like...are you getting the point of this show at all!


[get to know me meme] 10 Female Characters (2/10): Felicity Smoak (Arrow)


i didn’t mean to dip a toe into outlaw queen until i saw more of robin and got a feel for his character/an idea of how he and regina would actually interact, but then i found myself drabbling about it because. anyway, this doesn’t involve him directly at all so.



hide and seek


Tinkerbell had, in apparent deference to Blue or perhaps just because she had missed it, taken to spending much more of her time “little” than Regina remembered, which was fine and all, but there were advantages — well, Tink called them advantages, Regina called them crimes against her sanity — to being small that irritated her to no end.

"I’m telling you," she was saying, sitting up on top of the wardrobe where Regina couldn’t hit her without magic, "he has the tattoo! It’s Robin.”

"Okay, first," Regina replied, holding up a hand, "I’m not even sure I believe that pixie dust thing. Second, you got a three-second glance at it around forty years ago, I definitely don’t buy your memory on that. Third… no. Just… no.”

"We have had this conversation!” Tink implored as she leaned forward with entirely too much relish, in her opinion. “You need to be open to love! I thought we were past this.”

"I’m not closed-off to love,” she sneered, waving a hand dismissively. “I just don’t think Robin Hood is my soul mate, or whatever that dust is supposed to be calling it.”

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Connor + Monroe (feat. Miles and Rachel) | 2.11

"Adios, Connor."

but honestly that new thranduil clip just makes me so INCREDIBLY excited, not only because of Thranduil in general (!!!!) but because for the first time in this movie franchise (which has come to represent tolkien for well, Im guessing a great part of the public?) they’re showing an elf to be vengeful and and angry and wrathful, agitated, animated and involved AND PASSIONATE and glorious and gloating, faulty and vulnerable and just BEAUTIFULLY, WONDERFULLY THREE DIMENSIONAL AND /ALIVE/. and that’s just such a great thing after so often seeing them displayed as sort of perpetually serene and shell-like, like in that weird liveless EE dinner scene in rivendell and Im just so in love with everything right now I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE

i get so aggressive when people don’t get what fringe is really about


Charlie & Connor (feat. Shirlee) | 2.18

"I’ll have some of that jerky, I guess."

I think I am having an existential fandom crisis. 

i started empire 

I don’t know if my little shipper heart can take any more of this “Sterek is over” stuff. 

At this point, I’m wondering if we’ll get a Hook centric episode. I won’t be surprised if we won’t. lol