Today I ran into a jolly little Lileo! I sketched this picture of him with an apple that he was not really interested in eating so much as he was playing with it. Haha. I could not resist catching him! Didn’t even have to battle him first! I think maybe he just wanted a play mate. I’m sure Shippo will warm up to him soon enough. (They are both fire types after all!)
The Fletchling on the right was a quick study. He flew away before I could catch him though. I sure could use a flying pokemon to travel between towns. :\

christanotkitty said:

Extending his arm to Lily, Leo managed a soft, sweeping bow at the woman he had come to call family. He was forever grateful at his family for having taken in his friend with such good spirits, and foolishly, they had believed having her around would convince Leo to behave. "Come, I'm going to bypass my meeting with my tutor this afternoon. Let's walk for a while."

Lily raised her eyebrows but took his arm anyways, patting his hand with her own and resting her head on his shoulder as they walked. “That’ll be the third you’ve skipped this week,” she chided, even though they both knew that the other was grateful for the time they took to walk together every day, despite whatever they were missing to do so. She smiled fondly over at her friend, and she felt the stresses of the day wash away as they strode through the trees, arm in arm.