and its funny when y’all like to talk shit about… but… I mean….. they promo game on point and been on point and… I’m just saying that…. y’all really should watch what y’all say… I mean like…. they be on 24/7 while some just……. but y’all got the nerve to… but where’s… 


mothers would cover their children’s eyes. men would holler “hey, what’s the big idea!?” old women would say “well, i never.” teenagers across the country would do it while their teachers’ backs were turned.

three quarters of all women have negative self esteem and up to forty percent of girls have been on harmful diets before they turned eighteen, and you’re going to tell me that you don’t like girls taking selfies?
if a girl can look in the mirror and go ‘damn i look good today’ and feel so good about it she shares it with the world, THAT’s A WIN. a win for everyone. send me all your selfies. 100% pro selfies forever.


finished up with my lovely tealblood


anonymous said:

I'm glad there is someone out there who's freaking out about the glorious hair as much as I am right now!! He is SO gorgeous. He looks great with both long hair and full bun that shows all of his beautiful face (seriosuly who else in the world can pull it off without looking ridiculous?),AND on top of it he's matching with his husband like a boss after getting reckless with his IG pic. I promise I'm done, just sharing my Harry love..I thought you'd understand :)

You don’t have to be done!! I can freak out about Harry’s hair all day long! It’s my favourite and I 150% understand!!!! You should check out my pat pat pat tag if you love Harry’s hair. I imagine there’s a lot of screaming in my tags, but it’s just so lovely. I love it so much. Every time it happens you get in coherent screaming from me :)

Cuz I’m a bit awkward and shy, I’m just gonna quietly pop this screen cap here. There’s summat quite nice on this screen cap. Though don’t ask me why on earth there’s over 250 posts in drafts or over 5,500 liked posts. But I do know I’ve been on tumblr over 3.5 years because of you lot being such a lovely, witty, friendly bunch and probably also due to that fella, um, whatsisname, oh yeah, Aidan Gillen.