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Day 6: Favourite Album

It’s actually between Folie a Deux and Infinity on High. The songs on Folie a Deux were more sophisticated and underrated, more competent, whilst Infinity on High contains most of the catchy songs, and their biggest single, Thnks fr th Mmrs. (X)

i am forever grateful for the things dan and phil have done for me. they’ve made me happy so many times. they’ve shown me so much about loving myself and who i am. they’ve changed my perspective on so many things. we joke around about them a lot, but in all seriousness, i am so so so grateful that they are a part of my life


Where was he exactly? Wondering about the rather shabby looking streets, Aoba peers about hesitantly. Soon his eyes locked upon a person standing in the street. Taking a breath, he walks up to the male. “Excuse me? Can I ask you a quick question, and then I’ll leave you alone?” 

Strange Magic: Post Sexy Times Head Canon- Bog the Hair Stylist Strikes Again

I want to say that their first time is lovely and beautiful and meaningful. And it will be. I know that.

But if you don’t think that after its all said and done, Bog isn’t going to turn to the side to say something heart wrenching and romantic and full of love and instead just fucking breaks a rib laughing at Marianne’s post-sexy times hair then I don’t even know what’s happening right now.

Cleaned traditional sketch with digital color
Geode belongs to Fooexe
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Hey y’all so I have attempted to make a full version of Love Me Like You Do with the changed lyrics from 50 Shades of Grey, it’s not the best quality but if any of y'all want it you can find it here.  Soundcloud deleted it the moment I posted it and in all honesty I’m afraid to post music on here again, I don’t want to lose this blog too! Hope y’all like it. :)

My first fanart and sorta request

I drew Owen cos reallifedavidtennant talks about him all the time and I knew if I didn’t draw him for them, they’d go crazy or come all the way from howdy howdy land and kick my ass

plus I like him too and this was really fun to draw even tho he’s in the usual hands-in-pocket pose all hoodie dudes are in

Fic: You Are the Only Place (I Could Ever Be)

A/N: From my own prompt after this ep released: [Annie leaves her room and runs into Jeff as he’s leaving, they spend the night “on the town” instead of at Jeff’s house.] and for kiki’s post ep fic fest and thanks to thecloseryoulook-thelessyousee for the beta. 

word count: 1,493. 

Sort of a sequel to my previous fic “Where the Night Takes Us” 


Jeff is standing forlornly outside of Apartment 303; idly listening to the merriment inside, reluctant to leave. He’s just turning to exit the apartment complex when a sound gives him pause.

The door shudders open and Annie emerges hastily into the corridor. She seemingly doesn’t notice his presence until almost colliding into his chest.

“Whoa there, slow down, Tiger,” Jeff jokes. His hand is resting comfortably around her rib cage, and he likes it. He lets his touch linger until Annie manages a small smile.

Her expression slides into one of frustration as she shoots an annoyed glance back at the sounds of partying echoing from Casa Anbedrita. Sensing the unrest within her, Jeff asks,

“Are you okay, Annie?”

“Oh, I’m fine,” Annie replies, but her voice has lost its usual perk. “I mean, it’s just so great to have all this partying going on, at my house, when I need to study, and Britta is such a rebellious teenager who doesn’t listen…”

Jeff holds her gaze as she continues:

“But you know what? It’s all right. Britta is gonna learn, and school isn’t everything, and maybe I should really just relax.”

“I missed you,” Jeff murmurs under his breath, just vaguely enough that Annie shouldn’t have been able to hear, but it’s too late. Her blue eyes jerk towards his face and he’s cornered like a deer in the headlights. He shrugs it off, secretly a bit disappointed that she doesn’t have much of a reaction to his statement.

“I was just in my room,” Annie teases, bumping up against his chest playfully. “There was no reason to miss me, I was still there.”

“But you weren’t with us,” me, Jeff can fill the word on the tip of his tongue but he can’t formulate it. “And so the party was boring, so I was trying to cut and run but you found me. Busted.”  

Annie’s face broadens into a real grin. Her happiness is so palpable from hearing those words it warms him up, deep down inside. He can’t verbalise to her yet how he truly feels or tell her about the revelation in Borchert’s lab, but this is one step to getting there.

“Well, I have an idea,” Annie says, rising her eyebrows at him with that little quirk that only he sees, “since neither of us want to be here, why don’t we go ‘party like there’s no tomorrow’ on the town instead?”

“That’s actually preferable to the alternative, which is me going home alone to my apartment and you ignoring Britta’s party by staying in your room,” Jeff says, finding himself smiling at her. He extends his left arm to her.

Annie’s face blooms in a wide grin from hearing that word again. She’s missed it as much as I have, Jeff considers, again, staring at the happiness brightening her eyes and the roses on her cheeks.

“Milord,” Annie finally answers, taking his arm.

They walk together down to his Lexus in companionable silence, neither really needing to say anything, just treasuring the time with each other.

Once they reach the Lexus, Jeff holds open the car door for Annie to let her slip in before joining her in his own place at the driver’s seat.

“So, where do you want to go?” Jeff asks.

Annie leans back against her seat with a sigh, tilting her head to look at him as he puts the car in reverse.

“Well, I guess we could go see a movie, or do window-shopping, try out a new bar, maybe some window-shopping, something like that.” There’s a short pause and then Annie says, “Ooh, we could go to a bookstore!”

Jeff chuckles, encouraged by her happiness,  

“We can do anything you want,” he says.

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I love thunderstorms.

Especially the raindrops as they fall from the dark grumbling clouds.

The lightning bolts pulsing through the sky like the veins in our skin.

The thunder that screams as if raging in pain for it to just finally be over.

But eventually it passes…

You’re left with nothing but the pictures and memories of it all.

It just left.

It wasn’t meant to stay long though and you knew that but because you loved it you’d hope it would’ve stayed.

Yet it didn’t…

So why were you surprised?

They never stay long and où never expect them too but maybe you just hoped his one was different.

Maybe you just hoped this one would change and you could enjoy that feeling of serenity for just a bit longer…

But you can’t so now you move on and push whatever it was aside waiting… Always waiting for the next one.