You better believe I’m hopping on this bandwagon.

If Touka replaces Hide in the sewer scene, you are going to hear from me

I am so serious, you will feel my wrath from the depths of the Marianas Trench

Because not only did you fuck up Shuuneki, but you decided to go after HideKane and force more TouKen on us too? 

no, that would not be ok, I would not be ok

there’s a room somewhere, full of more things than i can imagine-
and i still don’t know how to tie the laces of my shoes and they’re
dancing like i should, under the trickling sun, like the leaves
of shining trees and i’m the girl in a pink dress dreaming of
collapsing planets and soap bubbles in the darkness of a
moonless dream, like the voices they call for live inside me; like
its the monsters that eat my skin, that also dream for me-
its like i have no escape and maybe there isn’t a need for one.
—  i don’t know.