I AM BULKING and I have this ab action going on. I SWEAR TO GOD IIFYM WORKS MAGIC! I am literally eating 2,200  calories and plan on increasing even further, which is crazy because this is probably the largest amount of food that I’ve ever allowed myself (when tracking). And I’m leaning out. Macros work so so so well for me. Not only is it the thing my body responds to best, it allows me the most freedom and mental sanity!

However, as you can see, I have a lot of definition on one side of my abs and not on the other. It’s kind of always been like that. What can I do to remedy this?

One of my goals when I started lifting was to have quads that you can see through leggings…I think I am getting to that point ayyyy.

Today I am just overflowing with body positivity!!!

did legs today!!! been looking forward to this workout for like 4 days cuz I’m a loser..I ❤️ legs

I ended up upping my squat..warmed up with 10 reps of 95, then did 2x10 at 115 and then did 2x8 at 125! It was my first time squatting 125. Then I did straight leg deadlifts and sumo deadlifts at 135 I was feeling ok..good enough to push myself a bit but deffs not my best leg day ever.

I don’t have classes today so now I’m gonna make some lunch then work on some biology and calculus! I have sooo much work to do. Midterms are coming up already..