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Oh gosh, youre watching Code of Honor? I always avoid that one due to its cringe-inducing racism. But there are P/C moments?! This changes everything&

I wasn’t technically watching it.  I was kind of just scanning through it looking for some clips for a video thing I’m working on at the moment.  I’m not really familiar with this ep mostly because I tend to avoid this ep due to there being:

1. Very little P/C.

2. Very little Beverly.

3. (as you called it) The cringe-inducing moments racism/sexism.

Though I will say I started hating Yar less in this ep.  But back to the main question there is one cute P/C moment.  Beverly comes to his Ready Room to talk about this “vaccine” and it’s pretty adorable.  She’s all hot and bothered about not having it and having to watch people die.  And there’s good ole supportive JL being kind of cute.  THEN she talks to him about Wesley and how he wants to learn starship stuff but (womp womp) JL banned him from the bridge.  So typical JL succumbs to his lady love and lets Wesley on the bridge. 

That was a terrible description of what happens (and I sound like I’m 12) but that’s the general feel of it.