Charley lies on a small round cushion. When he hears “go to your place,” he rushes over to the cushion and lies down, staying in place while the floor is cleaned in exchange for occasional treats. This makes housecleaning much faster, instead of him following the mop around the floor as he used to do.

Ricoh GR | Adobe Lightroom

Montréal, QC.  June 2014.

St-Henri was an interesting neighbourhood.  Although Montreal doesn’t have the problem of expensive real estate pushing artists to the latest cheap nabe like Vancouver and Toronto, St-Henri is definitely enjoying an influx of young adults and the trendy restaurants that often accompany them.  It’s a sharp juxtaposition against the old men playing with motorcycles, neon-laced massage parlours, and grungy abandoned factories (popular with urbex’ers) that have been calling the neighbourhood home for decades.  I’d love to see St-Henri in 5 years.

Your rage and anger doesn't belong to we

You search for reasons to anger yourself then wonder why this is my writings wealth.  Its the mask you wear that shield’s your shame and when it comes off we know your name.  Your rage and anger doesn’t belong to we nor to you, but you can’t be set free until you learn to see, until you learn to be, until you stop seeing my empathy as weakness or sympathy and learn to trust in me.

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