manages to tear his eyes off Lily who, just for the record, he is perfectly allowed to stare at because she is his girlfriend.

Sirius sort of just smiles at them, a little bit giddy and says, “Prongsy, Wormtail. Just so you know Moony and I are in love and all that rot. Also, we plan on living together next year.”

And now Remus has turned his head up at the mention of his name and is blushing faintly, but is happy they don’t have to pretend they’re not together, not that they were doing a good job of it in the first place, but that’s beside the point.

Because Peter’s giving them a proud smile which is slowly turning to an amused smirk. He gives them an odd sort of nod before going back to his essay, because he’s known for ages about them. As has just about every single other person in the whole castle. Well, everyone except James bloody Potter. But that’s only because he thinks it’s a crime for anyone to not be in love with Lily, that and he’s pretty bloody blind about that sort of thing.

Lily gives them a knowing smile and a playful wink. Because even though she believes the teen she considers her brother could do so much better than Sirius Black she knows deep down they are so utterly perfect for each other.

As for James, he just sits there. Quill dripping ink and dangling stupidly from his fingers, one hand stuck mid-ruffle in his hair. His mouth opens and shuts a couple times, his eyes dazed and then he finally manages to blurt out, “Are you serious?”

And Remus throws back his head a laughs. It’s a light carefree sound that sends shivers through Sirius’ body, turning him to mush. But he doesn’t really have time to turn to mush because Remus has given James a smirk and said, “Isn’t he always.” And then he’s grabbed Sirius’ chin and drawn him into a kiss. And all Sirius can think is ‘Remus is kissing me in the Great Hall. Oh yeah, we’re kissing.’ And he giggles (a very manly giggle) into Remus’ mouth at the sheer absurdity of it all

And James smiles at how stupidly in love they are. And all the small touched and lingering looks. The not so subtle grins and just-a-bit-too-long hugs are coming to mind. The way Sirius stays in the hospital wing much longer than himself and Peter. The way Remus used to fret during the breaks when Sirius had to go home. And of course the bleedingly obvious fact that Sirius’ animagus form is a bloody dog. And now he’s grinning that dopey grin that seems to be reserved for Lily-flower but in this very moment it’s for his friends because he can finally see how perfect his two best friends are for each other. Because as much as he like to play up the confident, slightly-cocky, Quidditch star image, it’s the sad truth that James Potter is a sappy, pathetic romantic at heart.

And none of them notice the sighs from the girls, both because they are just so cute and adorable and hot and all that rot, but also because now they know for absolute certain two of the hottest, most sought after boys in the school are off the market. And none of them notice some of the guys sighing for those exact same reasons. But some of the guys are happy because that’s tow less guys they have to compete with. But the most ridiculous thing they are all so bloody oblivious to is the sheer volume of money changing hands all over the hall.

Marlene McKinnon, James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin, at the beach with classmates to celebrate the start of their seventh year at Hogwarts

Taken by Dorcas Meadowes, end of Summer 1977

doctorcumbersome said:

headcanon: James ways always trying to make his hair stay messy so one day after they're married, Lily introduces him to hair product. His hair never resembles "neat" again.

asdfghjkl; yessss!~
Now imagine when they are dating for a bit and Lily wakes up after the first night they spend together and James’ hair is as neat as if he came from the hairdresser and she is so awed. And when James wakes up and notices Lily looking confused at his hair, he will shriek and yell stuff like ‘DON’T LOOK AT MEEEEE’ ‘I HAVE THE WORST BEDHAIR!!! THIS IS EVERYTHING BEDHAIR DOES NOT STAND FOR!!!!’ ‘I AM A FRAUD LILY!!!!’.  And Lily just can’t stop laughing.
I know this is completely not Canon, as Harry’s hair is exactly like his father but whatever!

Send me all the cute Hp-headcanon!~ 

"Lily, what-"

"I’m calling in my favor."

Lily climbed through his bedroom window, careful to be quiet and avoid waking Hope. She set her bag on his desk and tossed her coat over the back of the chair.

"I’ll be quiet, like I’m not even here. You do your thing, and I’ll be out of your hair by midnight."

Remus took a seat at the edge of his bed, rubbing his hands over the thighs of his jeans, like he was working on saying something. He was shaking his head, his gaze flicking between her and the desk, where she’d deposited her things.

"I want to know why you want to be here so-"

"Look, I saved you from massive pain from Flint and his guys. That should be enough for you to let me just sit here and do my geometry. Besides, I told you why. My parents-"

Not good enough. You were definitely lying.”

- A better daughter

Does anyone else think that if Harry looked more like Lily, Petunia might have treated him differently even without meaning to? Like say Harry was really a girl instead and had Lily’s hair and her sense of adventure and love for swings. Like imagine Petunia looking in her yard at a reincarnation of her sister instead of Harry, whom looks just like the boy that led Lily to her death.

I don’t know I just think it would have made a difference.

Lily Evans moodboard  ||  { for greeneyedwriting }

      — “You will fall, and things will c r u m b l e when you hold too tightly. No one is p  e rf e c  t, and you cannot fix everything.People will set you ablaze, and you will d r o w n in the ashes. This will eat you alive. But you will rise up like you were born to do, and you will s  u  r  v  i  v  e this.”


Headcanon that after James proposes to Lily, he would often surprises her with kisses in the most inappropriate moments and places, justifying his actions saying they have to train for the wedding day for not to do poorly at the altar. When Lily take his words to heart, they start to snog with the purpose to find the perfect kiss. But at their wedding day James flees “the plan” and just grab her, kisses her passionately and swept her off her feet, because ‘Merlin, he married Evans!’.

i’d wait a lifetime to give into you A Lily and James Mix [part 1 — 1977]

i. Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows

ii. Center Of Attention by Jackson Waters

iii. True Love by P!nk (feat. Lily Allen)

iv. Oblivion by Bastille

just you and me, trying to find the light A Lily and James Mix [part 2 — 1979]

v. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

vi. Ships In The Night by Mat Kearney

vii. Black Flies by Ben Howard

viii. Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen

they made a statue of us A Lily and James Mix [part 3 — 1981]

ix. Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler

x. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

xi. Resistance by Muse

xii. Us by Regina Spektor