Liliana is me : Aranel Cosplay
Photos by : Sonesh Joshi Photography

Cosplay made and modeled by me :) Alot of work went into this but it was a dream <3
I’ve put photos up here I haven’t put on my cosplay page yet because I love the MTG Tumblr community <3


“Argyle isn’t the only who’s creating art that’s basically a bunch of fancy arrows pointing at tits, but he’s certainly among the most prolific and (somehow) well-respected in that genre.” - Jesse Mason

First some precedent on the whole tilted image thing.  Now, it’s been a long time since I last invited all of you Steve Argyle fans out there to read this article and try to contain your rage.  But, in the interests of neutrality… do any of you agree with what this guy had to say?


Liliana of the Veil | Cosplay | Magic: The Gathering 

Photos by: Mitchell Frank Jimenez Jr. | Facebook

Saiyan Elite/Cosplay by: Mickey Walkup | Facebook | zivity

Make-up by: California Face & Body Art | Facebook 

Tattoos by: Laurie Phelps | Facebook | Viviana Garibay | Facebook

Wardrobe by: Marie Kramer | Facebook 

Digital Editor: Yinka Alade | Buy Titanfall he said and watch the credit names.