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If you like Attack on Titan, LOTR, anything elf related, or just basically really fantastic art, then check out my bestest buddy lilloolerartz!

She’s just starting to transfer stuff from deviantART, where she’s known as lillooler if you want to look at more of her stuff there.

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nooooooo. Gurl you don’t know nuthin. Go watch it again.

But think about it!

  • Scott gets turned into a werewolf by Peter who was “fully wolf” while he was in Alpha form
  • Laura was the Alpha until Peter killed her, and as we remember she was buried as a wolf (until the wolfsbane was removed)
  • Talia Hale has the ability to shift into wolf form
  • Conclusion: Hale alphas can fully shift


  • Scott was turned by the Hales
  • Scott is the “true alpha" according to Deaton
  • Sooooooo - Scott will be able to do a full shift