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✂ - if you want my muse to write yours an unsent letter

Dear Starfire,

I’m not very good at this. Even when I’m not face to face with you, and I know that I probably won’t even give this to you, it’s still so hard for me to put my feelings into words. Side effect of training with Batman, I guess.

I suppose, what I want to say, is this: You are, quite literally, a star. A star that sends a glimmer of hope through my dark, disturbed mind and provides a beacon of light when I’m lost in the worst, darkest place I could be.

I thought you were a star from our very first meeting. First, you flew over my head; the most beautiful shooting star I had ever seen. Then, when we met (and fought, which seems absurd now), you were ablaze with a kind of fiery passion that I had never witnessed before. And from then on afterwards, as we got to know each other better and better, you became my sun. If I lost you, I’d lose all of my warmth, all of my energy.

And I know that it hasn’t always seemed like that’s the case. I have so many regrets; shutting you out is one of the biggest ones. I hurt you and I’ll never forgive myself for it. And yet, even though I hurt you, you still like me. It makes me think just how lucky I am to have you.

You’re my best friend Star, and maybe one day, if you’re still willing to have me, I’ll be able to move past being just a hero, and find the courage to take you in my arms and tell you how much I love you.

Yours forever,


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l, m, n, o, p?

give me a letter and i’ll tell you my 5 favourite blogs starting with that letter


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A Fiery Star and a Man of Spiders

((Continued RP from last RP chain))

Starfire’s Reply:

Awaiting for the news, Starfire paced in a little circle nervously. She really hoped there was somewhere she could go to clean her injuries and contact the Titans to let them now about her whereabouts. Hearing she was approved, her smile lit up and she began to float in the air with happiness. Yes!

Flying up towards him, Starfire shrugged her shoulders and sighed sadly. “This villain was new to the Titans, but not to me. It was a alien my home planet was not very fond with.” She stated and the continued. “X’hal knows why that creature was down on Earth and I was not planning on letting it go through with its plan, so I attack first and demanded my teammates to leave me and the creatures to battle.” She winced at the thought of her friends getting her. “The creature is powerful and I was not looking towards my friends battling the monster. It does not stop battling until you are no longer breathing.”

"That is why I would not let my team battle. I refused their help simply because I knew what the creature was capable of. We fought for an extensive amount of time, but I seem to threaten it enough to leave Earth only…" She paused, running her right hand on her left arm, biting her lip. “I was the ‘thrown’ off my guard and he struck me one last time before fleeing the orbit of Earth and his Galaxy."

(Peter walks as Star floats next to him and continues to talk but he stops at the edge of the building.His heart thuds and he winces at her story of the creature, his eyes catch her touching her left arm. He winces again and turns his whole body towards her.) “Well, it’s good to know big ole nasty won’t be bothering anybody on Earth right now. But are you okay? Are you able to move what hurts? Or, uh, if it hurts it doesn’t hurt too much?” (Peter bites his lip and mentally sighs. He’s only ever had to clean and bandage his own wounds for the most part. He’s never really helped someone else and he doesn’t really know what to do if Starfire was badly hurt. Except to call the Avengers and he already knows what Fury’s going to do to him with this little visit, he can’t imagine having to call in the big man himself because “um, I found a really cool alien lady who’s really nice and she’s cool, really, Fury and she was hurt really badly so I let her into the Stark Tower, Forgive me?” Yeah, after Fury was done with him, that poor spider in Chronicle would have had it easy. He sighs and looks out towards the buildings to see where Stark Tower is. It catches his eye immediately and he gives small blessings for how close they seem to be to it. He points to it.) “That’s where we’re headed, and we’ll go to that little balcony and take the the elevator to one of the living rooms. Um, I should probably open the doors to the balcony first, since Jarvis will scan and because I need to say the verification codes and pick up the papers and stuff.” (He then pulls the webline once more, and turns his head to her and nods. Then he jumps, falling a few seconds before swinging through the air, feeling the wind through his suit and he smiles and calls out.) “Just follow me!”

Twenty-Eight have entered the Black Kingdom


Green brought a hand up to his mouth as he coughed inside the building that was burning. Flames were everywhere around him, as this was one of the villages that was just hit with The Plague. He had to help those that were inside as all the soldiers were doing their best to help contain the flames, but they were a magical type. Normal water was not going to just put the flames out. “Someone in here!?” Green shouted as he walked further into the building just as a beam collapsed in front of him. One of the citizens earlier had told him that there was someone in here. They had heard a large whoosh sound and the next minute there was a person. A portal? Green wondered as he walked on further.

Speak!” Green coughed again in which he shook his head. A bright light emitted from him as he changed into a wolf. A bit shorter than his normal version, but he started to search for the missing person. Then as he saw the shape of someone he had went to bite a piece of their clothing to lead them out of the building. He tugged a bit so that they would come with him.

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☂ - our muse's are at the park together when it starts to rain ( had to ouo )

Send a symbol for my muse to respond:

☂ - our muse’s are at the park together when it starts to rain

It was common for Robin and Starfire to take a walk in the park together; even more so for Starfire to pull Robin away from files, insisting that he needed to take a break, and for Robin to eventually agree.

He enjoyed their walks a lot more than he let on. There was something about idly strolling along the path, chatting to Starfire and occasionally watching her swoop into the sky ahead of him and then fly back that relaxed him. She had a knack for finding ways to get him to forget his worries, if only just for a moment.

Today was no exception. Robin felt his spirits lift as Starfire excitedly told him about yesterday’s trip to the mall with Raven. It didn’t matter if the subject itself wasn’t that interesting to him; he was happy to just listen to her voice, to observe the park surroundings and to offer the odd comment if she paused for his opinion.

However, he couldn’t help but notice the grey clouds gathering above them, and soon enough the first drops of rain started to fall. It took mere moments for the light drizzle to turn into a heavy downpour, and on instinct Robin reached out to take Starfire’s hand, pulling her towards a large oak tree.

"C’mon! We’ll take shelter until it passes."

Once they’d taken cover under the branches of leaves, they turned to each other and started laughing, due to the soaked appearance of the other.

"Looks like we’ll be here for a while." He remarked when their laughter subsided, reluctantly letting go of her hand and moving to sit at the base of the tree trunk. "Might as well get comfy." He suggested, patting the space next to him with a grin.

She gladly sat down next to him, and that was where they spent the next hour, listening to the quiet patter of the rain on the leaves above them, and enjoying the warmth that came from each others company.

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"I don’t know, you guys, I think Batman would beat Superman in a fight.”

"I mean, okay, the big guy has laser eyes and freeze breath and practical invulnerability and everything, and Batman just has an expensive utility belt, but Batman doesn’t lose. Ergo, Superman won’t win. End of.”

"He might beat all the other Leaguers, but not Batman. Nuh-uh. Don’t look at me like that— I’m not biased or anything - this is all simple, rational fact.”

Robin walked down one of the Tower’s corridors, his shoulders hunched, silently seething as Beast Boy and Cyborg’s laughter faded behind him.


Of course, he just had to have made a bet with them that he’d beat them at their new video game. And he just had to have lost that game, resulting in a forfeit of the duo’s choice. 

Robin paused outside Starfire’s door, his anger dissipating, replaced by nerves.

"Take Starfire out on a date." Beast Boy had said.

The dare wasn’t as simple as it sounded. Especially since he could already feel butterflies in his stomach and his heart pounding faster and faster in his chest. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and knocked on the door.

"Starfire? It’s Robin."