Charley visits the dog run at Tompkins Square Park on a rainy day. He ran around and met several new friends, including Poppy the ten-year-old Shih Tzu/Maltese mix (top) with his mom, Tux (top) who wore a camouflage sweater and was very amorous, Harley the six-year-old Pomeranian/Brussels Griffon mix (center left) with his dad, and a friendly dog (bottom) who kept jumping over the fence from the big dog side over into the small dog side. Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan, NYC

Ricoh GR | Adobe Lightroom


VSCO Cam is one of the most popular mobile editors around, but the company also has a line of “film packs” for editing in Lightroom.

These packs do a wonderful job of emulating classic types of film, but the steep prices can be a turnoff. Luckily, VSCO just released a freebie that features two of their most popular presets!

VSCO Releases A Free Version of Their Popular Film Packs

via Cool Hunting / Photos by  Chris Schoonover