like she knows she looks good

@ everyone on tumblr: please don’t pressure anyone into voting for a certain person/party this election

let them do their own research, let them vote 3rd party if they want to, don’t post things that say how bad one candidate is but totally ignore the flaws of the other candidate. if you are going to post about the election, show everyone’s goods and everyone’s bads

rip to the mother/son relationship that could have bubbled over between derek and melissa. her buying him sweaters because it’s getting cold out and bringing him leftovers and trying to use the excuse “i care about my son’s friends” but really she just feels for derek because she knows what it’s like to have to grow up too fast. to lose what you love. and whenever she looks at him she doesn’t see a broken man, she sees that kid who sat in the waiting room at her hospital for hours after one of his teammates sprained his ankle in a basketball game. he’s a good kid, and she’ll keep aggressively inviting him to family dinners, and bringing him random items that she picked up at the store, and sending him “i’m just checking up on you” texts until he believes it too.

This fandom in person is a beautiful thing (as well)

Me and my Mom just came back from the gas station to get some diet Pepsis (and mtn dew for my Daddy).

We walk in, and as we’re browsing the drinks I’m feeling crappy cause I’ve had a headache all day, and I look back to the cashier and she’s looking at me. 

I thought “man, I’m not feeling good, but I want to be like “this little light of mine” (cause I heard a message this morning about letting your light shine).
So, I have that in my mind that I want to be a lovely person to be around.

We walk up to the counter to pay for the drinks, the cashier is grinning and she says “I like your shirt.” I’m wearing my Avengers shirt that I got yesterday. 
“Oh thanks” I say, I pause, looking for Avengers evidence on her: HER LANYARD (you know, those things you put your keys on, around your neck), her lanyard is all Marvel. “Oh YOUR LANYARD!” she proudly displays it and points out the little Hulk figurine on it; she says, “I love Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner”. I tell her, “Captain America is my favorite.”

My Mom is just standing there and she says, “I have no idea what you guys are talking about.”…

As we were driving home my Mom is all, “I didn’t know what that little monkey thing was..[the figurine], you guys were speaking Vulcan”,  
I tell her the figurine was the Hulk, and that Vulcan is from Star Trek.

Well, I love these fandoms. LOVE TO ALL OF YOU FAN-PEOPLE, and a particular shoutout to Avengers fans, and a fist bump to Captain America lovers.

Stop, wait a minute

Why exactly are selfies a bad thing? I see people hating on young women for taking selfies, but here’s the thing; a girl taking a selfie is a sign of self- confidence. The fact that she is willing to take a picture of herself and post it online is saying “Hey I feel really good about myself” why the hell is that a bad thing?? Even if she adds something like “Oh god I look horrible” why should you condemn her for wanting compliments? What’s so bad about saying “No you look amazing!” GOD FORBID a girl realize she’s beautiful before a man comes along and tells her so. We wouldn’t want a woman’s self-confidence to not be completely reliant on a man telling her she’s pretty would we? Cause if she already knows she’s gorgeous, it’ll be a lot harder to get her to date you wiithout the good old “tell her she’s beautiful and she’ll fall in love” trick. Let women feel good about themselves, jesus christ. Let them take pictures of themselves and feel sexy without making them feel ridiculous for it. Stop mocking girls for feeling good about themselves. If a girl takes a selfie, tell her she looks good, alright? She took time out of her day to take a million pictures until she finds one she likes, and for you to just stomp on her self-esteem is cruel. God damn.

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Historia can't be a lesbian. She looks and acts too feminine. She has never shown any actual romantic interest in Ymir. I'm sure she hasn't even considered that Ymir may have feelings for her. I'm also sure she doesn't know that homosexual relationships are a thing. Her sister taught her to be lady-like, she was probably taught that she should marry a man that would take care of her. I don't think she will ever reciprocate Ymir's feelings

lmao your argument is so bad i literally thought someone was just tryna be sarcastic and end it by saying “just kidding”

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Personal Doctor *Neymar Imagine*


“Y/N get your butt of that couch and put down those Pretzels” Ana said turning off the Tv and standing in front of me

I looked up at her, and chuckled. “Why?This is my gift to myself for graduating” I said

“No, get up and go put on the clothes I put on your bed” She said moving the bag and pulling me up

I chuckled, and did as she said. When I came out she clapped her hands and smiled,” You look so good, now come on we’re going to the game” I looked at her like she was crazy.

“Ana, why are we going to the game? On the day I graduated?”

“Because I promised Andres that his second child would come to the game to celebrate” She said

Okay I know this sounds weird me being the child of Andres and Ana, but its not like that. It’s just Ana and Andres treat me like there other daughter, because Ana helped me when I was 8. She’s been with me since then.

So to them I was like another child, and then they had Valeria. And I was like 18 then, and I was always with them. I sighed, “Hey, don’t you sigh at me. Andres and I went to your graduation and you haven’t been to one of his games in forever”

“Alright, alright I’m going” I said

She smiled, and we went to her car. We drove to Camp Nou, and when we arrived we went to the section with the other wives and girlfriends. “Ladies this is Y/N, she’s like a big sister to Valeria and a second daughter to us” Ana said introducing me

They all said Hi, introducing themselves and asked questions. On the screen they were doing an interview, with Andres. “So Andres, who all is here for you tonight?Since this is a pretty big game against Athletico”He said

“Well, I know my beautiful wife is here with our girls Valeria & Y/N” He said with a smile

“Girls? You have two children?” He asked kind of surprised

“Y/N is a girl in which we’ve raised since she was little so we count her as our child, and Valeria loves her big sister. She um recently just graduated today form College, my little girls a doctor now” He said with a proud smile

“Well, Andres tell Y/N we said congratulations. Now about tonight’s can you tell us how you expect the game to go?”

“Well we expect a win, tonight everyone’s good and up to shape. We’re going to do our best no matter what happens” He said

“Alright Thank You Andres for your time, and we hope we see a win here in the Camp Nou” He said

Andres and the guy shook hands, and he went to the lockers. Valeria turned to me, “Herma, can I sit on your lap?” She asked

(A/N:For any who don’t know spanish, Hermana is sister and Herma is just short for hermana)

I nodded, and she sat on my lap. “Aw, you guys are so cute” Antonella said

I smiled down at Valeria,”Thank You, she’s like the little sister I’ve always wanted”

Valeria, began telling me about what happened at school today. As she was telling me, I looked out into the pitch and saw Andres ad the rest of the guys warming up. “Mira herma, papa!” Valeria said

I chuckled, “Yepp Papa’s out there” I said

She stood up, pulled me over to stand up. “Papa!” she yelled out

Andres looked and smiled blowing a kiss to us. Valeria smiled, “Papa’s gonna win”

I chuckled, the game started like 10 minutes later. And Barcelona had control of the ball. Ana, Valeria, & I were cheering for Andres as he had the ball. As the game went on, I noticed there was one player that kept staring at me in the stands.

“Hey, Y/N I think Neymar is looking at you”Ana said when Valeria wasn’t paying attention


“Yeah that one, number 11″

 I looked again, and he winked. And then continued running next to Luis, I chuckled and we continued watching the game. The ball was passed to Neymar, from Andres and he scored. His celebration? He blew a kiss to the stands.

As the game continued, Barcelona ended up scoring 4 goals to Athletico’s 1. And after the game Ana, Valeria, & I along with the other girls headed down towards the boys.

When we reached they all were hanging out by the lockers, Andres saw us and Valeria ran to him. “Papa! herma and I watched the whole game” She said using her hands for emphasis

He smiled, “Did you what was your favorite part?”

“When you tripped the man” She giggled

Andres and the guys laughed, and motioned me over. When Ana and I were closer he wrapped his arm around me. “Guys this is Y/N my other daughter”He said

They all smiled, an said hi. “She’s hot” Some one said

“Hey, watch it” Andres said

They all laughed, and decided to do dinner somewhere. I was walking holding Valeria’s hand when she started jumping up and down. “Val? What’re you doing?” I asked chuckling

“It’s Neymar” She said

I looked up, and there he was smiling at her. He bent down and she released my hand and hugged him. “Hey, Val did you like the game?” He asked

“Yes, Mucho”

He chuckled, “Can I speak to Y/N for a moment”

She looked confused, “You mean herma, “ She asked

He nodded, “Mmm, I don’t know you’re not going to take her from me?” She asked

I chuckled, at her. “Valeria! Come here for a second” Ana said

Valeria ran to her, and Ana looked back and winked giving me a thumbs up. I chuckled, “Well it’s nice to finally meet you Y/N” He said

“Nice to meet you too”

“So I was wondering if you’d like to hang out sometime?”

“Um, unless you’re going to ask that same question to me?” Andres said from behind him

A Message From Snow


“Hi there, pumpkin! I’m here to simply say this: we love you!

I heard you are pretty upset right now, and I hate to see any good friend of mine feel like this! I wanted to let you know that you are loved no matter what you may think! You are awesome and sweet and you always brighten up Pixel’s day every time she hears from you! A ton of people look up to you, pumpkin, including Pixel. They would be super sad if you left!

I know I’m not the best with words, and I’m sorry if this didn’t help, but Pixel really wanted me to tell you this! She doesn’t want to see you upset because she cares about you! If you need to speak to anyone, anyone at all, let her know, and she will be there.

Love you, pumpkin!”

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SYBIL ABD HAGRID I’M SCREAMING it’s perfect oh my god


Like Hagrid is half giant, and poor, and he’s gone through most of his life being looked down upon and trying to make himself seem smaller than he is because it’s the only way he knows how to externalise who he is inside.

And Sybil isn’t a half giant, but she’s the same. She’s a physically huge girl who learned to be nice and make herself small.

And yet they both are fierce when it comes to protecting the ones they love, and they shower care on their loved ones the only way they know how.

And because they’ve both had similar experiences, you can bet Sybil won’t patronise Rubeus the ways others have. Rock cakes are inedible? She’ll tell him instead of pretending to eat it; and then they’d end up getting one of the House Elves to join them and spend two afternoons learning how to make proper rock cakes. She’s making too big and thick socks? Rubeus would tell her, and then take the socks anyway because why waste them when you can use them for something else? Like they’d be such a genuinely good for each other friendship. Spend hours exchanging stories about growing up, and both listen to each other with genuine rapt attention. Rubeus would just excitedly show her ALL THE MAGICAL CREATURES and Sybil would follow, dressed in her boots and gear and like together they’d figure out better ways to breed and keep them.

And you bet your ass Sam Vimes like Rubeus, because Rubeus is like him. They both have terrible accents, and they’ve grown up poor, but Sam grew up cynical and Rubeus kind; and they have tremendous respect for each other. But the main friendship is obviously Rubeus and Sybil, who have sort of adopted each other.

Hey friends! Are you looking for a cute little dog to take home with you?

I have an older black pug chihuahua mix. Her name is tippers and my family is looking after her until we find her a new home! She’s fixed, and she’s really calm around new people. She’s really sweet and likes to cuddle with you.

I live in the Lakewood/Tacoma area of Washington. If you think she would make a great addition to your home please let me know!


Fifth Harmony + Reflection Posters (click for full size) 

Of Monsters

by reddit user mister_flibble

He was dead, that much was clear. She looked from the still body lying on the road to the dented hood of her BMW in a panic. She’d gotten out of trouble before, but nothing on this scale. This didn’t seem like something she could just make go away. 

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Tentoo + Rose Tyler + Protecting