Pew pew pew!

Yesterday I finally got my new baby from Kittens Playpen Shop! :3 My good friend bought it as a gift for me so it’s custom one, just to suit my colours. ^^

I fell in love with this shop when I first saw them on tumblr, then their site but now they just bought me with how they pack orders and their cuteness. <3 First thing I saw was those stickers on package when I got it, then this adorable pink box, card, lollipops… and of course collar! I was melting for long time over this cute surprise yesterday. <3 I’m really happy with this gift and I felt like a little girl when I was unpacking and putting it on. Cuteness lvl over 9000 just woken up this little girl in me. Collar is so perfect, colours are beautiful, pure perfection. :3 I’m amazed how epic it looks, how much love they had to put in it to make something so beautiful. <3 

It’s really comfortable to wear, not too tight, just perfect, it doesn’t irritate my skin or something. Perfect, just purrrfect. :3

I took a lot of pics cause I was really excited. To be honest I’m still so excited. :D

Excuse my tired-not-so-fabulous-face, but I had 5 long and intense days… anyway I really wanted to share and post this little “review” thing so that’s why I show you mah potato mode face. I promise to prepare better to take new pics and post them soon. ^3^

Btw. Everytime I see their white kitty I just can’t, can’t stand the cuteness. ;___;

Now I really want to make my little dream come true and order custom ears and tail to complete my set. ;u;

KPP team, I love you guuuys. <3

Their sites:

Facebook   Tumblr   Shop

shit they say in bed (4/4)

IDK this was on my other account but i deleted it but then i found it again so here you go fam !! 

“strip for daddy, princess”
“mmm yeah right there. ride my big cock baby girl”
“I want to spank that cute little ass of yours”
“get on your hands and knees for daddy”

“i want you to beg for it. beg for my cock baby”
“god the things those lips of yours could do”
“i love it when you’re vulnerable, so sexy”
“you feel so good around me”

“i can’t wait to taste your sweet pussy”
“want me to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours?”
“you like that baby girl?”
“cum for me sweetie, dont hold back”

“this will teach you not to be a bad girl”
“no touching, you dont want me punish you again, do you baby?”
“god you taste so good babe”
“you’re so naughty. you just love it when daddy’s angry


I’m really fucking creeped out by sexual art depicting infantilized women or sexualized children. If she has the face of a five-year-old and she’s posing in a provocative way or wearing skimpy lingerie, I don’t care that you gave her improbably huge breasts, something is wrong here. (It’s even worse when she’s in an “innocently and naively displaying herself” pose or wearing clothing typically worn by children, like a school uniform.)

It literally makes me feel physically ill to see things like that, and I don’t give a fuck if this is kink shaming. If your idea of sexy is “looks like a little girl” SOMETHING IS WRONG.


My names Naomi, I was born in Puerto Rico, and moved to Florida when I was five. The move to Florida impacted me in so many ways, as a young child I felt myself conflicted with the English language, and found it hard to communicate with other children. I remember being told I wouldn’t be able to comprehend like the other kids, and that I would need special help, the teachers would lose patience quickly. I remember wanting to straighten my hair all the time, and act like all the other little girls. I remember wanting to be more petite and have blue eyes, instead of my brown. I remember growing up and having to teach my parents English, and translate to my father. I remember children laughing at my father, I remember adults ignoring or treating my parents differently because of their accents. I remember getting told I “looked white” and told “wow your Puerto Rican, but you’re not ghetto.” I remember being told “your quiet for a Puerto Rican” I remember these things that were negative but I do remember that I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I am Puerto Rican, and I am proud of it. I have come along way, and so have my family. We have had our share of tough situations, but I wanted to share what I look like, and how it’s been for myself and family especially on a site that I have seen bring so much positivity. #mirame

A Soviet educational postcard from 1956. Drawing by artist G.Valk.

The face of the girl on the card looks strangely adult, so I wanted to send it to a friend, who I thought might like it.

But my friend is younger than me, she has never seen the cotton stockings, the Soviet little-girl underwear and the Soviet little girl dresses someone like me instantly remembers.

“No,” I thought regretfully, “the image would seem too exotic for my friend to find it appealing.” As I suspect my friend would need the props SHE can recognize for the images to work for her purposes.

anonymous asked:

Hello I finally found your blog so I can ask you a question. I was wondering if you had drawn a detail picture of the little girl and the mermaid from your film? Like to show colors and such?

Well, when I first started animating, I did character turnarounds for both of them, to make sure their designs stayed consistent.

I guess this is the point where I figured out Simon’s coloring too? It’s been a while. I got most of the character colors worked out once I had some rough backgrounds to go by.

But no, I never really made definitive model sheets for them, if that’s what you’re asking! It just wasn’t necessary since I was working on the film alone and I knew what files to refer to. That’s all I got!!!

wake up - check tumblr

I’m at 896 followers 

Ever since the tumblr update I haven’t looked.

I. Shit. Should I do a contest or something?


Just so you guys know, I never expected to get past one follower [that person being my twin fabulous amazing ladylunessa. So, I don’t really know how to communicate how much I appreciate 


Like. seriously. you guys ever need something, a shoulder to cry on, like someone to joke around with, games to play, gossip [like talking about how that one girl in your class is a little biiiiiiiiiscut. ] not sharing secrets here - kinda like that doctor patient confidentiality haha.

anyhow. I dunno. I love you all, I appreciate you all. thanks for putting up with my silly wacky bullshite and dumb doodle things.

dunno why you find me entertaining, but my goal is to make at least someone smile!

a little giggle, or a little laugh, something to make someone have that little dose of chemicals that make the human brain say ‘mhhm yeah happyness!’

Yeah, went on a small tangent. I hope everyone has an amazing day and stays fabulous! <33


Tonight we went out to dinner at a mexican place by the arts university in town. To say that there were some interesteing fashion choices on display would be an understatement. 

Two of the most interesting were a guy wearing brown dress shoes, black dress socks that stopped mid calf and pink jorts. It looked a little something like this: 

Then there was this girl wearing jelly heals that I didn’t even know they made in adult sizes and white socks. Something along these lines, although the girl we saw had on athletic crew socks:

So apparently the 90′s are back in full force. I am really just waiting for butterfly clips to make a come back. That was my favorite 90′s fashion statement.

I mean seriously, I feel like I should wear my hair like that next weekend to my sisters graduation so I can fit in with all these art kids. 

Evie was always anxious about something. She’d been like this since she was a little girl. This time she was anxious about her job. She still hadn’t told Ely what it is she does exactly. I mean, she’d never really talked about her past with Ely, it was something she had avoided and been pretty successful at it. She doubted Ely would like the fact his wife was scamming people by telling them outrageous fortunes. 

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What does it mean when a guy calls you "pretty attractive"? To me it sounds pretty vague and insincere?

It means that he’s “pretty single.” Sorry, but if I like a guy and he can’t come up with other synonyms, or ways of describing me other than “pretty attractive,” he’s not the guy for me. The guy that compliments a girl half way like that only cares a little, and is 9/10 the guy that ends up being the cheater, or the liar. Don’t fall for someone that only thinks your pretty attractive. Instead, find the guy that calls you stunning, radiant, beautiful, exquisite, smart, determined, passionate, loving, etc. 

It was silent, something the woman found herself enjoying as it was ever so rare with her little girl around. The child wasn’t the loudest, but she was hyper and happy and always clinging to her mother. Nadya didn’t mind, of course, but the small moments in between the meetings with others of her neighbors or her people, and the time she spent with her little girl she simply liked the quiet. She could sit out in the grass in the sun during the warmer parts of the year, cloak cast aside and bare feet in the dirt, it almost felt as if she herself were young again. Laying back, she inhaled deeply, waiting. This was her small little spot she always would wait for him, her best friend and ally, some one she treasured until the end of time itself. She hoped he’d gotten her invitation, as sometimes she knew they got lost in transition, as many times that’s why one of the other two had skimped on the meetings- pity that it happened, she quite liked Magyar and Dacia too, though admittedly enough neither as much as her lovely, dearest Byzantium, to her really no one could compare. To her, there were few people who she could stand on a personal level, most were irritating but she bit her tongue. For now, she’d cast those thoughts aside and stare up at the sky, eyes flickering to watch clouds as the sun bathed her skin and embroidered dress. And she would wait, if it took long, her darling daughter would come find her after all.

(Posted on my RP blog but yeah. I tried I promise. ask-aph-byzantine-empire )

bloodmancer I am so tempted. I really am.

I can just, like, distinctly remember coming inside after playing all day and having scratched up and bruised limbs because I was a kid and reckless and a fucking kid largely unsupervised outdoors, and like I REMEMBER HER SAYING “little girls should be more calm!”

And now my kids are coming inside at the end of every day scratched and bruised from playing hard and she just smiles and says some shit about “little boys~”

Today we were at Walmart and Thing 1 wanted to get a pink ball. She almost had a tantrum over it, LITERALLY, until he spotted a green one and said “hey they have my favorite color!”

Omg as soon as you read this you’re gonna be like “wow poor little rich girl” but i am not rich by any means so here it goes… so when i told my mom i really wanted to go to the 1989 concert, she got me like VIP front row seats, and that’s incredible and amazing and i’m incredibly grateful but tbh i feel like it really limits my chances of meeting taylor. I feel like they look for people in the back for things like Loft ‘89, and Taylor has her catwalk which goes way out in the crowd so i feel like i’ll be seeing her from the back a lot and idk. This just really didn’t work out how i planned and im literally complaining about nothing but i just wanted to get that out.

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You look like a weak little girl and yet Even one of them could beat ya! That stuttering makes it hard for people to understand you to ya weak ass. You may think your all great but you suck.

I-I’m fine the way I am! Sto-Stop it!