like seriously just look at her

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Seriously, bangles. Fucking bangles. I know which side of the fandom you're on but this bias is intolerable. Asami's driving gloves have been with her for almost every important moment of her life throughout the series and unlike the bangles they don't dissapear when it's time to fight. How can you not even give mention to the most important fashion arc of the entire series.

Right. That’s why the gloves were totally there for her most emotionally significant moment:

The bangles were jangling happily for her here. They selflessly didn’t care about the fact that they couldn’t have gone on vacation.

The gloves however, easily could have come with Asami, they’re part of that outfit, but she chose to leave them behind.

mmm whatcha say….

sidenote: thank you to the girls friend, for telling me to makeout with her after 3-5 songs of grinding, you’re a real hero I was putting it off for way too long.

second sidenote: sorry to devanthony for having to picture my penis in his mind after stumbling upon an anonymous ask I couldn’t make a read more but now I know how. awkward moment in class but we’re close so we’re good. love u

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look, I know you're pretty protective of "Helena" (pretty sure that's a false name) but come on, if she really was who she pretends to be wouldnt she give you her actual url or something. who the hell drags something like this out in public for so long, seriously. Also, it's litteraly stupid to say that corporal punishment is inherently bad. Yes, it should never get as far as she claims it has. Maybe her mother really just meant well and it escalated.

For one thing, yes, physical/corporal punishment delivered to minors is inherently bad. Even spanking has been scientifically proven to cause negative results in children well into their adolescence and adulthood, causing them to be more violent and depressed. All the more so does actually beating your child negatively affect them. No one on earth benefits from being hit, slapped, beaten, or otherwise abused by their parent. And no parents who ‘mean well’ beat their children. No good parent leaves their child with bruises, scars, nightmares, and flashbacks. And they sure as fuck don’t blame their child for ‘making them do it’, and threaten to hurt them worse. That is a heartless, pathetic, shit-eating abuser who deserves to rot in jail, period.

And you know what? This is just a girl. A scared, traumatized young girl. So what if she didn’t give me her real name? You think I’ve always gone by my real name on the internet? I think she must just be scared to give me her url, and she would be all the more scared if she gave me a false name at first and had to admit to it now. I know that too much attention can overwhelm her, so it’s fine with me for her to just come to me as she needs me. She doesn’t have to prove anything to me, why should I care if I know her url or even her real name? I know that nobody would or could fake this level and length of pain and fear, I know that the core of her suffering and her need for comfort is real, so the details don’t matter.

Btob reaction to: Their gif dancing a sexy dance

Btob is seriously so underrated in tumblr 😭 Btob reaction to doing a sexy dance on stage like AOA’s Like A Cat?

That is so true - They are just in general really underrated ):
Anyways i assume that it’s their gf there is dancing?
And sorry for the wait i have been really busy the last couple days.


Waaauw my jagi looks so good! - But wait… ILHOON STOP LOOKING AT HER LIKE THAT!!!

Omo you are soooo good! You look better doing that than Aoa!

You: How did i do?
Changsub: You was so sexy up there - But now i feel bad because all those guys was looking at you like you were a piece of meat!

You really are like a sexy cat! *Cheasy laugh*

American style i like it! You look so hot!

I can’t even! Omo you look amazing dancing like that!

Look jagi *starts dancing the dance you just danced* I’m nearly better than you!!

//Credit to gif owners//

in which you don't mess w/ a member of fifth harmony bc the whole group, their families and pets will come for you

ok so 5h are feminists and always preaching about supporting other girls (and all girls, not just cis or straight girls but that’s for another masterpost) and it’s not just talk for them

one of my favorite things about them is how much they support each other and how happy they get when one of them is happy

ok this one is really important to me bc it shows you how nice these girls really are like seriously all of them are such kind-hearted people oh god why am i so emotional?*sam smith voice*

ok here normani’s getting excited for dinah when they call her name, mind you this was before they called normani’s name so this girl’s dreams are crushed and she still finds it in her to be genuinely happy for this stranger she just met look how her face lights up she’s a gift

look at lauren being so happy for her gf (and congrats on picking up their idiosyncrasies)

this was on the xf after ally found out that her grandppa passed away

i know what you’re thinking “omg they’re so cute and sweet and all” true true. but fuck with one of them and it’ll be the last thing you do bc you’ll be dragged so far back you’ll be able to go back as a baby and dissolve your umbilical cord with your tears

exhibit a:

exhibit b aka none of your boyfriends are good enough you should date each other:

arin you should know better…

ok so if you don’t know yet, lauren was dating brad from the vamps and after they broke up, his bandmates implied in an interview that they all had a go at her (their words not mine), this is the the girls’ reactions:

btw that’s normani’s dad yesss papa h drag them @ them

(btw ally reblogging a song with fuck in the title is what i live for)

conclusion: don’t mess with fifth harmony, these girls are so loyal to each other you’re just gonna get hurt and everybody knows ot5: these girls are my girls is the real otp

Oh my God I just got back from Pitch Perfect 2 and I love Bechloe but I have a new ship

Beca x Kommissar (the German woman who’s the head of the German A Capella team)


















what a cutie

no but seriously i think you all underestimate how much i love this gif:

(gif not mine)

but honestly she looks so small and cute and teddy bear like bc of the camera but she could totally cut me in half with a glare, let alone the giant massive freaking sword strapped to her side.

in summary, i love commander lexa bc she is simultaneously the cutest thing to ever happen in the world and bc she could stab me in the heart and i would thank her

seriously, guys, don’t panic about jared’s twitter bio. it’s a quote from his sister’s kids book. everyone quotes things like that i mean look at half the blog titles of everyone’s tumblrs, they’re intense or sound intense but they’re actually not. it’s just a quote from her book, calm down.

i just told my mom that lots of people got seriously upset about izzy’s actress being mexican, saying that she was supposed to be white and my mom rolled her eyes so hard and said “yeah, but when they made valentine look like a hobo with ugly, tiny dreads, it was okay because he was white after all”


Derp Emblem: The Fairest Princess of them All

Request from bigbluetiger! Note: Requests are not open, this is just part of our inbox cleaning. They requested something with Excellus the princess, which is apparently something from the Japanese dialogue! Of course, I don’t know the dialogue, and instead went with the first thing that came to mind!

Hope you like it!


Mod Tree is forever in denial about her baby faced child from Bread sharing his voice actor with such a creepy character. Seriously, go look it up.

Reasons why Soldier is a lot nicer than you think:

A lot of people headcanon Soldier as being 100% angry all the time and discriminating and mean to people but I would like you to re-evaluate your evidence because Soldier is actually a giant sweetheart and he just takes his job seriously. 

Yeah he might be ignorant because of the time period but he’s actually quite a nice person. LOOK AT HIM WHEN HE’S WATCHING SCOUT TRY AND WOO MISS PAULING:

WOULD ANGRY MEAN FANDOM SOLDIER DO THAT? Nah man he’s sitting there smiling like “omg look its romance its so cute Scout you should call her round thats a total compliment” (also bonus spy right there cuz lol he’s horrified)

Also notice the way he treats Miss Pauling in the beginning of Expiration Date. He has the most DORKY looking smile on his face as he tells her he’s leaving the van.  



Look at the innocent baby. Yeah he beats up on Scout but I think he just beats up on guys cuz yknow, aggressive man stuff. He’s just wrestling with his bros. Soldier is a lot less angry and brooding than you think. 

Love him and treat him like a kitten. 

after a couple of weeks of calum constantly hinting but never saying exactly what he was going to give you for your birthday the day finally came much to both of your excitement so after you had a small get together with some close friends he asked you to take a walk with him to the local park where you two had often spent the summer vacations of your childhood playing in but in the midst of your reminiscing calum starts to explain how hes always dreamed of taking the girl he loved to a the 1975 concert and then kiss her when the chorus to fallingforyou came around but in the midst of his rambling about some random girl he liked you semi-seriously told him to get to the point which made him pull out 2 tickets and with a hopeful look in his eye ask you to come with him to the concert so 3 weeks later you find yourself in the middle of a massive crowd eyes flickering between your best friends lips which were just on yours and his deep brown eyes as he asks you to be his girlfriend 

The Done Meme
  • "I am just so done with your bullshit."
  • "Do you seriously think I am going to do that? No. Not happening."
  • "To quote her majesty Queen Victoria, I am not amused."
  • "I am not sober enough to deal with you right now."
  • "You are a terrible liar. Really. I cannot even describe how awful you are at it."
  • "That is not even remotely funny. Not. Remotely. Funny."
  • "Do you ever shut up? Shut it. SHUT IT."
  • "This is way too early in the day. I am not dealing with that, not yet anyway."
  • "Do I look like I care? Because I shouldn't. Because I don't."
  • "I don't suppose you could jump off the tallest skyscraper in the city, could you?"
  • "Did you seriously believe that asshole? There's no way he was telling the truth."
  • "Nope. I know that didn't happen. Couldn't have happened. Didn't happen."
  • "You don't impress me much. Or not at all. Actually, I'm sure you don't impress me at all."
  • "I can't with you right now. I simply cannot."
  • "You task me. You task my patience and my generosity and my sanity."
  • "You are diving me insane, utterly and completely insane."
  • "I am not talking to them ever again. Never. Deleted from my phone. Unfriended on Facebook. Unfollowed on Tumblr."
  • "Could you find some common sense? Please? It shouldn't be too hard..."
  • "Are you high right now? Because you are practically bouncing off the walls."
  • "What the hell was that all about? Huh? That was crazy."
  • "Is it a full moon tonight? All the crazies seem to be out tonight."
  • "You think me mad? I'm not mad. I am simply done with all of this."
  • "I honestly don't think I could care any less than I do at this moment in time."
Mothers day 2019
  • Ben:Leslie, the kids all drew something for you.
  • Leslie:That is so sweet of them.
  • Ben:Not really, they drew them on the wall. In permanent marker.
  • Leslie:I love it! Let's not paint over it, let's just keep the wall like this. Let's have them paint the house!
  • Ben:Seriously?
  • Leslie:Ann and I might have gotten drunk at our mother's day lunch.
  • Ben:Westley drew that green blob that he said was a turtle.
  • Leslie:He's going through a turtle phase. He says he wants a pet turtle, but I'm sure he'll grow out of it.
  • Ben:And Stephen drew what looks like a flag, since he says "mommy loves flags."
  • Leslie:I do. What did Sonia draw?
  • Ben:She didn't draw on the wall.
  • Leslie:Good girl.
  • Ben:She drew on her brothers.
  • Leslie:I love my tiny children.
project: Notice Me pt12

For the next couple of weeks, Kyungsoo stayed persistent about taking you on dates.  If it weren’t dates, then he would bring flowers, showing up at Jisoo’s randomly.  

“Just go home already,” Jisoo said, annoyed one day after bringing in his flowers.

“If you don’t go home then at least get the door for him.  Seriously he comes everyday.  Can’t you just let him in and talk to him or something?  He looks like a lost puppy out there waiting for you.”  Jisoo set the flowers on the table and took a seat next to you.

“I didn’t ask him to wait or come by with flowers,” you said, as you reached for the flowers and took out the note card attached.

6pm’ was scribbled in his neat handwriting on the card. A smiled tugged at your lips as you slipped the card back in its small envelope.

“Look at you,” Jisoo clicked her tongue, “You’re going to go meet him aren’t you?  Acting like you don’t want to but then get all excited. Just take him back already.” Jisoo grabbed the card and read it.

“I didn’t go when he asked the last two times, so I’m going to meet him to today.”

“Where did you learn how to play hard to get?”  Jisoo stood up and followed you into her room, which you were sharing.  

“From watching you and Jongkook oppa.”

“Yah!  We’re not even close to what you and Kyungsoo are okay!” she answered defensively.  

“Yea right.  How many times have you rejected him, then call him out of no where and he comes running?”

“As if you’re any better?”

“Of course, I’m different. I can’t just easily go out with him and accept his gifts and apologies after everything he’s said and done,” you lifted a shirt from your luggage placing it in front of you and examined it in front of the mirror, “Besides, we’re still getting a divorce.  So what I’m doing right now, probably won’t help it get easier when we do sign papers.”  

“You’re still going on about that?  Come on, look how much effort he’s put into trying to prove to you!  Just make things easier on the both of you and take him back!  Go be married and happy! You’re just torturing yourself.  Look how sad you got all of a sudden when you mentioned the divorce. Do yourself a favor.  You know you still love him.”

“You won’t understand. Even though he says he likes me now and that he doesn’t want a divorce anymore, I can’t help but think he’s just playing the game.  Things got interesting for him now that I’m not the needy high schooler who’s in love with him.  He’s just playing the game Jisoo-ah, there’s a perfectly good Jiyeon waiting for him.”  

“You’re so dumb. You’re his wife.  Can’t you trust him a little when he says he loves you and stop shoving that Jiyeon his way.  He said he doesn’t want her for crying out loud!”

“How do I know that? He’s got a long dating history, and besides, how can I just take him back so easily after everything.  It’s like putting my heart back on the table to be gambled.”

“I can see his sincerity. Just think about it, and stop mentioning divorce when you go out with him.  Just think it like you’re back in high school and this is the dating phase where he’s trying to win your heart.  Have fun, stop making things complicated okay?!”

You nodded and smiled at Jisoo.  You both continued picking out your outfits for the night, and you came across a baby blue blouse, perfect for combination for a chilly winter night.  

Slipping it on, you realized how tight the blouse was. “Jisoo-ah!  Did I gain weight?  This blouse doesn’t fit anymore.  I mean, it does but it’s tight don’t you think?”  you said as you turned to the side and look at yourself in the mirror.  

“You’re probably bloated.”

“I’m not on my period. I mean, I haven’t been on my period…”

“Stop making things up in your head stupid girl.  You tested yourself already.  Unless you slept with him again then you’re not pregnant.”  

“We didn’t!  Just once.”

“Then no you’re not pregnant! First, it’s not that easy to get pregnant when you do it for the first time, and only once for crying out loud!  He doesn’t have super sperm.  Second, you could just be gaining weight and your period is late because you’re stressed!”  You accepted Jisoo’s explanation, and decided on a baggier shirt.  

Jongkook arrived soon after and stayed to hang out with Jisoo.

“Lover boy is waiting outside,” Jongkook teased as he enters the house.  You ran over to the window and like Jongkook had said, Kyungsoo was standing outside, leaning against the hood of his car, hands in his pockets trying to avoid the cold.  His hair was sleeked up, revealing his handsome forehead, and you couldn’t help but smile seeing the red in his nose and cheeks from the cold.  Deciding that you’ve made him wait long enough, you grabbed your bag and coat, announcing that you were going to leave.  

“We hope you won’t come back tonight!” Jongkook yelled, but as you pulled the front door open, Jongkook appeared at your side and whispered into your ears.

“No really, I’m not kidding, I’m begging.  Don’t come back tonight.”

“Wow!” you said in disbelieve, and he grabbed onto your hands and gave you the puppy eyes, begging.

“Okay okay I get it, you guys have plans!  Have fun oppa, use protection!” you teased.

Kyungsoo immediately stood up focusing on you as you walked towards his car.

“What if I decided not to go?  Are you going to stand here all night?”

“I knew you were going to come.”  You stuck your tongue out at him as he opened the door for you.  

“Where are we going? Ice skating like last time?” you asked as he slipped into his car.  

“No, you’ll see.”  You didn’t answer, only nodding in anticipation and the silence in the care was no longer uncomfortable like it use to be.

“Umm.. What did Jongkook say when you tried to leave just now?”  Kyungsoo asked.


“Just wondering, I mean, he whispered into your ears.”

“It’s a secret.”

“You guys have a lot of secrets?”

“You can say that, we’re really close, oppa and I.”


“He’s older than me.”

“Still…” Kyungsoo’s plump lip protrude just slightly as he tried to hide his jealousy, making you chuckle. Seeing this side of him, you thought that maybe he does really like you, and you two can really make it work this time. Just then his phone rang. Kyungsoo glanced at his phone, then lay it back on his lap without answering.  The phone rang again, but Kyungsoo continued to ignore the calls.

“Why don’t you pick up? It might be important if they called several times…” you said looking over to him.  The expression on Kyungsoo’s face was different from earlier. He seemed annoyed.

“Says the person that never picks up when I call.”

“That’s different. People call you for business.  You call me to annoy me.”  Kyungsoo didn’t answer.

“It wasn’t a business call was it?” Kyungsoo turned to look at you, then back at the road.  You scoffed at him, “Just pick up, whoever she is probably has a lot to say to you.”

“It’s not an important call can we drop it?” Kyungsoo answered obviously annoyed that you keep going on about it.  You opened your mouth to say something, but then realize that there was no point in fighting with Kyungsoo, so you turned your head and stared at the window without another word.  You were too quick to think that things would work out.  Kyungsoo would always be surrounded by women throwing themselves at him. You were just one of those women. When he gets bored with you, he’ll just ignore you like he’s done with other girls.  

Kyungsoo realized that the expression on your face changed, and reached his hand over to yours, but you quickly pulled away, placing both hands on the side of the door.    

“Can we have a night without fighting?”  Kyungsoo broke the silence.

“We’re not fighting.”

“You’re not talking to me.”

“I have nothing to say.” Kyungsoo let out a sigh and but didn’t push the issue.  

When you arrived, you could sea the soft sand connected to the beach.  How could he take you to a beach when it’s cold enough to see the condensation of your breath in the air?  You slid out of the car, and stared out to the open water.  No doubt it was beautiful despite the cold, and beyond the horizon, the sun was setting.  It reminded you when Kyungsoo left you at the airport in Jeju that first night and you sat alone watching the sun rise.  And it was there that you had met Jongkook.  You quickly took out your phone and snapped a picture sending it to Jongkook.

What does this remind you of oppa?? The start of our friendship? ^_^ Jisoo should thank me for meeting you that day and bringing you back to her!’  It wasn’t even a minuted when you received a reply from Jongkook.

‘I’m very thankful towards you but I think I repaid you by sheltering you for the past month! We’re even!’ ending with a picture of Jisoo and Jongkook sticking their tongues out at you.  You laughed at the picture of your friends, and quickly thumbing away a reply.

“You always text Jongkook?” Kyungsoo asks standing from behind you, peering down at your phone as the message sent.

“I just want to show him the view.  We’ve been somewhere like this before.”  

“Just you and him?”


“Why?”  You turned your head looking back at Kyungsoo and was about to explain the whole situation, but you stopped yourself, thinking it wasn’t necessary to explain your life to him, it wasn’t like he shared his life with you.  

“Because the view is great, isn’t that the reason you brought me here too?”

“I know the view is great, but I brought you here because we’re on a date.  Why did you go with him?”

“Maybe we were on a date? I don’t know,” you said, knowing that it would piss him off.  You started walking towards the beach, and you could see the sand sinking beneath you at every step you took.  Wanting to feel it directly, you quickly slipped off your shoes, and stuck your toes in the sand.  The cold made you jump lightly, and Kyungsoo chuckled beside you.

“Isn’t it cold?”

“Yea, but it feels good.”

“Your toes are going to fall off because it’s so cold.”  Kyungsoo slipped his hands between yours, lacing your fingers with his, and his other hand reached out to take your shoes from you.  You didn’t push him away, because the warmth of his fingers felt nice against your cold skin, and plus, the setting sun and the sound of the waves was too romantic to be denying him right now.  Kyungsoo pulled you near the shore walking hand in hand as your feet glides across the sand.  Kyungsoo didn’t say anything, only smiling at you every time you looked up at him.

“Are you having more fun this time or the last time you came?” you knew what he was talking about and decided to play along.

“Last time.  It was summer, so it was much warmer.  And we didn’t watch the sunset, we watched the sunrise.”

“Must be nice.”

“It was.”

“Do you like the sunset, or the sunrise?”  Kyungsoo challenged.

“I don’t know.  But I watched the sunset and rise, thinking about one person, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.”

“Who were you thinking about?” Kyungsoo asked as he turns around facing you, walking backwards while his hands still held yours.  

“Someone,” you said giving him a mischievious look.

Kyungsoo stopped suddenly and you ran into his chest.  “I hope it was me,” he said looking down at you quietly.  If it wasn’t for the cold that had already tinted your cheeks, you were sure that the blood gushing to your face right now would have made it obvious that your were blushing like mad and you wonder if the sound of the waves would be loud enough to cover the beating of your heart.  

“Remember the first time you came up to me?  You didn’t say it, but I knew you were going to confess, like all the other girls, and I thought you were just like them, so I brushed you off, like I do with any girl. I thought I was all that back then, and that girls are dumb, all they do is whine and complain.  Then our parents said that we were getting married.  I hated the whole idea, but it made sense, to merge our companies and use our relationship as a tool for business ventures, so I agreed.  I never considered how you felt, I didn’t care.  I didn’t ask, I just knew that you would agree, and you did.  You’re a push over you know that?  But I soon found out you were only a push over when it came to me. I became curious, about who you were, and I began to say things knowing that I was provoking you, hoping to see another side of you that you were showing others, but not me.  It was fun at first, entertaining.  But when you said you would agree on divorce for Jiyeon and I, it came out of nowhere, and I realize how innocent yet strong you really were.  I don’t want to admit it, but I began to pay attention to things you do.  When that Jongkook name appeared for the first time, I was annoyed, upset, confused, even jealous.  I found myself, lying in bed listening to you practice piano late at night. I listened when you bang your head against the piano in frustration when you didn’t get the piece right, and I just wanted to engulf you into my arms telling you just how amazing you were. But the innocent you began to annoy me, you carelessly talk to Jongkook on the phone late into the night.  You talk to Jisoo about meeting up together and hanging out with Jongkook.  It frustrates me every time I hear his name.  I didn’t even know who he was, but I hate him.  I don’t understand why I’m not saved into your phone, and why he gets a special name saved?  When I saw him drop you off that day, I exploded.  You even left with him, do you know how I feel?”  

You were overwhelmed with what Kyungsoo was telling you, but you didn’t interrupt him.

“I felt like dying, I couldn’t sleep knowing you were out with him.  But my pride got the best of me, and I didn’t call.  We got into that big fight, and I said careless words that hurt your feelings once again.  I knew I was wrong, but I didn’t apologize when I should have.  I drowned myself in alcohol to feel better, but next thing I know, I was making mistakes one after another.  I’m sorry.  I’m really sorry.  But I’ve been trying to show you that I’m really sincere, and that I really mean it when I said I don’t want to get a divorce.  I really like you.  Please, can you give us a second chance?  Stop fighting your own feelings.  Stop thinking that my feelings are temporary.  Because they’re not.  I thought they were too.  But for the past month of not seeing you at home.  Not knowing if you were hanging out with Jongkook or not.  Made me realize that I always want to be with you.” Kyungsoo’s hands let go of your shoes, and reached to caress your cheeks.  You shivered as his warm palm burned your cold cheeks.

After a long moment of silence, “Why are you telling me all this now?  What do you want me to do?  Don’t you think it’s too late?”

“It’s only too late if you don’t love me anymore.  But clearly that’s not the case.  I know you talk about Jongkook on purpose to make me jealous.  And it works.  But I also know that Jongkook is dating Jisoo right now.”

“How do you know?” you looked at him surprise.

“Remember when I said I see you and him going in and out of the same place?  When I found out that it was Jisoo’s house, it all made sense. And plus.  He told me just now before entering the house.”

“You guys talked?! What did he say?”

Kyungsoo leaned into your ears and whispered, “It’s a secret.”

“Yah tell me!”

“You didn’t tell me what he said earlier.”

“That’s different, it wasn’t about you.”

“How do you know we were talking about you?”

“What else would you be talking about?!” you hit Kyungsoo’s chest out of anger.

“Let’s just said he told me what I needed to know.”  Kyungsoo pulled you closer and hugged you against his chest.  

“Can you just listen to your heart and stop being stubborn?”  He says.  As if it was a spell, his words made you realize that he was sincere, and having him embrace you this way, you couldn’t help but melt into him.  So you let your body does what it’s been dying to do all this time, your arms circle around his waist, your head leaned against his chest and you returned his embrace.  Kyungsoo’s chest rumbled lightly as he let out a soft chuckle, arms tighten around your waist.  

“Jongkook told me how you two met, and that the person you were thinking about while watching the sunrise was me.”

“How would he know who I was thinking about?”

“Because that day I left you alone, who else would you be thinking about?”

“So you’re not sure, and neither is he, you guys are both just making assumptions.”

“Then tell me that it wasn’t me you were thinking about.”

You opened your mouth, wanted to deny him the pleasure of guessing right.  But then again, what’s the use of lying to him when he already knows?

“I didn’t make us go to Jeju because I wanted to be with Jiyeon either.  We were there for a business trip.  I could have opt out of it, but at that time, I didn’t want to spend time with you before, I just switched our destination so that I could attend the business trip instead of going to Spain for our honeymoon.”

“Just admit you wanted to spend time with Jiyeon.”

“I like it when you’re jealous, but it really was for business.  Ask Kibum.”  You rolled your eyes without answering.  

“Let’s go to Spain.”


“Let’s go to Spain. You wanted to go there for our honeymoon right?”

“I’m saving it for my real honeymoon.  Don’t you think about going there!  Pick your own place!”

“Even if it’s with me?”

“You didn’t want to go in the first place.  You missed your chance.”

“Then are you thinking about getting remarried and going with your new husband?”

“That’s possibility,” you answered, though no sure why he was talking about you getting remarried.

“I understand.” You lifted your head from his chest and gave him a confused and angry look, but Kyungsoo just smiled at you.  He let’s go of you and bent down to pick up your shoes.

“Let’s watch the sunset,” he said and pulled you away again.  As you kept walking.  You couldn’t hide that you were upset he was talking about ‘remarriage’ and ‘new husband’ when he had just confessed and asked you for a second chance just moments ago. 

It didn’t take long until Kyungsoo stopped, and pulled you by both hands so that you could step onto a small dock. The dock reached out towards the horizon, and at the end of it, you saw a luxurious yacht.  Kyungsoo continued leading you towards the yacht, stepping in, and holding out his hands to help you in.  The yacht was breath taking.  It looked exactly like those big fancy ones you’d see on TV.  You’ve never been in one, and you were completely fanscinated by it.  You watched as Kyungsoo untied the ropes.  He walked over to to the command station and did some fancy work that got the yacht on autopilot. 

“You planned all this?”

“You think I’m going to let you lay on the sand to watch the sunset so you can really freeze your toes off?” Kyungsoo pushed you down on one of the seats, kneeling over and placed your feet on his lap, brushing sand off of your feet with his hands.

“Yah, you don’t have to do that,” you said, embarrassed as you recoiled your small feet that was colored a light pink polish.

“Just sit still.” You watched him intently, and fell in love with him all over again.  After all the sand had fallen off, Kyungsoo took out a pair of fluffy slippers from one of the cabinets on deck and slipped them on your feet.

“Wait here.”  Kyungsoo told you and turned his back heading towards the in-port cabin.  While waiting, you head over to the deck, where blankets and pillows were already laid out.  You took a seat on the blanket, and pulled it close to your body.  The wind had gotten colder as the sunsets.

Kyungsoo came back not too long after with a plate of fruits and chocolate in one hand, all your favorites, and two wine glasses in the other.  He took a seat next to you handing you the plate, and poured himself some wine that was placed by the deck.

“How did you know?!” you looked amaze placing a piece of chocolate in your mouth.

“You’ve been buying these every time we go out, I assumed you like them.”  

“You pay attention to me?”

“Who else would I pay attention to?” You blushed, and then reached out your hand, offering a piece of chocolate to Kyungsoo.  He looked at you for a split second before leaning in, put you quickly pulled away. You laughed at him teasingly, but offered it to him again.  He gave you a suspicious look.
“I won’t pull away I swear.”  You grinned.

He gave you another suspicious look before leaning in again, but of course you had to pull away.  You continued laughing at Kyungsoo, but before you knew it, he lifted himself, leaning all the way in and grabbed your hand to place the chocolate in his mouth.  The sudden movement made Kyungsoo’s wine spilled over your front.  

“Yah!” you said, looking at your shirt now drenched in red.  

Instead of looking apologetic, Kyungsoo laughs at you.

“This isn’t funny! I didn’t bring extra clothes!”  Kyungsoo continues laughing but handed you some napkins.

“You shouldn’t have teased me then.”

“I didn’t know you were going spill your drink all over me,” you mumbled as you wiped your front.

“Here,” Kyungsoo said, as he slipped off his jacket, then started unbuttoning his shirt.

“What are you doing?!” you yelled and turned away.  Kyungsoo dangled his shirt in front of you.  

“Put this on.”

“What are you going to wear?”  you timidly asked.

“I have another shirt underneath pabo.”  You turned around catching him slipping on his jacket and indeed Kyungsoo was wearing a simple white t-shirt underneath.  

“I’ll go change.”  You started to get up, but Kyungsoo pulled your hands for you to stay put.  

“I won’t look, and no one’s here.  Just change here, you’re going to miss the sunset if you go all the way down to the cabin.”   You quickly looked out to the horizon, and the sun was beginning to set.  Making sure Kyungsoo turned his back, you slipped your shirt over your head, took a wet napkin to wipe the stickiness on your skin and then slipped your arms through his button up.  As you button up his shirt, you recalled the night that your fingers had once unbuttoned his shirt as well.  You smiled at the memory, as his scent overwhelmed your own.  

“I’m done,” you said as you crossed your arms over your body to keep from the cold, since your jacket was also sticky with wine.  

Kyungsoo chuckled, “Come here,” patting the spot next to him on the blanket.  You quickly walked over pulling one of the folded blankets on your body.  Kyungsoo moved in closer, pulling the flap of his jacket open, and pulled you against his chest, covering your body with his jacket, the blanket, and his arms.  You relaxed against his chest, placing your hand there and made small circles with his fingers.  Kyungsoo grabbed onto your hands, stopping your movements, “Watch the sunset,” he whispers, as his hand on your waist tightens, pulling you closer to him, almost placing you on top of him.  

Your head laid on his chest, and quietly watched the sun’s glorious departure.  Before the last rays of the sun disappear, Kyungsoo released your hands that he was holding and dug into his pocket.  You didn’t think much of it, and continued to watch the sunset. But a loud click caught your attention. In front of you, a small velvet box opened and in the center lay a silver ring glistening on its own.  Your mouth agape, you instantly looked up at Kyungsoo with a stunned expression.  

“Marry me,” he whispers against your temples, his face sincere and gentle.  

“Oppa… we’re already married,” you managed to say as you lift your left hand showing him the ring.

“This,” Kyungsoo starts, as he slips off the ring and band currently sitting on your ring finger and slipped it onto the ring finger on your right hand as he continued speaking “is our previous marriage that has ended.  It signifies our meeting, but doesn’t signify our love and marriage.  But this,” he took the ring from the velvet box, holding onto your left hand just before your ring finger. “Is our new beginning. A brand new start, filled with promises, and love for our future.  Together. Will you marry me?”

You stared at the ring, then back at him.  Tears swelled in the corner of your eyes.  You never imagined that Do Kyungsoo would ever propose to you, but here he is, holding onto your hands, asking you to marry him.  Kyungsoo could see the uncertainty in your eyes.  “I promise that this time I’ll do things right. Starting with this, proposing to you first.  You don’t have to answer me now, I just want you to know that I’m serious this time. I will wait for you until you’re ready to accept me again.”  

You sat up from your position on his chest, “You’re serious this time?  Can I really believe you?  It’s not just for the company or some merge thing right?” you began joking on your tears as you stuttered each word.  

Kyungsoo chuckles and sat up as well, taking your hands into his, as he wipes away the tears on your cheeks with his thumb.  He couldn’t contain the smile on his face as his heart swells at the site of you frowning and crying cutely.  “Don’t cry. I don’t want to be the reason for your tears, and I don’t want anyone else causing them either.  And I’m asking you to marry me because I love you.  It’s has nothing to do with the company okay?” You nodded in his hands, and shook your extended fingers at him.  He looked at you confused.  

“You’re not going to put the ring on?!” you yelled through your tears, making Kyungsoo laugh harder.

“You have to say yes first.”

You shook your shoulders and whined, hating that he was laughing at you.

“Just say it,” he encouraged with a smirk on his face.  You couldn’t say anything as the tears keep coming, so you just whined at him in protest.

“Baby just say yes.”

You even whined louder, “Yes! Yes I will marry you!” you managed to joked out through your tears. Kyungsoo grins, slip the ring onto your ring finger, and instantly connected your lips with his.  He could taste the salt of your tears on his lips, but didn’t pull away.  He was addicted to your taste.  He could continue kissing you like this, but Kyungsoo felt the shivers of your lips. He parted from you, realizing that the blanket had slipped from your shoulders, and you wear only sitting there in his button up.  

“Let’s go inside.” Kyungsoo pulled you on your feet, grabbed the blanket from the floor swinging it over your shoulders and pulled you towards the cabin.  Your feet hurriedly followed him down to the cabin of the yacht.  The instant warmth of the cabin caused you to sneeze. Kyungsoo closed the cabin door and hugged you from the back as you snuggled the blanket closer to your body.  

“I’m sorry I made you watch the sunset in open waters when winter is slowly coming baby,” he whispers into your neck, and making you giggle at the new pet name he gave you.  

“Are we going to stay here tonight?”  

“Umm… why? Do you want to go home?  Because we can.”  You shook your head, not wanting to leave and ruin any moment of tonight.

“But what would we do here?”

“There’s a lot to do.” Kyungsoo leans in gracing your neck with his lips, but not yet kissing you.  You shivered at his touch, not sure if you’re ready for all of this just yet.

“Oppa…” you whispered, slightly moving away from his touch.  Kyungsoo chuckles from behind and releases you.

“I know.  I’m not going to pressure you.  I want your first time, with me conscious, to be memorable.” You bit your lips in embarrassment.

“How am I suppose to hold back when you do that?” he says as he takes your chin between his fingers, pulling lightly on your skin so that you would release your lips from between your teeth.  At this angle, taking advantage of his position, Kyungsoo pulled your lips even closer by your chin.  Your breath hitches in anticipation and closed your eyes.  But the soft of his lips never touched yours.  You opened one eye to look at him, and he smirked at you. Feeling that he was challenging you, you tip toed and went in the rest of the way.  You could feel him smiling against your lips in victory.  

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