Peach and Lily Summer Sale

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it’s high time to kick-off summer! We’ve curated some of our (and many others’) favorite Korean beauty products and marked them down at special prices until 5/31 @ midnight EST. 

Here’s a quick preview of just some of the items you’ll see along with what others are saying about them:


We know that summer is the time when everyone travels so we decided to put travel friendly products in our Summer Sale. Here are the ones that were recently in Michelle Phan’s video on her  “What’s In My Travel Bag” video, which we know you’ll find handy and great for your skin.

It’s annoying to deal with creams and liquids when traveling due to TSA rules. That’s why Caolion Cream Sticks are so great for travel. They come in a stick format and pack a ton of moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin hydrated. Not only that, but they also have a cooling effect for hot, irritated skin. Just dab as needed and use your fingers to blend in to ensure absorption. 

                             Caolion White Cake Cool Water Cream Stick
                                    (Regular price: $39, Sale price: $30)

Sometimes your skin needs a little extra attention when you’re traveling after all the stale air in the plane. Our Cremorlab Hydroplus Aqua Water-full Tank Sheet Mask is great since it’s made out of hydrogel material which lets the serums soak deep into the skin for maximum absorption. Just peel off the hydrogel mask and apply to cleansed and toned skin. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes and relax after a long flight.

                   Cremorlab Hydroplus Aqua Water-full Tank Sheet Mask
                                   (Regular price: $12, Sale price: $8)

Everyone loves their cushion compact and we love our IOPE Cushion Compact (as does Michelle Phan) for travel. It’s skincare and SPF in one all in a handy case. It’s great for touch ups and on-the-go needs and fits in most beauty bags. Use it as you’re getting ready to get off the plane when you’ve boarded the plane bare-faced. Add a lip color and you’ll look super fresh and totally awake (even if you’re not!). 

                                                IOPE Cushion Compact
                                        (Regular price: $40, Sale price: $38)


Summer is all about suncare! We love our Korean SPFs because they don’t leave your face cakey and white but still protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Our Mizon Ultra Wonder Power Jelly SPF 35/PA++ is great because of its gel-like consistency and texture which goes on like a lightweight serum and dries matte. 

                        Mizon Ultra Wonder Power Jelly SPF 35/PA++ 
                                    (Reg. price: $28, Sale price: $22)


We know that the sun can bring on heat and sweat which can end up in more frequent breakouts and redness. We added our editor favorite, cult beauty product, Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask to the mix. If you missed it, it’s been written up in Into the Gloss and Glamour Magazine as the one product you need to fight troubled skin. **Tip** Put it in the fridge and place a cold sheet mask on to help cool your skin against the hot summer weather.

                        Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask 
                                        (Reg price: $6, Sale price: $4)


Summer’s the time to have fun with some color so we curated our Peripera products for the Summer Sale. These two products leverage Korea’s cushion technology to keep your skin looking natural with a bit of a glow. We love the sheerness of the AH Much Real My Cushion Blusher and how you don’t need any other tools to *dab*, *dab*, *dab* your way to cheek color. Perfect for travel and on-the-go.

                                  AH Much Real My Cushion Blusher
                                 (Regular price: $16, Sale price: $12)

The cushion technology in our Peri’s Cushion Lips help make this lip color buildable. When you want just a hint of color just dab lightly for a natural tint effect. If you’re going out and want a stronger lip, add a few more layers to build a stronger statement pout. Again, the cushion tip helps make the application super easy with no mess.

                                                Peri’s Cushion Lips
                                   (Regular price: $14, Sale price: $10)

We hope you snag some goodies during our Summer Sale to ensure your skin is prepped for all the sun and fun you’ll be having. 

Cheers to Radiance!

The definitely true story of how James and Lily got together
  • James Potter not asking out Lily all sixth year because he’d finally pushed it too far and wanted to back off
  • Lily realizing over the summer that she fancied James, and upon coming back to school telling Sirius one night (although why she thought that Sirius Black was going to keep that a secret is beyond science itself) and making him swear to secrecy (yeah right)
  • Sirius, of course, telling James that night
  • After literally four hours straight of James coming to terms with it (really?? now? And you’re sure? How’d she tell you? What’d she look like when she said it?) they begin to develop the perfect, sweet way for James to ask Lily out 
  • this is after Remus vetoes calling the plan “Get James Lil-AAAIIIDDD”
  • the four boys finally coming up with a simple but humorously touching way of doing it (Remus once again vetoing twelve fireworks, six house-elves, a memory charm and tea leaves, courtesy of Padfoot) and deciding to execute this plan the next morning at breakfast
  • Lily Evans being really freaked out about her crush on James (oh god what if he knows, he stopped asking me out and what if he hates me now what if he laughs at me if I tell him what if-) and Marlene giving her the best advice, she swears, that she has ever recieved on what to do. so,
  • breakfast comes and lily marches up to James Potter and before he can say a word “Oi, Potter, I fancy you. Go to Hogsmeade sometime?”
  • James is stunned silent, and before his mind can process anything he just blurts out “NO” because he was supposed to do it but he just says it, out loud, for her to here
  • lily turning bright red and running away because this is her worst nightmare oh my merlin everyone was watching him reject me 
  • james has the most horrified look on his face because it all went wrong and that’s how you got James Potter sprinting after an embarassed Lily Evans at nine in the morning in the Great Hall, yelling “WAIT EVANS THIS IS ALL WRONG I WANT TO GO TO HOGSMEADE WITH YOU AND IM SORRY OH MERLIN I FUCKED UP JUST WAIT FOR THE LOVE OF-”    
  • and that’s the story of how lily asked James out, sort of, and then they ended up kissing outside of the Great Hall, both of them a little out of breath from the running and yelling

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After a rough winter, and rougher year, make this summer your summer. Here we have a starter set of some of tuneage’s favorite summer jams, both old and new. Now we need your help: in this interactive collaborative playlist, we want you, our listeners, to send us whatever songs make you feel summertime happiness, brisk blue breezes, or sunny days in the city. We’ll be glad to make sure your tunes make it into the mix. These can be songs that make you nostalgic for summers past, or today’s top beach beats; perhaps you can even take some inspiration from Taylor’s summer playlist we posted earlier. We want to know, what does your summer sound like?