Seungri's English
  • What he wanted to say:Get your hands up
  • What we heard:Get your ass up!
  • What he wanted to say:Alright listen to me. We on the battle with the Blizzard
  • What we heard:Alright listen to me. We on duh battle wid the blijard
  • What he wanted to say:The Roof the Roof The Roof is on fire!
  • What we heard :Loof Duh loof Duh Roob is on fire!

Shut the hell up you unreasonable fangirls who thinks complaining nonstop will make things better for our idols. You can’t avoid airport fan raids, especially when it comes to Kpop. It’s like trying to push back a tide. YOU CAN’T. Its completely horrible and WRONG, but YOU CANT. Kris was all chill and you gotta give him respect for that. Like I said on twitter before, there is a real reason to get mad like if he gets followed home or if the photos really violated real privacy.

The SOLE reason why I am pissed is because of those obnoxious reporters. If you listen to that fancam that somebody posted, you can clearly hear their attitudes and their bossy nature towards Kris and the fans. He even asked a question to Kris that he couldn’t even answer and also couldnt hear so he said PARDON ME? How do you even expect Kris to answer a question if he had to say if the fans reaction in Hong Kong were worse than the ones in Canada or not?!?!? He’s a respectful mannered man.

When Kris got into his car, the reporters were ordering the fangirls to line up at Kris’ window to ask for autographs and the most appalling thing is that SOME FANS EVEN AGREED AT THE THOUGHT OF DOING IT. Duizhang managed to get into his car and is preparing to leave and you are going to stall his car by asking for autographs while there is like 60 of you guys there? Then the reporter goes egging the fans on to line up like this was some prep rally or spontaneous fan meeting in the PARKING LOT OF THE AIRPORT. No Kris don’t need that bullshit. The reporter ordering Kris to at least take some gifts and roll down his window since his fangirls came all this way and if he doesn’t, might as well roll them over with the car. THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE SORT OF THING THAT HURTS AND CHALLENGES A MAN’S PRIDE OR IN THIS CASE, A CELEBRITY’S PRIDE ON HOW WELL THEY TREAT THEIR FANS. So Kris had to step up since the reporter already spoken and he couldn’t ignore what he said. So instead of staying in his car scrolling down the window and accepting gifts or whatever the reporters said he shouldve done, our Duizhang stepped out of his car again and took a group picture. TAKETHAT.

Kris was already in his fancy friend’s BMW. But because of that fuckin reporter, we had to see Kris’ amazing patience. He stepped out of his car and offered to sign 5 autographs and when he saw that nobody compromised at that idea, he threw it out the window and decided to take a group picture. He didn’t have to do ANY of this. It’s his humble side and well also the reporter challenging Kris that pushed him to do extra for the fans. Don’t forget that he traveled alone with no one, not even his manager. If it was Luhan, he would have fell again or gotten eaten up. Because he’s small and cute. Kris is tall and intimidating and knows how to take care of himself so nobody dares to do something they wouldn’t do. He had to brave a fan mob all by himself. Even his friends who picked him up we’re getting irritated for him even when Kris was so calm himself.

Fuck those reporters. No humanity flowing through their blood.

Stop The Witch Hunts Already



We already deprive our idols of everything, from privacy, health, childhoods, to freedom of speech. What else can you strip them to take away their title of being human. Because they are “IDOLS” right? They’re not allowed to have their own opinions, take rests because people like us who sit on computer chairs need our dosage of entertainment, and they must impersonate robots and smile like nothing is wrong. RIGHT?

Chanyeol will stop being so carefree. Chanyeol will stop being so smiley possibly. Chanyeol will be more cautious. Chanyeol will not share. This is his first mishap and “controversy”. It is EXO’s first anniversary. More hardships will come up ahead, but he is the one working for himself and his fans, not you, dumb fuck with the keyboard. As long as we’re satisfied and we HAVE to be at all times, it doesnt matter about our idols right? Because one click of a mouse can mean the flush of their careers. Not just one click of a mouse, millions of them all over the world has that impact. 

I feel like these controversies are not even worth a whole huge ass deal. This whole Chanyeol thing is completely stupid and something only sones have the right to be butthurt over for a little while. Everybody, including MYSELF insult people and idols everyday.On twitter, my own mouth. Im human. Chanyeol called SNSD ugly five years ago. He’s human. Plus they werent wearing makeup and five years ago, SNSD didnt look so attractive as they do now. The only difference is that his opinion is a big deal, not mine right? Because im a fan and he’s the main character. But he’s human. Right now, he is 20 right? Five years ago, he was 15. A normal 15 year old would still be in a state of midlife teenage crisis of immaturity and lack of responsibility, especially if he was soon about to be a trainee.

So are people really going to repeat the whole Jay Park era on him too? Not saying that he said something as “bad” or the punishment will be as severe, but this goes for all idols that get dug up. ALL of us have mistakes and pasts that we are of course ashamed of and wish to erase. If I was ever to be an idol and got accepted into a company, I would be scared more of the netizens pulling up my twitter, facebook, and friends who can testimony against me than the group’s future.

 This goes for idols and trainees too. When trainees start training, they dont only train in their abilities but rethinking about themselves and their priorities. You really think that 15 year old Chanyeol is the same Chanyeol now? You really think that Chanyeol would go up to SNSD and call them ugly now? He would wish he never did so now, but in the past as he was typing that post, he didn’t know better.

People change and even though he made a mistake in the past, he shouldn’t be held against it five years later when he possibly forgot he even posted that and when he possibly doesn’t even THINK that anymore.

Especially in the deal of a JWalkerz, I think its stupid to see things like this reoccurring again and again. Jay said Korea was gay on his myspace and he was still young but ended up leaving the country few days later from the consequence.

In Chanyeol’s case, he only said his opinion that he had PREDEBUT, BEFORE BEING A “SOMEBODY”. If he said that as a normal person now, it would have more respect than if he didnt say his opinion as a person like me on twitter, and its because he is a celebrity. I think that is sad.

He shouldn’t be punished or insulted out of proportion like he done a grave thing.

Calling somebody ugly is an opinion. A mean opinion, but still. Grow some balls. What crime is this exactly. What does personality have to do with dreams and how hard you work. What does opinion have to do with people presuming who you are. 

I dont even know Chanyeol at all just that he looks like a town idiot that got too much botox on his cheeks which is why he cant stop smiling, but If we were to hate idols for having a past they can be ashamed of, might as well leave humanity because everybody aint perfect.

Plus you do stupid shit when you are still young so you’re going to punish immaturity years after they get mature?  Right now there will be thousands of Exotics and kpop fans ready to burn Chanyeol’s stake, but before they do that, they should think about the impact it will have on Chanyeol as well as the group. It has nothing to do with you, and all your hurtful actions are coming from behind a computer screen, while his own doesn’t matter. What if it was the other way around?

Luhan speaking Korean.

I was so mesmerized i just had to digest it into Hangul by ear so i could repeat it myself over and over again. Dont know if its right 100% but its pretty accurate

" 디즈니랜드 가는데요. 제가 약간 높은 곳에 무서워요. 그래서 저 아무 안 탈세요. 짐만 들고있어요. 제가, 저랑 매니저 형이랑  개시. 저 좀 슬퍼서요. 슬퍼서요. "





The credit the gifs are not mine

Take Your Sweet Time
  • Take Your Sweet Time
  • Jesse McCartney
  • Beautiful Soul

Take Your Sweet Time- Jesse McCartney

Song of the Week. Its beautiful. /tears

It isnt a crime to want
A little space to breathe
But you will be fine
The sun again will shine on you
Whatever you do

Take your sweet, sweet time
I will be here when you change your mind
Take your sweet, sweet time
I will be here for you baby

Im feeling you pull away
'cause letting go isnt easy for me
But you’ll never fly
With someone elses wings, I know
Wherever you go

[Repeat Chorus]

I will never stand in your way
Wherever your heart may lead you
I will love you the same
And I will be your comfort every day
Do you hear the words I say?

[Repeat Chorus]


Okay my morning afternoon started out like this and i was like talking to myself from the random excitement like GLEE! He wants to come back! So i was like muttering a bunch of random shit out loud like dont come yes come but no the storm yes i miss you its not safe but hurricanes here are stupid. And my bro came in with a nerf gun telling me to shut it.

 So i tweeted to him finally


I was shrieking in my throat and my bro finally shot me in the face with his nerf gun. 

He replied to me like LESS than a second after i tweeted him. It was right above my own tweet after refreshing. I had to hold myself together and sink it in first. 

Then i was like 


Peeps on twitter were like, to me.


And im just 


Depression is having two guns pointed at your head at the same time and knowing the trigger is in the hands of yourself and others.

Depression is having two knives pointed at your back and front at the same time and knowing the stab will either be a betrayal of yourself or from others.

Depression is like living the best of both worlds and getting a good laugh out of a bad mind. Smiling when you’re crying. Listening when you’re not heard. Sarcastic when you’re serious.

One day we’re knocking on their door and there’s nobody home. One day somebody will be knocking on my door and there will be nobody home.

The only thing that comforts me is music and it isnt even the happy kind.

I’ll return one day.  In the meantime, I need to seriously repent and reflect. Until I become a human being who can face everyone confidently with a smile on my face. When I no longer am an anchor to everyone else’s happiness and continuously hurting myself in ways nobody but myself will ever notice. Until every little thing in my life no longer serves as a reminder that I still have sores in my heart or that I’m still capable of hatred and negative feelings because I don’t want to feel the defeated self kind of feelings instead. After all, tlist is all I have. I never thought I would leave because I never had the confidence to. You have become my horcrux and my soul is definitely damaged in the greatest way. I know everyone can go on without me. It’s not even a question. I am no biggie. It hurts me to leave but it hurts me to stay. I feel so lost and ashamed that I can’t belong the way I want to. I can’t even smile for you guys, the only ones I love so much. After the 28th, it made me fully comprehend how alone I am. I’ve been feeling and suppressing so much for I dont know whats sake, and I can’t scream out this pain. I need to close myself in before I end up hurting someone else. I don’t want tlist to become a broken memory because of the fragments I created. I lost too much already.  Forgive me.

I hope this gets passed on from Amy or Courtney because this will be my last message. 🎈Always Keep The Faith🎈