I hate that I am such a pathetic easily-jealous person. It’s actually not even jealousy, I see him with these girls who are cool and confident and fun and sexy, and then theres me - skinny revolting shy little me.
I’m not jealous, I’m insecure.
And I have every reason to be.

Why would he choose me? What can he possibly see in me that they don’t have plus more?
I really like him. I really want to be with him. But what’s the use in getting my hopes up. He’ll get bored and I’ll get left behind.
It’s the only way things will play out.


So, there’s this guy. & I have liked him since like the day I met him 8 months ago. He’s the greatest Christian guy I’ve met. Older then me but only like 3 years I think. He just seems so out of my league. His brother is equally amazing as well. Anyways! I’m so nervous to ask him out… so I think I may just ask him to go out for coffee with me one day? He’s in my life group and adults group at church. I just… I really like him.