Last week I typed up a letter for my grandma (it took less than two minutes), and she posted me a thank you card and $5.  Grandma logic is a baffling and beautiful thing.

EDIT: I won $7 on the scratchie! =D

someone reblogged my “cam is problematic” post and said “sarcasm” in one of their tags and i’m just like???? that was not sarcastic at all??? cam is literally the most problematic person ever??? that’s why i need to fight him??? with fists and everything??? why are y'all so blind this is no joke this is serious business af

you can read all of it or none of it i really don’t care

  • i’m only good at like two things (not rly but im the best at these two): being emotional (usually about anime, films, stories, god, and certain people) and biology
  • music is so transcendent to me
  • i get really into the human experience like a lot, i feel a lot
  • i’m a very empathetic person
  • i suffer from depression
  • i’m easily angered but usually won’t take it out on other people
  • i’m aromantic/heterosexual–she/her pronouns if you’re curious
  • i have an immense love for things i care about
  • i have so much love to give
  • i’m introverted but never shy
  • if i had to pick two people i admire/respect/love for their respective crafts it would be britney spears and natalie dormer
  • i love winter
  • i love my mother and father and would die for them (i have a strong relationship w both)
  • i have very few interests but as i said before i put my all in whatever i do have an interest in
  • i’m a very passionate person
  • i can be very cruel at times and use people’s flaws against them, like if i know something will hurt your feelings i will use it against you if i feel like im being attacked. it’s something im trying to work on. it’s nothing crazy like talking about their families or anything (that still doesn’t make it right) but i would never go too low like i can be cruel but not a heartless person. this doesn’t happen a lot but when it does i’ll regret it immediately (also i never do it first if that makes sense? like i won’t just be like that if they didn’t do anything to me first, and it’s not over something small like they’re trying tell me if i fucked up, like i’ll listen but if i feel like you have no grounds then i’m going to be a cunt, i hate it i don’t like being like that)
  • despite my previous bullet i’m very loyal to the people i care about. for example, if we’re out and someone is trying to throw down i will fuck them up w you. or if it’s online. if there’s someone i talk to and they’ve hurt you pls tell me and i won’t speak to them anymore.
  • i love my dog more than i love some of my own friends but like y’all understand 
  • i’m very sensitive to violence but it’s weird because it really just depends, i can watch tarantino, movies about the holocaust or see someone irl get gunned down but it all just depends on whether or not i’ll 
  • i’m very self-aware
  • out of anything i’ve ever seen, read, watched, etc. naruto left the best/worst impression on me
  • i come off as hypocritical a lot, no one has ever said anything but (refer to the self-aware bullet) i notice things, i’m not i just change my mind a lot, i read and do change my mind a lot, not about everything but certain things–so just bear with me aight
  • i have a low tolerance for ppl coming for oppressed groups, refer to the ‘me being a cunt’ bullet when i’m defending ppl that’s when my remorse leaves because you clearly have none
  • i’m a compassionate person for the most part
  • i go off vibes more than anything when i’m interacting with someone, because i’m a generally optimistic person i always ignore the bad vibes i get from someone i’m just meeting and, i shit you not, every single bad vibe i got from someone in the beginning ended badly
  • i’m a very sexual person as well, i swear to god i’m horny 25/8 and i think about sex a lot
  • i laugh a lot
  • i’m very honest with myself and others (not in a rude way, that’s actually one of my pet peeves–ppl who think they can just be brutally honest because they think they’re on some brand new shit. you’re just a dick) i don’t like to lie and i only lie when i have to, but i’m so bad at it you guys omfg
  • i think people should have respect for someone right off the bat instead of having to earn it, tbh that ‘you need to earn my respect’ is very arrogant
  • i like crying it makes me feel refreshed it’s amazing pls invest time in it (im 500% serious)
  • i love sleeping, i could stay in bed all day if i could
  • alternatively i have bursts of energy at random times
  • i love singing and dancing
  • i’m not easily insulted but i really hate when people think they’re better than me or other people. i don’t think i’m better than anyone else but i do think that i have things to offer to the world (and even if you don’t, you’re still worth a lot) i just think we all need to have a mutual respect for everyone who hasn’t fucked you over
  • i have a passion for any type of creation, i’m constantly creating things in my head, i usually don’t write them down because i remember literally everything, they’re usually not things i want to share though
  • i’m very forgiving as well and i don’t hold grudges for long periods of time. literally the longest i will hold a grudge is like a week at most. (unless you like tried to kill me or s/t)
  • i’m not a jealous person
  • or easily embarrassed, i literally have no shame in anything unless i do something bad but it’s not really an embarrassment it’s s/t to learn from
  • don’t ever make me feel like bad dog owner, i will punch you directly in the face and then the gut
  • my dog is my world
  • i hate being asked too many questions in one sitting irl–online it’s ok
  • if i tell you ‘no’ once don’t ask again or ask why just accept the answer
  • i can’t spend too much time with any one person or i’ll end up resenting them
  • i hate having people in my room–its my space and i don’t like people fucking up my vibe

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I was tagged by the lovely wraithlings~

what’s the most amazing place you’ve ever visited?

hHHHh I dunno, I haven’t really traveled to that many places D: maybe either like the florida keys area or the appalachian mountains????

favourite art piece?

I can’t think of very many off the top of my head rn so uhh… I’ve always thought starry night was pretty???

your favourite book when you were twelve? 

harry potter and the half-blood prince

the place you want to visit the most?

at the moment it’s probably disney world bc I haven’t gone there in forever but I also want to visit the uk/british isles someday

how’d you get into tumblr?

I followed someone on deviantART who posted a link to their tumblr and I went to their blog and stalked it and another blog they reblogged from a lot and the rest is history :B

starry night or the mona lisa?

… starry night :B

tell me about an embarassing episode from your life (e.g. what you were like when you were fourteen etc)

wH Y okay uhh for the longest time I sincerely believed that if I wished hard enough I could get magic powers somehow :B I’m not gonna tell you how old I was tho bc I’m p sure I would literally die of embarrassment h a/// // /

describe your favourite t shirt?

it’s a tie between a black hogwarts tee shirt with the crest on the front and yellow and white stripes on the sleeves that looks all vintage and distressed and stuff and another black shirt I got from teefury that has a drawing of toothless and there’s like blue alpha-mode fire around him ouo

should you be doing something else right now?

probably drawing or working on my original story :B

lemon or mint?

it depends on the thing but typically lemon uwu

my questions:

1. what’s your favorite color?

2. if you could have any animal for a pet, mythical or otherwise, what would it be?

3. a happy childhood memory?

4. what’s your favorite song?

5. when choosing snacks, do you like sweet or salty?

6. if you could live in a fictional world, what would it be?

7. what is your ideal superpower?

8. sunrise or sunset?

9. what’s your favorite drink?

10. what hogwarts house would you be in?

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invadernamek12 asked:


I am one of the most easily excitable people you’ll probably ever meet. If a person mentions something that I like I just kind of go SQUEEEEE!

But I’m also one of those people who have to fight super hard not to talk about one thing too much. Like I have to think ‘Okay, Julie, you’ve already mentioned this five hundred time today: SHUT THE FUCK UP’

Oh yeah and my friends tell me that when I get really excited I do this thing where the whites of my eyes pop up above my iris and it freaks them out, and I did it in the mirror the other day and they’re right it’s horrifying.

I’m fucking adorable.

Tips at Work! (Sweet) // Text Post 26

Good news: I got a $2.50 tip at work!! It’s the most I’ve ever gotten! And my supervisor even let me keep it instead of putting it in the till.

Bad news: It feels like I have some awful lump in my throat. I’ve had it since I woke up. At first I thought I might’ve caught something in my throat and that it would go away after I had something to drink … but it’s still there despite eating three meals today and it hurts more. I hope I don’t have to go to the doctor.

I learned so much about myself last night.

It was the most fun I’ve had in years and made me realize a lot of things

The past few months have been really confusing for me and for the first time in a long time I felt like was genuinely happy with myself and where I was at.

There wasn’t a moment where I wanted to be anywhere else in the world, and it’s something that I’m going to remember for a long time.


In light of the fact prom season is fast approaching, I’m gonna do a thing. From now until the end of May, if you share your ‘promposals’ with me, I’ll write out a short story featuring you and your date to be at the prom and post it for the world to see.

And if you’re single? I’ll write about you having an epic time with your friends.