Kylo Ren’s lightsaber hilt aka the three-bladed cross guard lightsaber at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim.

It’s nice to see it having the “used & dirty” look of the original trilogy’s lightsabers.

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The Jedi have no non-lethal options for dealing with suspects. It’s clear Jedi are quick to murder. But even if they wanted to peacefully deal with someone, Jedi don’t carry handcuffs. Or tasers. Or pepper spray. We know stun guns exist in this galaxy, so why not carry one? If a 6-year-old can build a C-3P0, someone should be able to rig up some kind of net gun or sleep Frisbee. Maybe a lightsaber that simply hurts rather than eviscerates?

6 Reasons The Jedi Would Be The Villain In Any Sane Movie

I have been hard at work on this ever since the new trailer for Episode VII hit. I almost sobbed during the final frame.

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