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Jessica the lacrosse & Honda lover -

Toni the S-body work-shipper -

Charles the kid who grew up with great uncles -

Great photographer -

Ryan the kid who can do 360 no scope and shoot you through the window -

Erin addicted to VWs & Dubstep -

Amanda the EJ9 & AP2 owner -

Don’t know you but lets get to know each other -

Don’t know you but lets get to know each other -


lilthugnificent replied to your post: Yearning for Simplicity

Yes, yes! Now I approve of a message! Please don’t hold out on us with what you capture with the AE-1, pleeaase! :)

I just woke up. The weather is absolutely dreadful but I’m going to make my way to the garage, change up my brakes and spend the rest of the day shooting. I’m going to try and get a couple rolls developed tonight.

Tumblr Crushes:

lilthugnificent - Woman after my own heart in regards to her interests and passions. Her tumblr is very enjoyable and she’s someone who gets where I’m coming from when I get on my car/photography rants. No doubt that she’ll be someone to make waves on the scene.

elleusine - What can I say? A good friend and the one who I owe my new logo to. One word; talented. I’m blown away with how knowledgeable she is about design and a little envious. I’m appreciative for having her as a friend.

fuckyeahae86 - This is one of my own tumblrs and it’s about the best car ever put into production. Why wouldn’t it be on the list?

okifunk - This is also one of my pages. I want the res of the world to see what the scene is like Okinawa because we certainly have one. Ryukyu stand up.

kianavandusen - I don’t know this person at all. But she must be doing something right if she’s one of my ‘tumblr crushes.’

aeconklin - AE86s owners have an unspoken bond. And this owner’s car is like the USDM version of my car (before the paint job). I like his/her(?) photography as well and I’ll continue to do so.

decorusfemina - My NSFW blog full of tasteul, artistic, nudity of beautiful women. I put it together, why wouldn’t I like it?

sarahtheterror - Former best friend’s little sister, trusted confidant, and a cool person all around. We’ve helped each other through some tough times, and I’m sure we’ll continue to do so.

nataliabrutalia - I like her photography, for the most part. But I ike it even more because of Shay Maria.



 lilthugnificent replied to your photo: Finding an AE86 today made me smile. When I get to…

I love what you’ve done for your logo. Sooo clean and incorporating!

All the credit goes to Gabrielle for making the logo. As simple as it is, minimalism is just so hard to achieve without looking cheap. She’s a good friend who just understood what I was aiming for and definitely hooked me up. You might want to get at her if you’d like a watermark for your own pictures.