so there’s this songwriting contest at school. it would mean a lot to me if you’d listen to our entry. you’ll have my love forever! if you feel uncomfortable and don’t really want to (especially if you’re not christian - this is a christian song competition after all and i don’t want to force people to be christians), i understand.

so please don’t think that i’m forcing you. just listen to it if you’re really bored or if you wanna do a good deed or something. thank you!

ivvit project

Light Cloud

Interactive video and photo installation. 2008-2009

Imagine that you could decide what you look at yourself. Or do you think you do that already?

Imagine: a film of Chinese women dancing for Mao or tourists visiting the Statue of Liberty in New York, the vice squad arrests someone, a girl mounts a bicycle. As you view this collection of projections you hear the steady sound of a slide projector.
East Germany. Click. A family snapshot of a bedroom. Click. The same place, now empty. Click. Notes from the police. Click.

The “Light Cloud” installation is a collection of historic and contemporary amateur materials, each of which examining the phenomenon of “power”.

Meike Eggers and Michael Anhalt are fascinated by the chaos of images – from countless authors – that inundate us.

Often, a clear boundary between the manufactures and consumers of images and their origin and meaning can no longer be distinguished, making images free for interpretation, aimless and easy to abuse. They no longer follow a set interpretation of reality or a collective “truth”. Our perception of the world is no longer exclusively constructed by those who have the power, but by everyone. We have all become makers of reality.

“Light Cloud” is composed of nine projections combining photography and film.
The visitors subconsciously influence the images by movement detectors that guide the films and photos. The projections change location and form new combinations with every movement of the viewer. The only refuge in the chaos is a series of photos that are projected with an old-fashioned slide projector.

The series of photos depicts the subtle boundary between what you see and what you think you see.

exhibited @
Dutch Photography Museum Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2010
Fotofestival Naarden, The Netherlands, 2009