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It will be a bit of time before you get your packages. The delay might be because I haven’t sent anything out yet. I just want everything together perfectly, so if you have a very late Valentine’s Day, apologies, but at least it will look nice. Right? Okay. 

Sorry again. 

Sidenote, Rachel: The draft is being edited. And it’s been hard to go through and perfect my old writing, so if you only receive four or five chapters, just know you’ll get more eventually. 

Okay, end post.

We’re kind of like a married couple in that way, I suppose. And that happened very quickly: I think it’s because we’re quite likeminded, me and David.

Billie Piper; DWM 364

"It’s funny…you meet these people—we call them ‘fresh blood’— and they come in, and they’re lively, and they’ve all got stories, and they’re always a joy and really funny…and then they leave, which is sad. But then David and me kind of go ‘Hey, it’s okay, cos we’ve still got each other.’ I mean, I really love it when it’s just me and David—it’s nice and contained and easy. If we want to be silent in between takes, we can be, and we don’t worry about the other person thinking we’re a bit boring. We’re kind of like a married couple in that way, I suppose. And that happened very quickly: I think it’s because we’re quite likeminded, me and David.”

—[[ mkay bt 12-yr-old JD with braces and sunburned cheeks and clothes that are too big for him ]]

MagiCorp Industries is now hiring!


An up and coming new organisation who aims to bring Eorzea into a new era of technology, and bring us to a brighter, better future. We provide machines which can help make your every day working life easier, providing the most up to date technology to businesses, your home, and the everyday effort to keep you and your family safe.

We deliver and we excel, and we are looking for likeminded men and women who deliver 120%. You have the chance to be part of this movement into the future, where the rewards are plentiful, and team friendly and welcoming.

We are currently looking for:

  • Scientists and Engineers to help with production
  • A creative team to work alongside our scientists and engineers to bring forward fresh, awe inspiring ideas to the table for our next big release.
  • Strong and able bodied security team to protect and keep our team safe, so that they may deliver the best
  • Field agents to get out there and represent the company in the best way possible!

Don’t delay, apply today!


A mere show. MagiCorp Industries is shady beneath the seemingly friendly and progressive surface. Corrupted by greed, the desire to be the best, and used to achieve personal goals, MagiCorp has plenty of tales which will unravel within its walls.

MagiCorp is looking for employees, but we are also looking for rivals, business clients, suspicious bystanders, friend and foe alike to help deliver interesting stories.

However, if you choose to interact with the company, all characters will be involved in stories that contain, threats, violence, murder, and other adult themes.

If you choose to acknowledge the company’s existence in character, please note; If your character’s actions effects the business in anyway, expect MagiCorp to react accordingly. This can go as far as an attempt on a character’s life. However, unless discussed and planned beforehand, all attempts during roleplay will end with an open prompt.

If you’re interested in applying for a job or finding out more, please send me an ask!

I’m honestly lost on all this Likeminder drama that’s been going on. I’ve read the posts people have made and it’s just making me upset. Sikander, I will definitely miss your videos with frozen fruit snacks and wizard hats. I don’t know the situation exactly, but I know you have your reasons for leaving. I’m still here to talk, Likeminder or not, even if we haven’t talked too much before. 

All right, that’s all from me. I really hope this is resolved, whatever it is.

"I’ve always just wanted to secretly sample my favourite video games to play out and see the reaction," he continues, "I didn’t send my beats [on the ‘Fate’ EP] to anyone – I just made these tracks, and I played them at Boxed one time." You can imagine a DJ dropping a track like Mako March – based on the Shinra Corporation theme from Final Fantasy VII – and seeing the eyes of a certain pocket of the crowd light up in recognition. "And I like that," Dark0 says, "I like the idea of certain dedicated fans who are in my age group understanding that RPG reference. Likeminded people."

Watch on fuckyeahlgbtqartists.tumblr.com

ARMAGAYDDON - Written By Tara Flynn & Kevin McGahern

In Association With LGBT Noise

A LIKE:MINDED PRODUCTION - www.likeminded.ie

Director - Martin Gaughan
Producer - Lisa Gallagher
Director of Photography - Andrew Cummins
Sound - Stephen McDowell
Assistant Director - Diarmuid O’Brien
Assistant Camera - Anna O’Carroll
Make Up Artist - Olivia Fitzsimons
Sound Mixer - Bounce Sound
Graphics - Richard Merrigan & Eric Dolan
Post Production Producer - Carly Butler
Online Editor - Robbie O’Farrel
Editor - Tom O’Neill & Ultan Murphy

Adam - Shane O’Reilly
John - Kevin McGahern
Mary - Tara Flynn

With Special Thanks To
Windmill Lane Pictures
Teach Solaís
Barry Mullarkey
James & Juliette Cassidy

Jens the Storyteller Part 1: The Short Of It (“A Postcard to Nina”)


So far we’ve discussed Jens’ prevailing themes (love and feeling out of place). But let’s face it—those aren’t wholly unique topics. (True story: I started a list of bands you could call “likeminded” and scrapped it. So just open up your iTunes and put it on shuffle.)

The real power of Jens’ music comes from his acute power of storytelling. Not only is he guiding us through a series of emotions—he’s placed himself at the heart of both the good and bad, crafting narratives that usually have a beginning, middle, and end. This is a big topic, so I’m splitting it into two parts across two days.

Let’s look at Night Falls Over Kortedala track, “A Postcard to Nina.” It’s the kind of narrative that any Creative Writing 101 teacher would love—guy goes to Berlin to meet his pen pal, guy gets roped in to pretending to be her boyfriend she doesn’t have to come out to her father, guy makes a royal ass of himself.

But Jens doesn’t just settle with a simple rehashing, he makes us feel the action on three different several levels. There’s the narrative, where his role in her family dinner is sprung on him (“First time I see you in Berlin/You don’t tell me anything/until outside your dad’s apartment.”), and then gets very complicated (“I get a little nervous and change the subject/And put my hand on some metal object/He jokes and tells me it’s a lie detector.”) The internal comes next  (“Oh God, what have I done?/I came to Berlin to have some fun!”).

But perhaps the strongest of all is the subtext-heavy post-script to his trip to Germany. In short: he loves Nina in a way that that blurs traditional relationship lines. A good friend is complicit in a lie. A great friend holds his ground even after screwing up basic information and getting kicked under the table. But it takes someone special to keep up the pretense even after the fact. That would be Jens—stumbling on his own words and sending her father “out of office replies” rather than just ‘fessing up that their relationship is purely platonic. Nina’s moved to New York, and he’s still thinking about her, sending letters to remind her, “Don’t let anyone stand in your way.” He knows that, once again, he’s fallen in love with the wrong woman. But that’s not going to stop him from expressing his admiration for her in the only way he knows how. Once and a while, it even feels like enough.

Stay tuned for “The Long of It” where we’ll take on I Know What Love Isn’t track, “The World Moves On.” In the meanwhile, here’s a cute “A Postcard to Nina” video from animator Nathan Heigert. 

"A Postcard to Nina" by Jens Lekman Animation from Nathan Heigert on Vimeo.

anonymous said:

Do you have any advice you could give to a high schooler with major anxiety? Started my junior year, never have had this problem before. I know the kids in my classes, they're just not people who I would talk to at all. I have lunch with nobody and I can't focus or eat. All I do is cry. I just don't know what to do.

Junior year was one of the hardest years of my 18 years of living. I wish i had someone to hold my hand and give me advice and just walk me through it.

Focus on yourself. Do what you need to do this school year to keep yourself sane and happy. Be yourself and likeminded people will flock to you. Please, try to eat and pick yourself up. Take a shower, wear something nice, listen to good music, watch a movie. You are a brave, kind, important human being and i believe in you. 

From September 9th to October 5th, the UnReaL collective—xorzyztTom Ass and BlackBlackGold—head to the Americas with suitcases full of in ekstasis bass, blackened electronics and ritual verses.  We will be joined across the US by a cavalcade of likeminded freaks, beautiful mutants and Internet abusers—Teen WitchNVR MNDMike TextbeakLauren BousfieldDeathface and more will be wrapping their aural auras with ours for a strobosexual celebration of fog, grime and dance weirdness.

Terror is coming. Pleasure will follow.

Five Things I'm Thankful For:

leonalansing tagged me, so here we go.

1. My kids.  Might be a cliche, but yeah.  They are healthy, and smart, and beautiful, and perfect, and I am very thankful.

2. TV.  I just love it so much.  I’m not even embarrassed.  I would rather binge watch tv than just about anything else in the world.

3. Books!  Most specifically dystopian fiction and memoirs written by incredibly funny people. 

4. Social media.  It’s the best.  I can be a crazy fangirl with likeminded people who accept and appreciate it.  It’s not really acceptable to do that anywhere else.

5. Wine.  Oh god, wine.

I’ll tag frakkingblerg, sweetsamofmine, rockuzaki, justncases, unicornboogiesosaywefrakkinall, and whererainbowsaremade.

It’s official: I’m going to an academic unconference next month and discussing fandom with likeminded academics and practitioners.

And, I just pretty much got promised that we’re going to discuss Welcome to Night Vale.

Guess who’s excited! <3

anonymous said:

Why is god so controlling? Why is he against liberty so much? Is earth some kind of prison in his eyes?

God isn’t controlling. He gives us free will. We can choose how we want to live. If we choose to sin, we have consequences.  He wants us to choose Him freely and to love Him.  Repentanceinvolves a change of mind. Christians are “made new in the attitude of [their] minds” (Ephesians 4:29). They are to be likeminded, so as to avoid quarrels (Philippians 2:2). They have been given the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). The result is a new attitude and new behavior—a whole new creation, in fact (2 Corinthians 5:17). The change is not due to a guru’s devious plan or a carefully controlled environment; the change is internal, spiritual, and real. It is due to the work of the Holy Spirit, not a human agent (Titus 3:5).

Man has a sin nature inherited from Adam (Romans 5:12). That sin nature has control of a person and causes various sins to manifest in one’s life (Galatians 5:17–21;Ephesians 5:17–19). Controlled by that sin nature, man can in no way know God and please God. In fact, he is an enemy of God (Romans 5:10;8:5–7). The Bible says that the sinner, controlled by his sinful nature, needs a new nature and deliverance from the power of sin. The person who accepts Jesus Christ as personal Savior receives that new nature (2 Peter 1:4) and is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, who gives the believer the power to say “NO” to sin and “YES” to God’s righteousness (Galatians 5:16;Romans 6:12–23). The believer in Christ has been set free (John 8:32). He is not obligated to obey the dictates of the sin nature anymore, for he has the freedom in Christ to do what God wants and to glorify Him in life.

The Bible is not mind control. Rather, the Bible provides an alternative to a life controlled by sin. The Bible shows us how to be Spirit-controlled. Yes, a believer will have a change of mind, as he rejects the lies he once believed and embraces the truth in Christ. TheSpirit-filledbeliever will have a life of adventure with God—a life free to serve God with enthusiasm, eternal fulfillment, and hope.