I’m graduating!!! Here’s the thing, I’m about to loose access to a lot of technology and equipment that I’ve used over the past 4 years to create most of my cosplays and props. I run a cosplay web-store part-time that helps make ends meet and if I can continue with it, I’ll be able to turn it int…

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Got this a while back, but I haven’t posted my thoughts yet.

So, yeah, Kill la Kill 3DS XL case! What can I say other than “Awesome!”?

Now that I’ve been using this a while, I think I can rightfully say that this is a fantastic case! Made of anodized aluminum and a nice velvet lining on the inside, this case has been etched in the image of the one and only Scissor Blade. Seems perfect for any fan of the popular anime, Kill la Kill, however, at first, I was a bit skeptical. When I first opened it, the metal case itself seemed a bit flimsy. In fact, the half meant to cover the top half of the 3DS was actually bending inward. For all I know, this could be on purpose to help the case hug the system better, but it bothered me personally, so I just bent it back in.

Next up came the fitting test. At first, all went well until the case itself started popping off in random places! This, however, is another minor inconvenience. All you need is a little patience and fiddling with the item, just to kinda break it in, and you’ll have one hella-rad 3DS case to enjoy while you game!

Overall, this is a very nice item and I’m glad I ordered it! It serves as a nice change of pace from the old, scratched-up design of the limited edition Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL I got for my birthday a while back.

I would definitely recommend this wonderful item, along with anything else in lightningandlace's store! Seriously, drop in there and pay them a visit! They got some awesome stuff for sale!

Yo siempre quise mi propia Computadora Portátil de #SailorMercury <3 El equipo de #LightningandLace lanzaron estos covers para 3DS y 3DS XL! El acabado es metálico, super premium, y es resistente *_* Lo amo!

I always wanted Sailor Mercury’s super computer and Lightning and Lace’s team made it possible by offering this 3DS and 3DS XL theme covers! It has a metallic finish, what makes it look super premium and it is also very resistant *_* I love it!

I couldn’t be any happier with today’s packages! My #LightningandLace Mercury’s super-computer 3DS XL case is even better than I could’ve hoped for. (And yes I know that’s Neptune but I don’t have Mercury. 😣)

Lightning and Lace’s Puella Magi Madoka Magica charm-pendant giveaway!

Win one Madoka Magica soul gem charm in your choice of one of five colors. (Custom color possible upon request, though may be delayed a week or more after the contest ends.)

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Giveaway ends October 5, 2012.

Good luck!

You can also pick up your own in the Lightning and Lace shop on Etsy. (Don’t worry, they’ll restock in about 2 weeks!)


Neptune Wand
Pluto Wand
Uranus Wand
Star Topper

Here are transformation wands for the three outer Senshi: Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. Each model is sold separately  as is the star topper, which works for all three. Click each link to see the turnabout for each wand. These are FULL SIZE!

For a limited time, I’ll have these up so you can get them directly from the 3D printer. These are printed in white nylon plastic and will have a slightly rough surface. You can sand them slightly if you like, but it’s not necessary. They can take spraypaint, normal paint and they can be colored with alcohol based markers directly onto the surface for small details (or the whole thing!). Hit them with a clear-coat after coloring for a smooth finish.

It is STRONGLY suggested that you get the star in the frosted detail material for smoothness.

There are small holes on the bottom to let the excess material escape. These can be covered or filled in very easily. There is also a small set of escape holes on the circle right above the heart which should be covered by a small 5mm gem. These are hollow but sturdy. If you’d like to fill them with another resin, you are welcome to do so, just cover up the holes you don’t need first!

Hope you guys enjoy!