My order from kittensplaypenshop came in earlier today!!! I waited until I hung out with my boyfriend/”master” to open the package. Just a Yoko cosplayer enjoying a cat tail ^~^

Service/Ordering - First of all, you girls are amazing!! Seriously, you guys are the best shop owners I have worked with. You are super friendly, and you really care about your customers. My emails were answered in a quick, professional manner. I was discouraged though about how long it took to get this tail. I placed the order on November 10 and received it on December 27. Their processing time then was 20 business days, which is fine. But I was disappointed when I got an email toward the end of that 20 day period saying my order is being delayed and it was not even made yet. To be honest, I was pretty mad. But then I learned the reason - their supplies shipment came in damaged. It’s not fair to be angry at the ladies for something that was out of their control!

Product - The craftsmanship is amazing!! The seams are not visible at all. The fur is super soft and I love to play with it ^~^ And the color combo is great (black and ice blue)! I love having the tail half-wired because it is posable, but can still freely move. I’m sad that I can’t wear it all the time :( The only issue I have is with the pin. The black fur gets in the way when I try to pin it >.< But that is such a minor issue that it’s not worth making a kerfuffle about.

All in all I think I had a decent experience ordering from KPP. I think I will be ordering from them again since I need ears and I want one of their new long fox tails! Plus, I might surprise my boyfriend with a cute little collar for when he’s the sub ;3 Keep up the great work, ladies! <3