Nicolas Grospierre’s Infinite Library

The Never-Ending Corridor of Books and the Never-Ending Wall of Books are two components of The Library project by Nicolas Grospierre.

Both are installations comprised of photographs placed in light boxes and shown in mirrors to create the illusion of endlessness.

The Library project is not the representation of a specific library, but rather an attempt at representing the very essence of the idea of a library. It is loosely inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ novel The Library of Babel, where the author describes the universe as an “infinite and cyclic” library. The project is thus an attempt at showing, through a photographic installation, the library as an infinite gathering of books, but that can be contained in a single book.

If one assumes that a library has three main functions, that is to gather books, to stock them and archive them, and to make them available to the public, it is possible to phrase the following statements. First, as a library is, by nature, a place where books are gathered, it is potentially infinite, because books, and thus knowledge, knows no boundaries and is constantly expanding. And second, a library may contain a book on libraries, or even the list of all books in that particular library, which means that a library is simultaneously the container and the content of the same subject matter

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anonymous said:

i saw on youre deviantart and on tumblr your recent drawings and i need help with eyes and body porportions. they are always slanted


I hope this quick diagram I sketched can be of some help. For the body of the car, you first have to draw a light 3d or 2d box, depending on how your character is facing. Then slowly but surely carve out the character from the box using reference pictures and more lines if needed, like I did with my 2d quick sketch of Finn. (its not my best sketch)

Faces and eyes are easy, you just need to get used to it. Practice mine, then do some other moods on your own, and use references from any  of the movies or shorts for help too.


New Backlit Paper Sculptures by Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker

At Black Book Gallery

“Where I Belong” is a paper cut light box installation work of hand cut watercolor on paper assembled in a shadow box that is backlit with LED lights. The work is a collaboration by Hari & Deepti