I know I keep reblogging posts about this, but Nepal is in serious need of help.

3,700 people are already confirmed dead and they are still in search and rescue phase.  They are still unable to reach many remote areas and don’t even know the status of whole villages.

Tens of climbers and sherpas are still stranded on Makalu, Dhaulagiri, and Everest.  Frequent aftershocks make descending too risky and heli evacuation is needed.  22 people are dead and there are still more than 200 people missing in Everest base camp where the largest avalanche hit.

They are still experiencing large aftershocks which are expected to continue for the next month. There was a M-6.7 aftershock today.  People in Kathmandu have said aftershocks are occurring every 5 minutes, many of them in mid-M-4 range.  Many people are scared to go in what buildings remain and are living in tents.

This is the start of the monsoon season, which has difficulties of its own.  Among other things, monsoon rains cause landsliding and slopes are now particularly unstable.  Existing landslides may dam water which then releases catastrophically.  Landslide dams need to be torn down in advance to prevent this but that requires resources they do not currently have.

Water and food supplies are very low.  They are worried in Kathmandu that supplies will run out by end of week.  Many areas do not have access to water and some have resorted to drinking pool water.  Disease outbreak is a very real concern.  Foreigners are unable to get out of the country to alleviate the need for supplies.

Nepal is on the UN list of poorest countries in the world. Short term recovery will require a lot of aid, but long term will also.  Tourism is a large source of the country’s income; 3 of the country’s 4 world heritage sites have been destroyed and it looks like this year’s outdoor expeditions will be largely shut down.  Many believe fewer people will visit for outdoor pursuits in the coming years.

Here are some reputable charities taking donations for Nepal.

Please, please consider donating to a charity organization if you are able, and if not please signal boost and keep Nepal in your thoughts.

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—  lyrics from Someone New by Hozier

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—  Thomas Jefferson

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