Joules of the Universe - Diagram depicting all Energy Levels in the Universe, beginning with a single Photon, then progressing up to the Energy of a Hydrogen atom, the Energy of an atomic bomb, the yearly output of the Sun, and finally the total Energy output of the Universe. Memorable steps along the way include the Energy in a ton of coal, and the Energy of a bumblebee traveling at half the Speed of Light.

There are several yin-yang-type opposites in the Flight Rising universe, with Ice-Fire, Plague-Nature, and Light-Shadow. Each of these pairs’ inhabitants and deities understand deeply that without their opponent, they would be less than they are - and as such, celebrate a few joint holidays, separate from the monthly flight-specific parties.

Ice and Fire celebrate the beginning of Summer and Winter, as well as the equinoxes of each, with season-appropriate food shared between clans of different flights. The food from Fire is welcome in Ice during the winter, as food is scarce in the Southern Icefield this time of year. Similarly, Ice food is greatly appreciated in Fire during the summer, as it is usually frozen and can help soothe a heat-sensitive dragon.

Plague and Nature celebrate the beginning of Autumn and Spring, as well as their equinoxes, similarly to Ice and Fire’s methods. The one difference, though, is that the dragons participating in these events are not expected to eat their gifts. The lush, nutritious food from the Viridian Labyrinth far exceeds the meager appetites of Plague dragons, who are adapted to scant meals and precious little time to eat. Instead, they pour any food not immediately consumed into the festering pools that dot the landscape, as nutrition for whatever pus-born disease is currently incubating along with their eggs. Nature dragons, in turn, receive partially eaten cadavers and withered, spotted greens from the Scarred Wasteland. These offerings are much appreciated, though, as the sheer amount of plants growing in their territory heavily depletes the land, and requires constant fertilizing. This is a perfect use for the half-rotted food, which is buried along the roots of favored patches of ferns or family trees.

Shadow and Light celebrate each new and full moon, not with food, but with treasures and knowledge. They gather during the night on the border between their lands, sometimes perching in trees on their side of the line, and trade interesting artifacts. Sometime it’s a dolly in the shape of a dragon, carved out of ebony wood, sometimes a stone or clay tablet, inscribed with unknown characters, that could take some weeks to translate. These meetings are more frequent than other holidays, making them less like full-blown events and more like a casual get-together between old friends. Gifts are given in good heart and received without expectation of payment.