As one of my friends posted on social media: “We finally did it… We finally crossed the uncanny valley… Holy moley…”

That’s right; the guy above, as you’ll already know if you watched the video, isn’t real. He’s 100 percent animated!

The link my friend provided, to a website called Geekologie, had this to say about the incredible and much-less-bizarre-than-usual computer-animated man:

This is Ed, a super realistic face digitally rendered using Lightwave, Sculptris and Krita by Australian artist Chris Jones. I say super realistic, but you can easily tell it’s fake because it’s just a floating head — there’s no body. Nice try, but that’s a dead giveaway, Chris.

Another tip given for telling real faces from ultra-realistic animated ones was to check to see if you’re viewing the face through a computer screen.

Gee, thanks, guys.  

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)

P.S. What do you think about this animation?


State-of-the-Art CGI: Say Hello to hyperrealistic Ed programmed by Chris Jones

Soon, there will be new hollywood blockbuster cashcow movies with Elvis, Erol & Marilyn. No expensive, moaning starlets anymore. Hooray for Hollywood, bad for us. Nevertheless, Ed is impressive work.

(But if I think about mandatory glitches and misbehaving code, I look forward to making ofs)

Work in progress made with Lightwave, Sculptris and Krita, composited with Davinci Resolve Lite. Music by me. Thanks for the comments!

[via kraftfuttermischwerk]


Hands down the most photorealistic eye I’ve ever seen. Major props to the artist for being brave enough to take on one of the most challenging subjects, animate it and actually pull it off.

Created by Chris Jones, using Lightwave and Sculptris.



App. 700.000 Partigons with a Fractal Noise Wind and Point Gravity. Partigon Size -3 pixels with the standard LW AO shader.
Render time: max. 2min20s


Three full octaves with 36 frets. Built in individual optical pickups in each of the bridges and rechargeable internal battery using an 1/8” input jack! Lightwave makes some pretty crazy basses! I would love to jam on this to see how it plays! That upper horn is a little much for my taste but I think I could deal with it. Also I think I would have to swap out those tuning machines for some Gotoh’s.


Computer up and running means back to work on my 3D stuff.

My low-poly Blackriver is nearly done. There’s some texture detail in the gloves and boots that I’m not entirely sure I can be bothered doing (the boots in particular are annoying because of the way Lightwave handles transparency), but other than that, I just gotta rig her and she’s done. But I’m getting kinda tired so I’ll do that later.

next week on supernatural

dean: sorry father, but i’m not exactly sure you’re prepared to hear my confession.

priest: you’d be surprised son. try me.

dean: well, alright. so lately i’ve been having some, um….impure thoughts about my best friend.

priest: well that’s not so bad. have you acted upon them?

dean: well, not exactly. you see he’s kind of a former angel of the lord and i’m not really sure if multidimensional lightwaves of celestial intent even go for bow-legged hunters but last week i kind of gave him the only thing in the world that can kill me and then i sort of patted him on the shoulder to get him to come to bed with me but he’s still a little out of touch with human mannerisms and i don’t think he understood

priest: …………….