style lyrics for the signs
  • Aries:And when we go crashing down, we come back every time
  • Taurus:Just take me home
  • Gemini:I watch us go 'round and 'round each time
  • Cancer:Could end in burning flames or paradise
  • Leo:We never go out of style
  • Virgo:And I got that red lip classic thing that you like
  • Libra:And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt
  • Scorpio:Midnight, you come and pick me up, no headlights
  • Sagittarius:He can't keep his wild eyes on the road
  • Capricorn:Lights are off, he's taking off his coat
  • Aquarius:should just tell you to leave 'cause I know exactly where it leads
  • Pisces:'Cause you got that James Dean daydream look in your eye

disney witch heroines: charlotte

abilities: spells and potions, baking magic, sparkle magic

tiana teaches charlotte to become a witch. she teaches charlotte lots of things, but this is the best one yet. that’s the thing about them. they don’t leave each other behind. (charlotte would’a bought tiana fifty restaurants, if tiana let her.)  at first, charlotte is really bad at it. but tiana is patient and naveen plays music while they practice and make them both laugh when charlotte burns the simplest potion for the third time. but with time, charlotte gets better and better. she’s never as good as tiana, but she’s pretty good. she likes to use her magic to make things sparkle, to make things glitter and beam. she likes making little girls twirl into a magical tutu, give little boys tiaras that shine. maybe charlotte will never be a princess, but being a witch? it’s better. 

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Happy pansexual visibility day!!!
So I’m not really out (I’m only out to one person ha
ha) and I don’t have much of a story:p I guess since I hit puberty I knew I wasn’t straight or completely straight I liked guys but I also liked girls a little bit so for a while I thought I was bi then I found out about pan sexuality and it just summed me up because I always thought if someone asked me out I wouldn’t turn them down based on their gender I would only turn them down if I wasn’t into them! I’m still working up the courage to fully come out but I doubt I’ll ever tell my parents :p I’ll come put to them when the time is right!
Have a great day and to my pans peeps and everyone else stay proud and true to you!!!!

How will Natsu’s first interaction with Kageyama, Aone, Oikawa, Bokuto, Sugawara, Kuroo, Kenma & Yamamoto be like? Assume that Natsu met them through Hinata.
(I have to put in Yamamoto. Considering how he normally acts all nervous around girls, doesn’t it make you wonder about how he would act around little girls like Natsu?)

[This is actually your original request. I’ve kept it in my drafts after my big break, it’s almost identical to the new one, this one including more characters (I think??). Again, I’m sorry for making you wait for such a long time.
Disclaimer: Please don’t take some of the encounters too seriously…]

Natsu&Kageyama: Even though Kageyama would probably do his utmost to appear friendly and cheerful in front of Hinata’s little sister, he would probably look even more terrifying and intimidating than before. With a forced smile and a rather constrained facial expression, Kageyama would probably take a long time thinking of something nice to say to a little girl like Natsu. He wouldn’t really care about her being Hinata’s sister, wondering for a slight moment how someone so cute and friendly could be related to his team member. Natsu, having heard gruesome stories from Hinata, would look at Kageyama with quivering lips, asking whether the scary king had left his pitchblack castle to collect the hearts of innocent children.

Natsu&Aone: Natsu would already have heard a lot about Aone since Hinata wouldn’t have stopped talking about him after Karasuno’s match against Datekougyou. Imagining him as one of the giants from the fairy tails her mother read to her before it was time to sleep, she definitely wasn’t disappointed when she finally had the chance to meet him in person. Natsu, instantly letting go of Hinata’s hand and her eyes sparkling with excitement, would stretch out her arm and point with her finger up at Aone.
Aone’s cheeks would show a rose red as he’d point his finger back at Natsu just the same way. People around them would be getting uneasy.
What nobody woul have expected was that on their second playdate Natsu and Aone, accompanied by Hinata planned to do this.

Natsu&Oikawa: Even though Oikawa would be used to handling children, due to him giving his nephew and other preschoolers volleyball lessons, he would still have some trouble connecting with Natsu. Because of her young age, Natsu would be immune to Oikawa’s physical charm, finding his tone of voice, which would be especially soft and gentle, rather annoying and pretentious. Scrunching up her nose, she would turn her body away from Oikawa, running back to her brother and asking him to do something fun instead. Aobajousai’s setter would be left speechless, his mouth probably open from the shock he just had to endure. His eyes would start twitching once he would hear his team’s spiteful snickering behind his back.

Natsu&Bokuto: Bokuto would probably make the mistake of overseeing Natsu accidentally and Natsu, similarily to Fukurodani’s captain, would probably be too absorbed in her own imaginative world to notice the tall volleyball player right in front of her. As an almost inevitable result and with Akaashi’s reprimanding words echoing in the background, Bokuto and Natsu would literally run into each other. Because of the impact, the orange haired girl would probablly topple down backwards. Bokuto would probably shriek a little, exclaiming loudly that he hadn’t seen the little shrimp while setting her back on her feet gently. Proceeding to squat down so he would be at least a little more on her level, Bokuto would apologize to her, starting to bicker jokingly with the little girl. If it wasn’t for Akaashi and Hinata desperately trying to separate them, they would probably remain in that position for the entirety of the day.

Natsu&Sugawara: Sugawara would chuckle about the obvious resemblance Natsu had with Hinata, noticing immediately that they weren’t just similar in their appearance but also in their endearingly dashing behavior. He wouldn’t be able to help himself, smiling the entire time he talk or spent with Natsu, attentively listening to every single story she had to tell. Because of this encounter, Sugawara would also feel closer to Hinata, appreciating his passionate nature even more than he already did. He would probably share his experience the other third years about this afterwards, leading to Sawamura allowing Natsu to join and even participate in practice from time to time. Even though the entire team would enjoy Natsu’s presence, Hinata would probably feel slightly abashed, knowing how much he and his sister resembled each other.

Natsu&Kuroo: In an attempt to appear friendly and sociable, Kuroo would probably use his signature toothy grin to greet Natsu. The girl, instantly feeling reminded of a tale her mother had read to her not all that long ago, would excitedly point at Kuroo, thinking that he was the humanized form of the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland. With sparkling eyes, she would instantly ask Nekoma’s captain why he had decided to come into the human world and whether he was on the lookout for Alice. Kuroo, slightly taken aback from Natsu’s enthusiastic nature, would soon decide to play along, telling her about various (outrageous) anecdotes regarding his encounters in this alien world. Natsu would certainly be fascinated, struggling to leave once Hinata would declare that it was time to go. She would make Kuroo promise to send her greetings to Alice once he would return to his magical forest.

Natsu&Kenma: Kenma would certainly feel exhausted rather quickly, considering Natsu’s intrusive behavior. She would probably ask him about the game(s) he played, curiously looking over his shoulder and thus, accidentally intruding in his personal space. Depending on the game, she would probably want to play herself, asking Kenma cutely whether she could have the gaming console too. Natsu would intentionally miss hearing Hinata’s warnings, pushing Kenma to the edge with her, as it was appropriate for her age, childish and demanding behavior. Kenma, knowing that upsetting a child probably wasn’t the nicest thing to do, would give her the console, taking out his phone instead, so he could continue playing.

Natsu&Yamamoto: Despite the fact that Yamamoto acts like a nervous wreck around girls his age, he would certainly have a soft spot for little girls (or preschoolers in general) like Natsu. Thinking that her messy hair made her look like a fluffy hamster, Yamamoto would probably have to hold himself back from exclaiming exactly that, having to keep his intimidating reputation around his peers. However, if Hinata happened to leave him and Natsu by themselves, he would probably find Yamamoto braiding Natsu’s hair upon his return. Playing with little kids would give Yamamoto an outlet to show his soft and playful side, not overshadowed by the nervousness he would feel around girls or the intimidation he would have to establish around male peers.


taylorswift I would really like you to see this. 

This little girl’s name is Abbie Zukowski. She was 11 years old when she was hit by a car and killed on Monday, May 18th in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. She was a massive Taylor Swift fan and met you during your Speak Now World Tour back in 2011. She was also in New York City when you were promoting 1989 on Good Morning America. Sadly, I did not have the chance to know this little girl, but from what I have heard, she was amazing. According to the Tumblr made to gain your attention, taylorrememberabbie, “[the page creator] know she would have the biggest smile on her face seeing Taylor giving her recognition.” Please help this community to remember this beautiful child who was sadly taken from us too soon. Please, taylorswift, see this, and acknowledge this tragedy.

Today is Pansexual Awareness day!! Here is my face and my story is pretty simple. When I was little I always liked guys but then I’d see girls too and think damn, i would do this and this if I dated them. I was taken aback by that thinking wait I can’t date them I’m straight (I wasn’t old enough to know about being gay or bi or any other orientation). I always had these thoughts and when I came into highschool I joined alliance club with some new friends I made. There I learned that there’s much more than just straight and gay and I was like wow let’s see if I fit into anything. At first I though of myself as bisexual with no limits (like I don’t care gender or anything) because we talked about gay, bi, and straight at first. Then I did some research online and then I found pansexuality. I was confused at first but then I’m like hey, that’s me! And thus I found out that I wasn’t weird or strange and that there were others like me!! It was amazing and I’m out to basically everyone except my parents. Even my brother knows and that’s all that really matters to me.

RANT. *DON’T Read If Ya DON’T Agree Plz*

Okie, I am really feeling that I need to put my foot down here, ppl. -.-

First off, all the weird and gross stuff that is sometimes said in game, especially at Steve’s farm is really starting to get to me mentally. Now, I’d wouldn’t normally let this kind of stuff bug me, but COME ON! It’s like having a normal conversation there just doesn’t exist anymore. :(

Secondly, moving on to the romance. It is just sad seeing more than one person, mainly girls who act like poor little sappy ‘boy searchy’ people. But honestly, you guys.. It’s against the SSO rules as I already know and I just wish those ppl would start reading through the rules before playing because it makes them look like clueless zombies who do nothing but act the fool because it makes them look like ideots. :I

I hate to say all this, but I might be taking a nice LONG break from the game for a while, so yea. And also, don’t you start flaming me about it because I don’t care if you get hissy at me and acting like being rude to me is gonna help. Because it ain’t so heroic or nice. It is MEAN. :I 

So long for now, all my Tumblr followers, and thank ya for reading! :3

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Have you notice that all the articles says: “the fans now are happy” “the fans have being wishing that the come back together” “the shippers now can breath” WTF? Now we are like crying little girls dying because we believe in this lie? Hell no! We are militant and we always know that they never broke and they were just away for work. We be shielded Stonefield since day 1, we never believe in this shit so now don’t try to be on the fans side or try to give us a part on this fucking story.

The media stinks. Like, so much. Not only Hollywood LIfe, OK Magazine or STAR Magazine. Pretty much all of them stinks. STAR Magazine created a lie (Em and Andrew break up) and what ALL of the other websites did? Did they check the story? Did they care about the fact that EVERYTHING pointed to the obvious: Emma and Andrew were together AND fine? Nah. They quickly created false sources and started to replicate the story, each one adding their one bit (“Andrew is in a dark place”, “It’s just a break”, “Andrew cheated on Emma”, “They haven’t spoken for months”, etcetera) so they could look more authentic than the other.

Rina sent me an article on Celebitchy [link] where they talk about Stonefield being “back together” and the fans, where it reads: “I only recently became aware of the fact that there are Emma Stone-and-Andrew Garfield superfans, and those superfans are super-Twihardy about Emma and Andrew being together forever and ever. I’m not even joking about the Twihard thing – there was a concerted effort by Emma & Andrew’s superfans to “push back” against the widespread reports that they had split, to the point of Twitter harassment and a misinformation campaign to discredit all of the breakup rumors.

Now… I’m pretty sure they were reading things here on Tumblr (and I’m not talking about my blog, I’m talking about every blog that didn’t believe the media BS -and, well, guess what, we were FUCKING RIGHT not to believe them because THEY WERE WRONG. Even People and E! said they never broke up and the only “problem” was the REAL, PHYSICAL distance). But do they care about that? Of course not. Because that’s not a good story for them.

So they call “concerted effort” the fact we were spreading the truth. It’s almost like they are angry we don’t believe them and dare to doubt them. And what they call “twitter harassment” was actually just fans sending messages like “THEY NEVER BROKE UP. YOU GUYS WERE WRONG. ACCEPT IT. STOP POSTING LIES” every time a tabloid posted a new article telling more lies. And the “misinformation campaign to discredit all of the breakup rumors” is actually on point. I did it here on my blog on several occasions and would do it again if necessary. They were lying and THEY should be ashamed, not us.

So, yeah, I’m trying REALLY hard to not read tabloids anymore because I don’t want to be part of this circus.

And that was a long answer.

15yo here be like “im such a hoe an art hoe a kinky slut daddys little girl hoe of the universe a slutty princess needing pampering and The D” and yet irl can hardly talk to their crush

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id be a good little girl for you and let you fuck my pretty face and i would take your cock like the good little girl i am and let you cum down my throat and id swallow daddy

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You don't deserve all this hate and the lies being spread about you! Lolita as a fashion is already misunderstood by many people, I don't understand why other Lolita's don't support other Lolita's, since they go through the same thing with the media. Instead they post lies on behind the bows, and make fun of other Lolita's. I wish this fashion didn't have such a toxic community.

Yeah, I know. Some of the more well known lolitas and successful people I know have actually left the community because of that. They are into a different style or do their own thing now. And they made dresses, did modelling, the whole thing. If it wasn’t for Angelic Pretty I’d probably leave myself XD their designs are perfect. If it wasn’t for the little things like being recognised by one of the shop girls working in AP in Tokyo and she complimented me ;U; or winning an award in fashion school based on my collection, stuff like that. Idk… Yeah I guess my success when I wear It far outweighs what they say. I wear a variety of fashions too, so I’m not that limited to Lolita. I take breaks when need be. Lately I’ve just been wearing MA*RS….

You know what pisses me off? That 6th grade me was saving up for laser hair removal, that 6th grade me was bleaching my facial hair and arm hair, and worried about plucking my eyebrows and taking off my bigote all because the white kids made fun of me AND I WASNT EVEN HAIRY! And I had to beg my brother’s wife to go buy me bleach and to teach me how to pluck my eyebrows because I didnt want to deal with those kids and now they fill in their eyebrows to look like mine and some even let their hair grow out (good for them!!!!) because they don’t care about standards of beauty but no one ever apologized for making me and other hairy brown girls cry everyday when we were little like wtf

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Little white girls like you are oh so about drake and the weeknd and that shit you think its rap and you think it makes you so cool hahhaha

you’re right please teach me how to be cool superior :( 

Just saw this pretty little mixed girl like 3 years old with curly, healthy hair all the way down her back

I want to go beg her White mom to never perm or straighten her daughter’s hair because it’s so beautiful