“What?!” Neymar said behind you placing his controller down on the couch.

"T-that isn’t fair!" He said pointing at the screen.

"Puta." He spat at the screen crossing his arms. You got up and sat on his lap.

"Don’t be jealous that I’m better at Fifa than you" you said picking up his remote and handed it to him.

"Another round?" You said smirking. He rolled his eyes taking the remote

"Fine" he huffed, wrapping his arms around your waist with the controller in his hands.

"How are you going to see what you’re doing?" You giggled.

"I’m tall enough to see over you" he said resting his chin on your shoulder.

You scooted closer to him so your back touched his chest.

"I’m gonna win this time" he said clicking play.

"We’ll see" you chuckled looking at the screen.

"Go fuck yourself, Neymar!" He said to his game self on the screen.

"As funny as that sentence is, it’s even funnier that you’re playing fifa as yourself." You said shaking your head.

"Ok, one more round, I swear I’ll win this!" He said motioning to press start.

"Fine, but let’s make a bet this time…$50" you said looking back at him, wiggling your eyebrow.

"Deal?" You said extending your hand. He smirked at you, shaking your hand.


"Cough it up junior" you said waiting for the money.

"Puta! It glitched i swear!" He cried pointing at it.

"We need to buy a new one, it glitched…no fair" he said shaking his head.

"Ok, I’ll use the money you owe me and use it for a new one" you said smirking.

"It glitched" he cried taking out his wallet and pulling out $50. He bit his lip, as he slowly put it in your hand.

"It glitched" he whispered, you grabbed if from him and he whimpered.

"Thank you" you said putting the $50 on the table.

"Y/N" Neymar said poking your back.

"What?" You chuckled.

"Can you change the game to COD?" He said poking your back again.

"Please? You would be the bestest friend ever" he said hugging you from behind.

"Fine." You sighed getting up from his lap and changed the game. You walked back up to him and sat on his lap again.

"You’re awesome" he said wrapping his arms around you again, holding onto the controller.

"Tell me something I don’t know" you teased.

"How’d you do that?" You said watching Neymar’s player.

"What, knife?" He said confused.

"Yeah" you replied looking at his controller. He paused the game, and you turned to look at what he was doing.

"Ok basically you just click this, and-" he stopped and looked at you.

His hazel eyes never left yours, the only thing he did was bite his lip.

"Wow" he whispered still looking into your eyes.

"What?" You asked. He swallowed hard looking at your lips, then flickered back to your eyes.

"You’re eyes" he breathed out.

"They sparkle…they’re-" he paused licking his lips.

"Beautiful." He said quietly.

"I’ve never realized that before, how they sparkle… They’re beautiful" he repeated.

"Just like you" he said not taking his eyes off you.

"I can say the same thing" you croaked out, scanning his lips.

"The things you notice, when you really look at someone," he said slowly leaning in.

"How you smile," he started.

"How you laugh"

"How, your eyes sparkle"

"How perfect you really are" he said only inches away from you. You felt his hot breath on your skin, giving you goosebumps. At this moment, he was all you saw. As cliche as it is, it was true.

Your heart pounded, with want. Your eyes went back to his lips, the lips you’ve wanted to kiss for so long. The lips you want, the lips you need.

He scanned your eyes again, licking his lips. His lips brushed against yours but he pulled back slightly. He leaned in again, with a small smile, his lips brushed yours again.

"How I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long" he croaked placing a kiss on your lips. You felt the butterflies that were locked away in your stomach burst out, you’ve missed the feeling of want, and you realized it was Neymar all along… The reason why those butterflies were locked away. And that one kissed said it all.

It was Neymar. You were taken back, your best friend kissed you, but you’ve always wanted to be more than his ‘best friend’.

You kissed him back, fully turning around, so you were straddling him. His hands snaked to your hips, pulling you closer. You accidentally rubbed his crotch as you scooted closer to his body. He let out a small moan in the kiss, deepening it. His hands were now on your ass, holding onto you tight, trying to pull you even closer to him.

He trailed his tongue on your bottom lip begging for entrance.

You opened your mouth, letting him in.

"You’re so beautiful" he moaned in the kiss, biting your lip. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling on his hair, making him groan. He disconnected his lips from yours leaving trails of kisses down your jaw and onto your neck.

He kissed your skin until he found your sweet spot, letting a moan escape from your already parted lips.

He nibbled on the sensitive skin, leaving an obvious mark behind.

"They need to know you’re mine now" he growled in your ear, pulling away and roughly kissed your lips. He moved your hips so they would rub against him. He tilted his head back letting out moans of pleasure. His mouth was parted and his eyes were closed.

You leaned in, still moving your hips on him. Kissing his exposed skin. His grip on your hips got tighter,

"Jesus" he breathed out, as you continued trying to find his sweet spot.

He groaned, indicating you found it. You pulled away and tugged on his shit. You stopped moving your hips making him groan in annoyance. In one swift movement, his shirt was off, you stared at his body, licking your lips. You began moving your hips again, hearing his angelic moans.

You started kissing his chest, making your way back to his sweet spot, making sure after all of this.. He had a mark. The room was surrounded by yours and Neymar’s pants and moans.

"You don’t know how much I’ve wanted this" he groaned lightly pushing your face with his finger so he could kiss your lips.

He leaned his head back again, as your hips moved faster.

"S-stop" he breathed out holding onto your hips stopping you from moving them anymore. He started moving forward so you could wrap your legs around his bare waist. He picked you up, making sure he held onto your ass. He cautiously went up the stairs giving you sloppy kisses on your lips.

The second he stepped in the bedroom, he slammed you on the wall kissing you roughly. You gasped at the impact, and he took the advantage slipping his tongue in.

You put your feet on the cold floor, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. His hands never left your ass, he walked backwards still leaving desperate kisses on your lips.

He bumped into the corner of the bed and winced in pain. He shook it off, pulling you onto the bed.. And started unbuttoning your shirt taking it off. He then slide your pants off leaving you in your thin panties and bra.

His eyes scanned your body, as he licked his lips in hunger. All you did was stare at his perfect, toned body and his bulge that was showing through his pants.

He took off his pants with his shaking hands and hovered over you, with only his boxers on. His lips met yours again with lust, and love in his eyes.

He put his hands on your chest, trailing his fingers higher up. You felt his bulge on your thigh, and you started getting nervous.

"If you don’t want this, tell me" he mumbled, kissing you.

"I do" you said quietly, kissing him back. He took off your bra and threw it aside, eyeing your body. You looked at him through your lashes.

He left kisses down your stomach, stopping at the rim of your panties.

"This.." He moaned.

"Needs to go" he said taking them off, leaving you completely exposed.

He pulled down his boxers, kicking them to the side and got back on top of you.

"I love you" he said kissing you passionately, the only passionate kiss you’ve shared this whole time.

"I love you so much" he said in the kiss.

"I Always did" he whispered, slowly entering you. You let out a loud moan… The first of many that night.

The room was filled with your groans, moans, pants and his name, again.

"Fuck, Y/N" he moaned loud, reaching his climax. Your legs started to tremble as you reached yours.

You sighed loud, feeling relaxation throughout your body.

He gave you a sloppy kiss before turning and laying beside you. All those moans faded, those groans were no longer heard. Only small pants and breaths escaped your mouth. You felt his hand hold onto yours. The bed creaked as he turned to you, kissing your temple.

"I love you" he breathed out, for the second time that night. And now. You were finally able to say the 4 words that have been saved up in your body, ever since you met Neymar. The 4 words you wanted to say, but were to scared to actually say. The 4 words that truly showed how you felt…

"I love you too"

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