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So this happened at one point. Scary, right? I might need therapy for this.

My best friend and confidant since age 3. Several years separate us in age but no distance or amount of time can dilute the bond we share. Truly, the most naturally radiant, loving and compassionate soul I know. How blessed am I to call her my bestie, my ride or die, my sister @iam_elleelle. You already know Larryn, anything & everything for you, I’ll give. Love you sis, my #WCW #Sister #LiLaLi πŸ’œ Photo by: @lenayx2 // PEEP HER LIFESTYLE BLOG: (at

Always and forever my Woman Crushes πŸ‘­ MY GORGEOUS & GOOFY SISTERS! #LiLaLi πŸ’• Left: Liana @lenayx2 || Right: Larryn @iam_elleelle ….Larryn was the one that had challenged me to go VEGAN for 14 days …well I’m in Day 10 and have decided to extend my challenge for 1month! …and yes, well aware that July 4th weekend is ahead (I’ll be walking around with a peg pinching my nose! #BBQblues πŸ’€) lol …… #SisterLove #MyAces #SamoanBlack #Homesick #MissingYous ☺️ (at )

Hello Weekend!!! …Sharing thought: πŸ’­ Beauty without grace is like a rose without smell. A pretty smile should never be empty, it should given (and received) with love. Beauty inside and out, exemplify it! Those that embody genuine grace and class illuminate a true definition of what beautiful is. Ladies, be the example your daughters, sisters, mothers and girlfriends need, xox #ForMySisters #LiLaLi πŸ‘­ #LeadByExample #Grace #Beauty πŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸŒ»πŸŒΊπŸŒΌπŸπŸ’πŸŒ·

My baby sister @lenayx2 is no baby, but to @iam_elleelle and I she’ll always be our baby bub! Thank God mum birthed her, today she is not only our younger sibling but our muse. Inspired by you Liana, keep killing it sis ✊ …an old artistic soul. Love you in this lifetime and the next, my #WCW β€’β€’β€’ #LiLaLi #Sisters πŸ’“ (at )

My Team, My family… missing you all to the moon and back! πŸ’“ #LiLaLi #DemLegsLookLeanDoh ☺️ β€’β€’β€’ Vacation in New Zealand, Auckland (Yo, @iam_elleelle @lenayx2 what year was this?) Visiting the elementary school my mama attended as a bratty kid. She was known to be a tough tomboy kinda girl in school. The type to beat the boys up for stealing her lunch type of chick …..yea, so it’s true, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree 😌 ha! Love you Lampa Dampa! xoxoxo (at )

#TunnelVision: This mornings run with my sisters… I’m going to start leading from behind because evidently this is what happens when they fall behind… They walk and take photos πŸ˜‘ …but I still love them! ☺️ #LiLaLi ❀️
Pic cred: @lenayx2 ➰ @elle_lewy

#TBT - Best. Summer. Ever!!! #NYC, 2011 - before I grew biceps & triceps πŸ˜‚

Picture taken at a Brooklyn block party, had two special guests visiting me that Summer, eating me out of house and home & spending all my moneyyyy - missing you suckers @laz_lewy @lenayx2 #Sisters #LiLaLi #Family 😘😘