Charles Herbert Lightoller was the second mate aboard the Titanic.  He was remembered afterward for sticking to the code of women and children first even moreso than the other officers who were manning out the boats.  He attempted to launch Collapsible B and when he could not properly do so he dove overboard near the end.

He swam toward the ship, remembered that it was safer to go AWAY from it and was swept under anyway, held below before an explosion forced him back to the surface.

He found the Collapsible B that he had tried to launch previously and a number of passengers clinging to the upside down boat.  They were swept even further away when a funnel came down close to where they were located.  He organised the men to move about in a certain fashion so as not to sink the boat they were huddled upon, and they screamed “Boat Ahoy!” under his command in the attempts that someone would find and rescue them.

It was hours before they were rescued by another boat.

Lightoller was the last person to come aboard the Carpathia for rescue.

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Charles H. Lightoller, "Hero of the Titanic"


LIGHTOLLER, (Back Row -Second from Left) with the Officers of the Titanic.

Second Officer Charles H. Lightoller was the highest ranking officer to survive the sinking of the Titanic, and because of this he was immediately a target for those looking for answers. However, to many he was known as a hero for his actions that night, and his refusal to leave the ship until it sank.

During his trial in New York, which he later remarked was a “farce”, he had to defend himself against numerous claims, perhaps the most famous of all, that he sent many of the already limited lifeboats away from the ship half full. (Titanic was carrying less than half the number of lifeboats needed to save everyone on board, but the number, given the other safety aspects of Titanic’s design, made such a low number seaworthy.)

Lightoller responded that he filled it with as many women and children who could be persuaded to leave the deck, as at such an early stage in the sinking many believed that they would be safer and better off still on board the ship.

Lightoller also cited his fear that the ship would capsize, as is usual for a sinking, for the reason he didn’t full all lifeboats to capacity. Had the ship begun to tilt the lifeboats would not have been able to be lowered, so he wanted them away quickly and with those he deemed most needy i.e. women and children. The Titanic, however, remained remarkably level during the sinking. Later in the trial he said that had he known the severity of the situation he would have taken more of a chance with the boats.

It is true, however, that Lightoller allowed no more men on board lifeboats than were necessary to row and guide them, (at one point he tried to remove a 13-year-old boy from one of the boats until his father convinced Lightoller to let him stay.) Also during the sinking, several men had taken over a lifeboat and Lightoller threatened them out with an empty pistol and then filled the boat with 36 women and children.

(Personal opinion, based on limited knowledged, I’m admittedly no professor of Titanic: I know it wasn’t the best decision, but he was left with no orders*, there were still a lot of women and children on board, the lifeboats were only 15ft from the water as opposed to their normal 70ft, yes he could have filled the lifeboats more, but he thought he knew the restrictions on them and the problems that would be caused if the ship tilted too far, or even capsized. I think he did what he genuinely thought was the best thing to do at the time. I know people disagree though and I do see their point. But lest ye forget, he did a damn sight more for those passengers than the Captain did that night, that’s for sure.)

*With regards to “no orders”, according to the Ecyclopedia-Titanica, Captain Smith wasn’t seen anywhere on the ship in it’s last two hours, "His legendary skills of leadership seem to have left him, he was curiously indecisive and unusually cautious." He was last seen on the bridge giving the order to abandon ship, he made no reported attempt to save his life, or anyone else’s, and his body was never found.

By around 2:00am that night all the lifeboats had been lowered and only the collapsible’s remained. Again Lightoller and other Officers gathered around those, allowing only the remaining women and children aboard. It was at this stage that First Officer Wilde ordered Lightoller to leave with the boat, to which Lightoller replied, “Not damn likely.” and jumped back on deck.

Following this, only one collapsible remained on top of the Captain’s cabin. Lightoller climbed up, and using a borrowed pen knife, tore off the ropes and covers and sent it down to the flooded deck. Immediately after doing this, the Titanic plunged under water and he leapt free, trying to swim for safety, only to be sucked under with the ship. During the trial he said that an engine then exploded under water and the force of it threw him to the surface, where he was able to climb aboard an upturned lifeboat. 

The Carpathia arrived several hours later at dawn, by which time 3 of the 31 men aboard Lightoller’s lifeboat had died. He helped the other remaining survivors from the boat, becoming the last Titanic survivor rescued by the Carpathia

I leave you with, what is in my opinion, the most poignant quote I’ve heard from accounts of the sinking of the Titanic: 

Senator SMITH: What time did you leave the ship?

Mr. LIGHTOLLER: I didn’t leave it.


Senator SMITH: Did the ship leave you?

Mr. Lightoller: Yes, Sir. 

Second Officer Lightoller (Center) and First Officer Murdoch (Right) shutting a gangway door as Titanic prepares to leave port. Lightoller would survive the sinking. Murdoch would not.

This is the last known photo of Murdoch in existence.

Thomas Andrews: Mr. Lightoller, why are the boats being launched half full?
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: Not now, Mr. Andrews.
Thomas Andrews: Look, 20 or so in a boat built for 65? And I saw one boat with only 12, 12!
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller: Well, we weren’t sure of the weight, Mr. Andrews. These boats may buckle.
Thomas Andrews: Rubbish! They were tested in Belfast with the weight of 70 men! Now, fill these boats, Mr. Lightoller, for God’s sake, man!

Titanic Daily Fact

Collapsible B also floated off the Titanic, however this boat was turned over. Thirty men, many of which were crew, survived by climbing on top and stood for hours in the freezing temperatures. They were the lot to be rescued by the Carpathia, Second Officer Charles Lightoller being the last man to come aboard. 

Titanic Disaster Hearings (1912) - Second Officer Lightoller
  • Senator Smith:Yes; but what I desire to know is whether in each stateroom on each deck, in all classes, whether there is any rule, and whether it was followed at that time, so far as you know, in equipping this boat with life preservers and lifebelts and anything else that might appropriately go into the rooms and be upon the decks of a boat of that character?
  • Mr. Lightoller:She was perfectly complete throughout, sir.
  • Senator Smith:How many lifeboats were there?
  • Mr. Lightoller:Sixteen.

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