Look over on “Integrated Monitoring System”. Or just read this:

"The QQ application, owned by the firm Tencent, allows the authorities to monitor in detail exchanges between Internet users by seeking certain keywords and expressions. The author of each message can be identified by his or her user number. The QQ application is effectively a giant Trojan horse.”

In short, if you are using QQ, uninstall it from your PC.


ROTBTD 30 Day Challenge » Day 5: Favorite Animation
The girls snag this one (imo) — especially with those locks.  [1] Rapunzel’s hair is made up of 100,000 objects (i.e. stands). It fell to a core group of 10 software engineers to figure out how to duplicate the look of real long hair in a CG environment.

[2] Merida’s hair took researchers six months to see whether realistically depicting flowing curly hair was even feasible. Two and a half years in, [they] finally developed a computer-generated simulator (Taz) that exquisitely detailed the soft movement.

Tangled & Brave

don’t panic // a Good Omens fanmix

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listen here (x)

1. We Will Rock You (cover) // Vitamin String Quartet 2. Trekka (Dub Mix) // Puscifer 3. Don’t Panic // Coldplay 4. Books From Boxes // Maximo Park 5. Spirit in the Sky (cover) // Jason Mraz 6. You Know My Name (cover) // Poets of the Fall 7. Paint it Black (cover) // Sungha Jung 8. Heaven’s Dead // Audioslave 9. Sail (cover) // Vitamin String Quartet 10. This is Gallifrey // Murray Gold

Ruby Delilah, she came to you when he was dead and gone        / 

while you’re doing fine, there’s some people and i

who have a really tough time getting through this life

so excuse us while we sing to the sky


(my photo, my edit.)