Throwback Thursday from 2 years ago to today!

To think at the time I thought I was pretty lean and mean in the first pic. A consistent healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive attitude have made all the difference. And I accomplished all of this without ever stepping foot in a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Just hard work at home and lots of research and trial and error. For all of you thinking you will never get that body you want or reach your health or fitness goals just keep going. It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow but you will achieve your goals if you keep at it and believe in yourself!!



Making Weight Without Losing Strength

Hopefully this serves as a great resource to allow competitors to regain their full strength after a dramatic cut for a powerlifting weigh in. This is what I personally do without ever experiencing any problems. Please share and learn!

Warning: Contains lots of footage of yummy food!

Also I randomly decided to go the Arnold last minute and I wanted to get another Vlog but I don’t think I’ll be able to this weekend! I’ll try to record everything out in Colombus Ohio though to see if I can share my experience with you guys!

Hey guys

So I haven’t posted my workouts recently.

Monday I didn’t really do much. The boyfriend and I went to a volleyball class that is actually where we met over a year and a half ago. The people who were playing that night were mostly beginners so we didn’t get in as much of a workout as I had hoped. Although my hand was sore the next day from setting since I’m so out of practice.

Tuesday we went to the track to work out together for the first time ever! We’ve played tennis and stuff like that but we’ve never gone out for the sole purpose of working out together. So that was fun. We did a warmup lap and I did some dynamic stretches while he just laughed at how funny I looked. Then we both did a mile of stride the straights jog the curves. He left me in the dust (I mean he is a good 6 inches taller than me). But it’s fine, I liked that view better :). Then he sat at watched some kids at soccer practice while I ran up the bleachers and did bicycle crunches. I didn’t do quite as much as I wanted but it was getting really cold and having either of us be out there for too much longer would not have been healthy.

Yesterday morning I went to the gym. I did 1 mile at 10 minute pace, stretched for a bit and then did 1 mile at 8 minute pace. Stretched a little more and then did 1 legged leg press. I then got all frazzled on the way home because my boss called me into work an extra 2 hours early. Which I’ll be going into work 2 hours early today as well so I better get moving. Yesterday felt like a shit day for me but today seems a lot better (granted yesterday was fine until like 6 o clock at night). I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy whatever activity you get, even if that activity is just moving your fork to your mouth.

XX Mac


So I’ve had a back injury that’s kept me out of the gym for about a month. I’m still going easy on my back and legs because it’s still a bit sore, but I thought I should start taking progress pictures ‘cause I always meant to and never did.
So my legs and back need lots of work, (as does everything) but as of March 5th, 2015 this is my body! Every fifth I’ll take a picture and update :)


This week isn’t going to plan. I need to figure out what works for me, and maybe only exercise really works. So the doctor, aka moi, is prescribing more tough work and discipline with that, and maybe I’ll be lucky that it’s gonna rub off on the rest of my life. Plus I’ve gained 6kg and probably more because my muscles are gone and fat is everywhere.

Tonight I’m going lifting with my friend which will be lovely! I just need a little breather from the workout I did this afternoon - look at the insane amount of sweat.