And here I am :) with the finished work!
And a bonus :)
To tell the truth the last sketch inspired me for the illustration. 
The snow comes ‘cause  I’m listening the wonderful voice of Michael Bublè (and his christmas song) XD

Hope you like this my last little work! :)
Another thing…I would to say thank to everybody that love my works. Often I think that I don’t so well to drawing afterall. But your tags, your comments are very important to me! 
Really really thank to all of you! <3

Oh well :D Hello everyone! I’m back….ok, I’m not quite back yet, but I want to post this … 
Anyone encountered the tribes of the Hooligans …. mr. Risenfall was forced to try on the suite of Hiccup, while Miss Heartly tried Astrid’s clothes …. I think they will kill me one day :D … and no, I can’t stop drawing them: D 
Gobber is stunned … and even the little Hiccup: D
And I…I’m very crazy! :D

I want to wish a very wonderful new year to all!This is only a sketch. This sketch inspired me for this fan art that you loved so much! Yep, I know…I promised a little surprise for the new year, but I need more time to make it. Be patient! you’ll like it! ^^

To everyone that loves dragons and Hiccup and Astrid and to the world, and much much more to all my wonderful followers, I want to thank you for your kindness and well…everything!

Thank you! And I wish this year will be happier than you ever get!

Love to all!!


Love’s in the air :D Sorry, but I’m extremely romantic. XD
In these sketches I thought at Hiccup sick and worried about his future. 
And Astrid is on his side :D

Another thing…If you ask why Hiccup is so…well…not so fishbone XD I’ve been thinking about his training. For me five years on a dragon are a very hard training! :) So, I tought we could see the results on his muscles :D 

As usual forgive me for my bad english and hope you can understand my crazy notes :D 

Hi everybody! I’m here again with a new sketches about…well.. .do you want to guess? XD

Finally I watched the movie…..I’m still crying….ç__ç and it’s so different from the first that I can’t make a comparison! I love it so much and that’s it….

But in a different way…I think more adult… I don’t know how explain my feeling. But well…I love it because our beloved characters have grown up and they are more more fascinating! ^^

Hope you like these sketches…I want more time to redrawing all the artbook! (yep it’s a re-drawing…but sometimes I need to study again and again and again ^^)

in this time I feel very romantic…so I took a old sketch for finish it…I don’t know if I can finish it (or when) but hope you like it ^^
Only two weeks for my country…then I’ll see Hic and Toothless, and Astrid, and Stoick and Valka me too! I’m so excited!
With this wip I want to say also ‘see you soon! ^^ I go on vacation! ^^ Relax! XD
And happy Holidays to all of you! ^^

Well…probably I will not have much time to draw these two in this time. ç__ç I’m so sad! ç__ç but other night I sketched this… yep, I know…there is a lot of confusion! XD 
Sorry about the italian words, but In essence they are repeating the dialogue of the third episode of Riders of Berk. The series’ animation is good, but…well I love that scene XD
Sorry about my terrible romance!! XD 

Another thing…to the left, high there are my originals characters…they’re always chatting XDDD 

In these days it’s so hard for me to make colour on another fan art that I made on Hic and Astrid. Yep, I know….always them! XD 

But I love so much their relationship <3 and drawing about them it’s really funny and relaxing for me :)

This is a WIP of my colours and a preview of my new fan art! :D I don’t know if it can be interesting, but I wanted to post it too XD

Coming soon the work finished! :D


Well… These are first three pages of my comics or it’s better to say the comics that I want to draw. XD 
I don’t know if will be publisher (probably not XD), but it’s quite a six month that these three pages sleep into my pc. I think it’s the moment to post it! XD
If you like it, if you want to know the sequel, well…everything you think about that, please tell to me :) 
I would know if I really can to be a comic artist and if my stories (and my drawings too) could like to other people into the world! :)
As usual forgive my bad english (and the bad english in the pages too :D The translation is mine XD Sorry for that! )
And…well…thank you to everyone!

Each of us has within itself a special force. 
Since many years we have tried to grasp its essence, but it still eludes our control. 
That’s why we called it ‘Thumos’, breath of life. 
Not everyone feel its existence, 
and yet it is there and lives inside every man. 
From its degenerations are born Good…
And Evil. 
And monstrous creatures that, like in the old ballads, are called ‘Fomori’ 
the bravest among us were forced to degenerate part of their humanity and sanity to defend us, themselves, and their loved ones.
We called them Helwyr. 
And now, a Dark Force from an Ancient Time threatens the fate of one of them.


I’m reading Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by mr. W.B.Yeats….and I was enchanted by this book. I love it…I can see the wind on the heath, the stars on the sky and crowds of fairies and little people that sing under the light of a midwinter moon….
and….I’m watching the second season of Vikings. 
These are the results…
Well, I’m rewatching also Defenders of Berk as you can see XD
Hope you like these little amusements made on the night….XD