likeadeadstar said: Whats your favourite Biffy song? :)

Such an impossible question. I’ll give A-Side and a B-Side. Two tracks from Opposites cause it’s a double (:

  1. Scary Mary & Breatheher from Blackened Sky
  2. Now The Action Is On Fire! & Ewan’s True Mental You from VoB
  3. Some Kind of Wizard & Bonanzoid Deathgrip from IL
  4. Love Has A Diameter & Scared of Lots of Everything from Puzzle
  5. That Golden Rule & Paperfriend from OR
  6. The Thaw. Accident Without Emergency & Milky from Opposites
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  • 1. Best concert you’ve been to?

The only concerts I’ve been to were two Sigur Rós ones, so I have to say my 9/20/13 show in Philly!!!

  • 2. Concert/festival date you wished you were there?


I want to be at Coachella every year. And Sasquatch Fest last year looked hella good. Plus, the night before my second Sigur Rós show, Vampire Weekend performed (and premiered Finger Back live!?!?!?!?!?!!!). I also wanted to see Neutral Milk Hotel in Jersey City a few weeks ago, but I didn’t find out about it until two days before. And then I found Arcade Fire tickets at the Barclays Center, but the shows cut into my Florida vacation (frick!!1!!!111!).

  • 3. Any festival you want to go to?

cOACHELLA because there are a ton of little bands here and there that I want to get a bit more into and then at the end of the weekend nEUTRAL MILK HOTEL ADN ARCADE FIRE BOOM

  • 4. I say ‘avocado’ you say:

Good food/Alexu Somers

  • 5. I say ‘Von’ you say:

baby face

  • 6. I say ‘zetas’ you say:


  • 7. Favourite Nicholas Cage film?

Con Air? I feel like I’m obligated to say that since I’m a Homestuck.

  • 9. Favourite Queen song?

Oh maaaan. Obviously Bohemian Rhapsody, duh. I actually don’t really listen to as much Queen as I should, so yeah, zat’s the answer.

  • 10. Most expensive ticket you’ve bought (Mine was £150 for Take That at Wembley :/ )

One of the Sigur Rós tickets was like $47? Haha

  • 11. Favourite Tumblr blog?

birdfingers thank goodness she is finally back from vacation i was starting to get infinitely jealous of her


(yes, i am actually doing them this time!!!)

  • 1. Songs/albums that you associate with winter?
  • 2. How are you feeling about the whole “trends men hate” thing? PRETTY DAMN ANGRY
  • 3. When you are older, what would be the first pet you would want to adopt?
  • 4. Scarves or hats?
  • 5. What is one thing that you would want to temporarily make less expensive just so that you could buy it?
  • 6. Favorite kind of berry?
  • 7. What color would you dip-dye your hair?
  • 8. What do you think of when I say “doge”?
  • 9. Do you want a cookie right about now?
  • 10. What is your spirit animal?
  • 11. Sigur Rós Sigur Rós or Sigur Rós?


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1) What’s at the top of your bucket list? - GO TO NEW ZEALAND DAMNIT

2) How did you discover your favorite artist?- Saw Muse on mtv once when there were still music video’s on mtv.. And I found Biffy the same way. Folding Stars! First song I knew of them :D

3) Dream job?- Writer. Or have a Tolkien shop or something :D

4) What are your insecurities?- Quite insecure about myself xD And I have anxiety issues so yeah.. I’m afraid of meeting new people

5) How many languages do you speak? What are they?- Two, Dutch and English. And I know a bit of French.. and Elvish

6) What kind of hair on a person are you attracted to?- Just.. hair

7) Who is your OTP? WHY LIKE WHAT ABOUT THEM SUCKS YOU IN- Thorin and Thranduil because.. the chemistry

8) Was 2013 a good year for you? Why or why not?- Went to a lot of concerts AND I MET SIMON NEIL OMG I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT

9) If you could be an actor or actress who would you want to be?- Ehmm.. no one :P

10) What is your favorite color to wear?- Black or grey xD Well maybe not favourite but I wear it a lot :P

11) What superpower do you want?- Invisibility because I could get into concerts and festivals en movie premiers and stuff yay. Oh and I’d be a villain okay that is so much more fun

I’m not doing the making up new questions and tagging people thing sorry.. Maybe next time :D x

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Yes Please by Muse

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