I don’t think drums had ever sounded so big until Led Zeppelin’s first album. He changed drumming overnight. The bass drum technique, the sound of the drums was incredible…groundbreaking. It’s a science tuning the drums because it’s an acoustic instrument but he knew how to tune them for optimum effect, to make them project. It sounds like he’s really hitting it with fore-arm smashes but it’s all coming from the wrist. [He shakes his head at the memory.] He was marvellous. A really good player.
—  Jimmy Page on John Bonham, February 2015

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uh yes... butt plug conspiracy... after a night of rough sex because "oh so you like /big asses/ huh? is mine not enough for you?" and zayn marking liam up with bruises so that's why he's wearing a hoodie. zayn probably licked liam's hole in the morning, said "still loose, yeah?" and removing his tongue before liam could come. he'd put a butt plug in as liam begged to come. "no, sorry babe," zayn would smirk. zayn would act all innocent as liam tried to get some relief during the interview


You know what really gets me? People who think Yuka is just a whiny bitch. Some people  even say she’s dumb for whining about her brother until the bitter end, but that is in fact EXACTLY what makes her so special. Bitch about it all you want, the fact of the matter is, it saved her from Yuuya in Mire. 


I think if she had agreed that he was her big brother (at least, once he had her tied to the table), that actually would have sped up the process, and he would have ended up murdering her. What’s important here is not simply that she didn’t cooperate with his wishes though, because Mitsuki did the same thing, and that did her no good at all when she became Yuuya’s victim.  So why did it work for Yuka?

The difference is in HOW they resisted. Mitsuki, after originally screaming her head off like any person would do if they were being stabbed to death, forced herself to keep quiet after a while. This frustrated Yuuya not only did he not got his way, he didn’t get his way because she was deliberately suppressing her true reactions specifically to spite him. It was a lie in the purest sense of the word. 

Then we look at Yuka’s actions. Far from suppressing, Yuka was very vocal about all the things she felt, good and bad. And one thing she kept repeating over and over (aside from calling for her real brother) was that Yuuya was NOT her brother.  And Yuuya, deep down, knew this was the truth. With the help of the darkening though, he was able to convince himself otherwise for quite some time, but again and again Yuka chipped away at his delusion with the one thing he had always craved most from life: the truth.

And in the end, she wore him down. While Yuuya initially dismissed her cries for her brother as silly because he was right there with her,  In the end, she called for her brother so much that Yuuya finally snapped and asserted than her brother wasn’t coming. 

It was that EXACT moment that his head started to really hurt. That’s when everything started falling apart for Yuuya; because he had finally admitted aloud that he wasn’t her brother. Everything came crashing in from that point forward, up to his last breath. And the pain just mounted more when Yuka continued to be the picture of innocence and truth, asking him if his head hurt and offering him medicine for it. 

Yuka is so much more than your moe little fetish fuel. She is the embodiment of something the school sucks most people dry of. 

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pynch prompt: Adam and Ronan hang out together on a cold December day. Unestablished relationship but feels all over the place.

the cold is only mentioned like, once but i hope you like it 

Ronan looked to Adam in the passenger’s seat of his BMW. His head rested against the window, face pensive. Part of Ronan felt bad for dragging him out of St. Agnes after a five hour shift at the garage. He pulled up the parking break and got out.

"What are we doing here, Ronan?" Adam asked.

Ronan unsuccessfully tried to ignore the way that Adam saying his name made his chest hurt. 

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Phantom of the Paradise (1974) directed by Brian De Palma

When Brian De Palma made Phantom of the Paradise in 1974 he probably had no idea what kind of a cult classic it would turn out to be.  

This quintessential rock opera is very (and I stressed the word “very”) loosely based on Gaston Leroux 1927 novel of Phantom of the Opera. In which I feel like De Palma played his own homage to this novel in his own eccentric way. 

The movie centers around Winslow, a composer who writes a musical and has his work gets stolen from him by a big time producer named Swan for this new  rock palace called The Paradise. Winslow being devastated and bent on revenge suffers a huge setback by being severely scared and takes on the Phantom persona. He hides in the Paradise taking revenge on those who dwell in it. While all of this is going on Winslow falls head over heels with Phoenix  and agrees to sell his soul to Swan in order for Phoenix to succeed and get the lead in this rock and roll opera. This only makes the ending result of this be the worst idea for everyone involved. 

There is an amazing soundtrack while all of this havoc and mayhem is happening. The soundtrack is composed by Paul Williams and every song just makes want to dance in your seat! It is easily one of my favorite soundtracks.

This movie offers so much campy tongue in cheek horror, that if you are into that sort of thing then I highly recommend it! It is truly a golden midnight movie.

5/5 stars 

Dad sent me a pic of his tank this morning. I got him five big swords plus water sprite along with six rainbows! Two New Guinea reds, two bosemanis, and two ornate rainbows. Plus he got the two commons out of there and I got him two long fin albino bristle nose plecs and a panama red BN plec. Can’t wait till I can get over there and work on scaping it more, but looks like my dad didn’t do too bad! Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll get to head over there
Gonna also get him some loaches

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[[Souji]] It took a moment for the young teen to respond when he walked up and almost walked into someone who looked strikingly like an older less oblivious to love version of himself. " .. Hello." Okay awkward and silly meeting but what do you say when you face your own face?

"Yo, what’s up—"

There he is, that Souji guy, who many people called Shintaro. It was that time, the time of truth. His serious eyes glanced at the student, head tilted, hands crossed. Yeah, they’re pretty different. The boy looked like a straight-A, talented, yet kind of rebellious teen. Definitely! Those guys who had fun rarely, and were the dominant type. Wait, there wasn’t a big difference between both of them.. if that’s the correct biography of Souji.

"—Souji. I think that face seems pretty.. familiar. I think I saw it in my mirror this morning." Nobody could stop Midori acting like a little sassy.. bitch.


It’s not his fault, you think, no one ever taught him how to love. Maybe if you hold him right, kiss him there or maybe here. You don’t speak for three months and you miss him more than anyone before or after. He wants to see you again, wants to come clean. His intentions aren’t kind but you love him so you want to believe they are. He’ll tell you whatever you want to hear to make you believe he’s a good person, the person you fell in love with. It works and then your lips are on his and you swear his hands fit perfectly on your body like they were cut and molded for you, but it’s all in your head. He craves sex not intimacy. He wants your body not your heart. Your love is too big, like the ocean, and he never learned to swim.

lethe + mordecai + 1 for tea

1 - things you said at 1 am

Not many would credit it, but Mordecai is actually younger than Lethe. His size, strength and general appearance tend to make people think otherwise, but there it is.

She’d actually met him once, when he was a gangly cub with paws too big for his legs. He’d woken her up in the middle of the night, making the weird rumble tigers made instead of purring, and said, “I’m hungry.”

Not in the language of humans, no, but like a tiger would.

"So go hunting," Lethe had replied, wholly unprepared for looking after a cub, even if the cub was almost bigger than she was.

Mordecai nudged his head against her shoulder, rubbing and rumbling and had insisted, “I’m hungry,” again and well, he was just a cub after all….

It’s become something of a routine for them now - the first time it happens amongst the beorc, one of them falls over. Mordecai doesn’t even seem to notice, just carries right on rubbing his face - beorc-like, for now - all over her shoulder and mumbling, “Hungry, I’m hungry.”

Lethe shoves him off and says, “Fine, I’m going to get food.”

He still can’t purr properly, but the rumbling noise is honestly more than enough, even if it does make the beorc piss themselves.

Dogs 02/27/15

Today I saw seven dogs, which is a huge step up from the half a dog I saw a few days ago.

  • I saw the other half of the golden lab whose butt I saw the other day.
  • There was a big roly poly black and white dog just sitting in a truck and he was the biggest chubster. He looked like a panda.
  • This boston terrier was in the back seat of a truck and barking at everything, and right in front of him in the front seat was a bulldog with the perfect “I’m too old for this stuff” expression on his face.
  • I saw a chocolate lab sticking his head out the window and getting some sun.
  • The Barka (tm btw) came back and he was yippin and yappin and lovin every minute of it.
  • I saw another golden lab on a walk with it’s owner, and it was the shaggiest lab ever.
some nights i'm scared you'll forget me again

The night was cool, and the air was heavy and dense as Swag walked through what seemed like miles of fog as he tried to make it back to the cafe in one piece. 

He hadn’t really done so well tonight- a combination of a surprisingly-not-dry rave and a few badly timed botfights had ensured that he was thoroughly exhausted (and maybe slightly drunk, but he wasn’t about to tell anyone that).

Tonight just didn’t sit well with him- his head was spinning, something in his chest hurt, and he had this… feeling. Something big was going to happen. A nervous, you-better-run type feeling- the same that he had gotten when his… his older brother, Tadashi, had run back into a burning building to save a son-of-a… not nice person who hadn’t deserved it two years ago.

He should’ve stopped his brother. He should’ve run after him.

But should’ve’s were just that- things that should have happened. But they didn’t, and now Swag was experiencing that same ‘walking over my grave feeling’ that he had that day. Not good. At all.

He pulled his hood up and began walking just a little bit faster, completely absorbed in his thoughts and that dodgy bit of instinct that kept hounding him.

RETROFIT!  'Nothing Whatsoever All Out in the Open' by Akino Kondoh

WOW!  This one is the real surprise of the bunch.  Not only was I wholly unfamiliar with the artist/author this book really stands alone in comparison to many of Retrofit’s titles in its aesthetic and just overall satisfyingly and steady low wattage electricity.  While they’ve published a lot of stuff across the spectrum this book stands out in its quiet beauty.  When I read this comic I hear the pages, a silent and soft hiss of white noise, a satisfying hum and calm that envelops me like a big fluffy pillow.  

Its crazy, and maybe its the teenage comic fan in me peeking his head out, but in a way this art really reminds me of the 90s stuff from P. Craig Russell?  Maybe its just me, but especially in the fantasy/dream sequences I see it. 

Akino so perfectly captures what goes on in one’s heads in these stories.  The haphazard and unordered way our thoughts truly are, how little micro mini daydreams weave in and out of our perception, where our attention shifts and focuses in regards to exterior and interior stimulus.  This book, to me, is such a meditation of the mind, how it helps us and how it hinders us.  But all in all it perfectly captures that silent essence of our brain, that we hear sound and see images in our head but they don’t really exist they are just memories or constructs of sight and sound.  Whadda goddamn book, break out star of the bunch for sure. 

buy it here, kitten


GET TO KNOW ME MEME[1/10] pairings → andy + april

“The only thing that matters is that we found each other, right now, and it’s the best.”

i just want uhura and jim to bond over gossiping about spock and bones is the only one who understands sorry for my shit handwriting it’s 2am ok


Big Bang is just Big Bang. No matter what metaphors I use, it doesn’t suit our group. How people perceive us doesn’t affect who we are and it’s possible that our popularity may die in the future. But I’m not scared of that. It’s okay if we go through an accident and can’t go up on stage. The reason why we can continue doing our music is because us five are enjoying our time together as a team. We all like music and wherever we go and whatever we do, I’m thankful that we’re together. I have no fear and this is how it’s gonna be. - Taeyang

the only present i wanna see under my christmas tree this year is dean winchester


Hal according to character tropes


I just wanted to mess with the idea of an older Hiro with Tadashi in the armordashiAU because it’s bound to happen eventually (also I’m going with the idea that he’s around 18-19 here and Tadashi is 25-26)

Bonus (because Hiro’s gotten a lot taller and this was also bound to happen at some point in time):