I need this to get 100 notes

One of my best friends silviadraco013 has a roommate who is moving to the town I live in. Both her roommate and I want her to move out of the toxic environment she is living in and stay with the roommate in my town. If she did this then in a few months silviadraco013, shuyukiamurosa and I could save up and all live together. My precious silviadraco013 is hesitant to move but if she did come here I could see her a lot more and I truly miss her. Plus with my depression I cannot live alone, after 4 hours of no human contact I get really bad. silviadraco013 would be home all day with me basically. It os a win.
But im trying to convince her. I was hoping if this post got 100 notes it would possibly convince her people support her moving here. So please help?