I started illustrating this comic back in 2012, spent a really long time procrastinating, worked on it on and off, and now I’m finally publishing it. I know it’s not Middle-Earth related at all but if any of you sci-fi/fantasy nerds are looking for a lighthearted action/adventure webcomic then here it is! Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

some ppl on this site are so quick to judge though… like i saw someone say they think avatar is a metaphor for world history and someone reblogged to “school” them and was all ur erasing (them’s fightin words) important cultures (and i got a very accusatory U R A RACIST vibe) and like

it was a throwaway sentence from someone who probably genuinely didn’t know i mean how many western schools are gonna give you a solid education on tibetan monks

basically if something sounds lighthearted and misinformed, not malicious, cut them a bit of slack, please? a lot of people here are young and we’re all learning and the last thing we need to do is scare them off of Being Wrong so they can learn more… 

and if you don’t have the energy or are in the wrong mental space to be nice it’s okay not to reblog a post? 

kelainoofthestars asked:

Do you know any cute lighthearted witch or magic related stories? I've been hankering for something kinda Halloweenish 9 months too early, but keep finding things that are a little too heavy I guess. You have impeccable taste and I'm curious to know your thoughts!

INDEED I DO.  My dear child, it is NEVER too early for Halloween, and I’m actually thinking of founding my own Halloweentown which — not unlike Frankenkmuth, Michigan where it is Chistmas all year long — it will always be Halloween.

Heavy can take a lot of forms when it comes to spooky stories but I think I know what you mean, in which case I shall direct you to a few of my very favorite magical witchy related readings in the form of comics.  If you are not generally a fan of comics fear not — these are not your usual fare, and they are, I promise you, super fucking cool.

The first is a not very well known and sadly short lived but brilliant comic called Leave It To Chance.

I touch on it more fully in this post but it is, put simply, one of the best written, best illustrated, most fun and adventurous comics I have ever read.  Chance is a young aspiring sorceress, daughter of one of the most powerful necromancers alive, determined to solve supernatural crimes her father thinks she is too young to be messing with.  It’s fun and hilarious and full of magic and adventure.  Visit your local used comic shop or look for it used on Amazon in a trade paperback.  There are 3 volumes: 1: Shaman’s Rain, 2: Trick or Threat, 3: Monster Madness.  All are worth it!

The second recommendation is the understandably famous Hellboy.

The movies were a lot of fun, but to really get into the world, you need to read the comics, absorb the art of Mike Mignola, and not only take in the cool origin story of Hellboy and his unique sense of humor and style, but my favorite part of all — the fables and lore explored through the stories.  Mignola used real legends to tell a lot of Hellboy’s adventures, having him face off against Baba Yaga or some leviathan horror.  I recommend The Chained Coffin for a start, but you can really pick it up anywhere.  Though the art is dark and dramatic, the themes are never too heavy to handle.  Hellboy punches his way through his problems and laughs it off!  Also he loves cats.

Last one is a short series of four comic books based on the show Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, a collection called Witches.

Some of these might be a bit dark, but oh, some are so gorgeous!  You can see inside one of the comics and read my full review of it here!

There was a different writer and a different artist for each of the four comics, but they each did such a beautiful job crafting the stories, making them less like a comic and more like a storybook, one suited to each particular tale.  Though the series is done now, local comic shops may keep back issues of them, or you might find the complete set on ebay or Amazon.  It is very worth it, particularly the first issue and the very last one, which is a Baba Yaga story.

I hope this gave you some good reading material!

Why do you ship Larry?

I love hearing how people came to ship larry, so many different ways and so many different backgrounds, some from way back when, and other from a few months ago. I want to hear all the stories, who you are, how you came to the fandom, whats your background?

I only joined the larry fandom in November. I became interested initially in Harry Styles when I read on a newsite about Harry’s ” not that important” comment, which came a few months after Vicky Beeching’s brave decision to come out. (Its a shame that anyone has to come out at all, there shouldn’t be a closet). What attracted me was that he didn’t seem to care if people thought he was gay. Sure, it was a lighthearted, jovial comment but he didn’t try to deny it and was happy for people to make assumptions. It was so refreshing to see someone with such an influence over teens showing this attitude and refusing to abide with society’s heterosexual norms.

I then followed a link to a discourse by a lady of a similar age to me, who discussed the larry stylinson phenomenon, and what she had found. I will admit that in all my years of shipping I have never seen anything like Larry Stylinson. Whilst I could accept the earlier years may have been for show, it got to a point where that explanation seemed to be reaching too far. It was the infamous arm caress in 2012 that did it for me. I just couldn’t see why they would do that - if it was for show they would have made it obvious rather than making an attempt to cover it up? Not to mention Louis’ reaction to Harry saying ‘Adele’ at the Brits interview and then Harry turning to him to whisper an apology. Why? If they were together it would make sense. “For the publicity” just didn’t cut it for me.

When you add cirumstantial evidence like the tattoos ( would you plaster your body with matching tattoos when you know that half the population thinks it means you’re a couple, and you really hate those rumours because you are, in fact, straight? Does this seem logical?) it got me hooked. I even bought one of their albums as a result, which trust me is huge because I don’t like pop music - I listen to Classic FM!

So that’s my story and why I now ship larry.

Story of the Day

The Road We Take

16 Chapters – ZA

Daryl and Beth leave the funeral home and wander through the woods from place to place. Feelings begin to show as they open up to each other but there are hurdles around every corner.

Great take on the what-would-have-happened-if-beth-wasn’t-abducted idea. The way characters are developed is amazing, Daryl continues to open up little by little and Beth keeps getting stronger. Is an easy and enjoyable read; lighthearted, with some scenes that will make you smile and with some action and drama. A great combination. (SFA)

Rating: 9/10; Smut XX


"I fought the idea of having security for a very long time, because I really value normalcy. I really do. I like to be able to take a drive by myself. Haven’t done that in six years. [Even in Tennessee, my bodyguards] have to be in a car behind me because just the sheer number of men we have in a file who have showed up at my house, showed up at my mom’s house, threatened to either kill me, kidnap me, or marry me. This is the strange and sad part of my life that I try not to think about. I try to be lighthearted about it, because I don’t ever want to be scared. I don’t want to be walking down the street scared. And when I have security, I don’t have to be scared."