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Lillian turned around when she heard his voice. She widened her eyes and looked at him shocked. " H... How.. Wh... " She couldn't say anything else. She was wondering if he was a ghost or if he was real. // Hello * waves shyly *

Thorin was not the kind of dwarf to shy away from challenges. In fact, he might have been called Thorin the Fearless if it weren’t for his present moniker. However, the situation he found himself in right now cast such a bout of terror in him that he almost couldn’t start speaking.

Princess Lillian,” he began formally, casting his eyes downwards. “I have come back at the turn of the tide.” He bowed stiffly, closing his eyes as he felt the closeness of her.

"She’s just one girl."
“Then you’re really in for a surprise.”
One girl, three names.
Lady, assassin, princess.

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  • When Your Heart Stops Beating

"And she’s trying to sleep it off
With her head on my shoulder
And I’m trying to keep it out
Of my thoughts when I hold her

Your heart is a grave to be perfectly honest
Your mouth’s a smoking gun
And you smile while you’re twisting a knife in my stomach
'Till everything is gone
Take all you can from me, I’ve got weak constitution
I’m led so easily, so easily”