Mama Belno must be so proud! *sniff* 

Look at our baby even more grown up.

Part of me is worried that he may not go with the others and come back to Fairy Tail, it seems like a pretty permanent position. But the other part of me thinks that if Natsu asked (OR WENDY OMG) he’d say screw it and drop everything.

I also hope Levy is with him, not just because I’m Gajevy trash, but can you imagine it? Levy with the council? She’d be so perfect, Little Blue taking down baddies like a true Fairy Tail member. gajeelredfox and others have an awesome post about her being an information specialist and ugh it’s so perfect, I need it in my life. My boyfriend and I were also speculating on this yesterday when I told him about the spoilers.

ALSO, I noticed something pretty interesting. I’m sure others have recognized it buttttt

They’re all just marching towards Avatar’s base, right? But Lily is in his battle form. We know it really drains his magic so why would he be in it? He must have trained enough to be able to sustain it for a much longer period of time. I dunno, it just excites me for some reason. I like his battle form haha