Drabble #101 - Tailgate/Cyclonus

gokuma asked you: I’d love to read a Tailgate/Cyclonus mech preg where Cyclonus is the “mum” ;)

Tailgate pressed his fingers against the tingling plating just under Cyclonus’ breast plate. The tiny mech knelt on the rolling chair he’d dragged over, and rested his helm on Cyclonus’ chest. Tailgate was desperate to hear the little pulse that beat under purple armor every chance he could get.

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TF - Masks

[Let’s start this new year off right. Here’s a little Tarn/Megatron to shake things up. *puts on cool glasses* Wanted to explore a little of my own thoughts on Megatron, and how they’d contrast with a character like Tarn.]

Rating: PG for Implied Sexual Situations.

Summary: Today, Tarn would see Megatron. He had to hold it together. Tarn must hold it together.


Tarn clicked off his mask and placed it on the side table next to his berth. 

One of the biggest mistakes that the Autobots made daily, was to assume that the Decepticons were a faction like their own: A group of individuals fighting for a single cause.

They were fools. 

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Drabble #73 - Tailgate/Cyclonus

Anonymous asked you: Tailgate/Cyclonus Body Swap. I want to laugh please

Brainstorm said he’d fix it. It wasn’t his fault he wanted to remind them all, but he’d fix it. So until then, he advised Tailgate and Cyclonus just hold on tight and not to go crazy inhabiting the other person’s shell until he could undo the switch.

That calm lasted all of two minutes since his departure.

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Drabble #48 - Misfire/Fulcrum

Anonymous asked you: I really enjoy your writting, and always eager to see more of it no matter what the scenario ^^ Though I’m wondering if you’d write about the Scavengers? Something involving Fulcrum & Misfire would be interesting.

(This got fluffy on me. Real quick. Blame Misfire. Rated PG for references to interfacing.)

Misfire jumped off the ledge.

It had been a whooping, hollering, full fledged run to the edge of a cliff side where he leapt off as if he were born to fly. The idiot. just because they were made of metal didn’t mean they’d survive a fall like that! Fulcrum dove to the side, horrific thoughts of Misfire’s maroon body slamming into the ground and—his companion transformed and flew up into the air again. Fulcrum slapped himself in the face. Right.

“Misfire is a jet,” Fulcrum said to himself, smacking his lips together and feeling as dumb as Spinster.

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Mara is gone. Zed, gone.

Tron? Rinzler.

Paige is here; her code at least. I copied it. From her disc gathered from the pile of pixels. Her code in my eyes, sharing a spinning iris. She’s here.

I’m almost gone. But I rebuilt. Who said I learned nothing from Cyrus?

Cyrus. Nothing but pixels. Everyone pixels.

Clu rules. Rinzler Functions. Flynn hides.

The Renegade Fights on.

The Renegade is Tron.

Tron Lives.

I blame Voxeljello for this. She drew the picture & designed those amazing circuit designs for a more bad ass Beck. I couldn’t help it. I had to draw it. And then the mini-fic happened and it’s all her fault. Yes.

In the words of one of my favorite life-advice speeches: “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Today for me, it was physically walking into a comic book shop and ordering Windblade (#1 o 4), and putting the rest on subscription.

No one’s mean there in that shop, or intentionally unwelcoming, but the store intimidates me all the same for reasons I can’t quite pin down whenever I work up the nerve to go in (and why I buy all my comics digital). But I wanted a paper copy (or two) of this one for the gorgeous covers, and for what I’m hoping is a great mini-series.

So. I walked in, and ordered it, nerves eating away at my stomach and all.

I figured after all that, I might as well finish my chibi sketch of Windblade, who as rothinsel put it, was an: “Itty-bitty in charge~”

TF - Let Me Forget Me

My half of an Art Trade! Right here! I haven’t done one of those in a while, but when the fantastic Data opened up for some, I couldn’t help myself! :D

In exchange for some fanart of the lovely Tyrest, Data wanted wanted romantic (as in two-sided) Pharma/Tarn fanfiction. Which I am oh so happy to deliver, even if this might be the sappiest thing I’ve ever written. :D

I hope you like it, Data! :D

(Rated T for Sensual Situations. Spark to Spark for TF.)

Let Me Forget Me

Tarn arrived at the snow covered hill on the far side of Messatine, neatly settled between Delphi and his headquarters, a few minutes earlier than the agreed upon time. At the top of the peak, was a small outlook structure built at some unidentifiable point in time. If you could call a railing around a large flat piece of metal a structure, but it served the purpose of providing a flat place to stand that was uncovered by snow and dirt.

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