"huh, i hope he survived that" 

Trans woman Austria picking out only the most elegant of dresses for every occasion. Her friends all tease her for it (lightheartedly) but it makes her feel incredibly close to who she believes herself to truly be. She then goes out to dances/balls just totally SLAYING it in her new dresses and everyone claps because she looks fan-freaking-tastic. 

David [Foster Wallace] was talking about how hard the writing was. And I said, lightheartedly, ‘Dave, you’re a genius.’ Meaning, people aren’t going to forget about you. You’re not going to wind up in a Wendy’s. He said, ‘All that makes me think is that I’ve fooled you, too.’
—  Mark Costello

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Lith walked into their house, grinning from ear to ear as she sauntered up to her boyfriend. Without warning, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed Sky with all she had, laughing lightheartedly when she pulled away. "You'll never guess what I did on patrol today!" Corey smiled, going in for another kiss. "It's so amazing! You're going to be so proud when you hear it!"

"It must be something huge for you to be this happy," he grinned back at her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Alright, tell me, this is going to be great, I just know it."


Imagine Nishinoya and Tanaka going to a concert together and Tanaka being dead set on making it possible for Nishinoya to crowd surf.

They manage to get to the very front of the crowd and one of the band members pulls Nishinoya on stage, Nishinoya grinning widely and looking at everything starry-eyed.

Tanaka motions for him to come back and with a tap on his back from the band member he admires the most, Nishinoya sprints off and jumps right into the crowd, laughing lightheartedly when he’s caught by dozens of hands.

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"We could play chubby bunny." ((hirahamada))

"And let you win again?" Tadashi chuckled lightheartedly, warm brown eyes dancing with it, "Those cute fat cheeks of yours always seem to win. I don’t know, I might die of cuteness overload."

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Can you write a blurb about Canadian accents for the other boys like the Luke one.

michael is the kind of person that would lightheartedly tease you about everything (but you would totally tease him too) and make everyone around you question why you two were even in a relationship even though you both know that you’re completely and utterly head over heels for each other and with that being said i think he would definitely tease you about it a little bit and try and annoy you but he wouldn’t mean any of it and would secretly (or not so secretly) be absolutely obsessed with your accent aw

honestly i think calum would find your accent really intriguing and always ask you to say stuff so he could try and imitate the way you say it and you’d always do the same for him and honestly it would probably turn him on a ton and he would show you off a lot and be so proud that you agreed to date him unf

ashton would find it really sexy for sure like on one hand he’s a total gigglebutt but i am so sure that he has a super passionate side to him and he would be in awe (idk man) but he would find it insanely alluring and always kiss you and when you moan his name it would always push him over the edge and he would love it so much holy shit



You should have never come

Frank Iero is a counselor at a summer camp… Can he stay away from Gerard, an innocent teenager? *Frerard*

Chapter 11

…”Frank,” I croak out. “I think you did it wrong,”“What? No way, I’m a pro,” he laughs lightheartedly, encouragingly slapping me on my back two times as I struggle for breath. “Go climb, I’ll hold…

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"You may want to quiet down there, Gon." they said lightheartedly. "But… the feeling is mutual."


"You’re pretty…tell me Kurapika…do you think I’m ok looking?  Illumi said I was cute, but he’s…Illumi.  What do YOU think?  eh?"


     arivis thought the point of the game was to not 
say what one meant — which was frustrating, first
     of all; second of all, why wouldn’t you say what
     you meant, other than the fact that apparently in
     orlais it would end up with someone dead? — and
     not yell elf savage in the middle of the courtyard.
     and somehow she got the dirty looks for it. 

     she doesn’t like halamshiral already, on top of the
     various other reasons she has to not like traipsing
     about lightheartedly in a palace built on top of a pretty
     important place.

     so perhaps the inquisitor is moping a bit among the
     nobles, and perhaps her only solace is in her friends.
     which explains why she immediately moves to follow
     after solas, hanging about him after being gracious yet
     distant and distracting with celene and not holding her
     straight-face well at all.

                                    (and got more dirty looks. damn.) 

     "are you enjoying yourself, solas?" she asks, eating a
     square of cheese thoughtfully before realizing that it is,
     in fact, the best piece of cheese she’s ever had, and
     regrets not stealing away more. unfortunate. she makes
     a mental note to take perhaps the plate with her next time
     she starts her rounds listening for more gossip. 

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again, i'm very sorry. i shouldn't have done that just because i'm used to my own culture being joked about a lot; not everyone's gonna take it as lightheartedly as i do, and that was completely inconsiderate of me. then again pretty much everything about english culture is just. well, easy to make fun of really, but again that's my own culture, and i shouldn't make light of a culture that isn't my own. or really even talk about a culture that isn't my own unless i've studied it a lot.

Well if they’re like inner jokes of your own culture, I guess we all do that. But when you go and say them to someone else, well, that’s another story :T sounds like you’re mocking or insulting their culture.

But anyway, now you know for future reference, don’t worry, i know you didn’t mean to be insulting [hugs]