Tony at Club For Quitters asked me once for my services, this time in the form a dragging VW Beetle based on one of his own previous cars. He simply asked for a sweet fitted Beetle bowling down the road with a long haired, bearded dude in the driving seat. One of my favourite pieces to date, and was a pleasant challenge only being able to use two colours


RollHard asked me to produce a tee for their trip to this year’s Worthersee show. Involving two of their most well known cars, I feel like it turned out real well. It was nice to have the opportunity to produce some hand drawn lettering and a cleaner style. As always, I love working with these guys and can’t wait for the next project with them.

These are available to order over at www.rollhard.co.uk


My sister recently opened her barber shop in Watlington and asked me to produce a poster for her shop front with a brief to create something with a ‘victorian gents’ feel whilst keeping it modern. It was a fun, refreshing project to take on.
I recommend everyone take a visit and get trimmed up, shes proper nice and does all styles from short to long, and cut-throat shaves too.

OX49 5PS



Here’s the final tee design I completed for Euro Tripper Promotions for their Euro Tripper 2 event in Florida. 

Proceeds will go to local animal shelters so incorporating a dog in the design was a fun and relevant touch. I’m proud to be part of this project and I hope a lot of money is raised for the shelters.

Check out the event at 


Last show season I was given the opportunity to give out an award at the RollHard Duxford show. The winner received the LikeHell Choice Award trophy and the chance to have their car drawn by myself for a new release.

The winning car was this awesome Ek Civic owned by Shaun Quinn. The fitment was perfect, the colour was gorgeous and the smooth bay and h22 engine swap completed it.

I really enjoyed producing this artwork and it was nice to have a larger colour count than what I would normally use.

This car needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate the detail and finish quality. So rad!

The artwork will be available in a few weeks over at the online store in the form of high quality a3 prints limited to less than 30 editions, all numbered and signed.



I was asked by the guys at Wheel Whores to produce this years Ultimate Dubs UK 2014 show shirt with a superhero theme in mind. It was a challenge involving various elements and a high level detail and I’m pleased how it turned out.
I’m stoked to have been involved with this project, as always its a pleasure to work with Wheel-Whores.

To buy a tee head over to www.ultimatedubsuk.bigcartel.com
Numbers are limited so be quick!

Some of you may remember the Beetle I did a while back for Tony at Club For Quitters. After a rethink from Tony here it is again, this time under his new brand Broken.Co, and it’s now available as a tee!

I was asked to create a new logo which allowed me to draw up some more custom lettering which I’m pleased with. 

Head over to www.brokenco.net to pre-order yours in either black or white.

This is still one of my favourite projects I’ve ever completed so to see it in its final form is rad!


I recently completed this logo for the London Motor Film Festival which I’m proud to have been involved in. Being Europe’s premier automotive film festival, it’s set to be an amazing project. 

Check out www.londonmotorfilmfestival.com for information about the the event, sponsorship, film and production submissions, and other ways to become involved.


Ive known Sarah over at Low Standards for years before LS even existed so when she recently asked me to help out with her new logo and brand style i was more than happy to lend a hand. She had a clear idea on how she wanted the logo so i produced the crest and emblem, along with a flyer redesign for her personal notes to all her customers. Plans to work again with Sarah and LS are in the pipeline so keep an eye out.

6two1.com is currently going through some big changes with new product lines and a website overhaul, so Adam felt a logo change was appropriate.

He set me a brief to produce something that is inspired by 80s and early 90s video games, and having spent 99% of my childhood glued to a NES and a Mega Drive this was something that I enjoyed doing!

Check out www.6two1.com to view all things Honda related including a couple of tees I have designed over the past year.