“Someones certainly eager, but considering this would violate the rules the only way I could accept it would be if you joined me in my bed tonight, what do you say little lightwell?”


“Well if it’s just sleeping I don’t mind in the slightest.  We will need to put a pillow or two between us, then we would each have our own side of the bed, and could even split the covers with greater ease.”

little-ojousama asked:

*elbow drops*

pwetty girl in icon is that Rose? @.@

okay so where to even begin with you, you’re like my oldest and bestest online friend in the whole damn world, you’ve seen me hit rock bottom and build myself back up and you’re always there to listen and threaten to kill fuckboys that bother me and you’re just super awesome

you’re also extremely patient and forgiving and put up with my flaky ass when I’m busy and don’t see your messages/texts until the next day

Also Saphina was by far the greatest priestess that ever lived. Srsly. May she rest in peace and may her widower be haunted by a spiritual lightwell to keep his dumb ass in check

you’re sweet and you’re funny and your voice is adorable like some sort of holy angel kitten

love ya, girl <333333333333

217-25 Chartres St·Renovation (Structural) ·Ref Code: 3LWWUM
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Renovation (Structural)
Ashley King
Application Submitted
Date Filed:
5/20/2015 4:57:07 PM
Interior renovation and rooftop addition as per plans, BZA resolution and VCC approval: change of use from commercial to mixed used: 2 ground floor commercial units, 25 residential units on 2nd thru 5th floors. Structural modifications to add lightwells and roof top additions.