Back when Nolan did 3 flips.

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So here we are; the turning point; the culmination of what initially was 6 months in the snow.

Before the snow actually arrived in Revelstoke we had the pleasure of meeting Adrian (from Melbourne, Australia) who introduced us the the beautiful 1988 Chevvy G20 Van. Orginally coined Ogopogo, we renamed the beast to ‘Lil Dougie’.

With a queen sized foldout bed in the back, brown carpet interrior, fully functional lighting system, sounds, backseat heating, chargers galore and what seems to be a engine that will hum away happily we knew we’d caught the 'golden snitch’.

Revelstoke has been a huge, life changing experience in itself and we’ll be sad to leave - but leaving on a new adventure, completely different to the last is such an exciting feeling. At this point, it just feels like we have to keep going and extending what initally was a four month travel stint.

We’ll be hitting Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, then down onto the coastline to before reaching family in San Francisco. From there it’s LA, Coachella, Joshua Tree, VEGAS, Grand Canyon and Zion. At that point we’ll be reevaluating our travel funds and deciding what the best option from there is - personally, I want to park up in Baja California, buy a couple of surf boards and spend as long as possible in the ocean… but only time will tell.