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Got any tips for someone who lost motivation?

You come back in the game one step at a time. In everything: nutrition, workouts and motivation.

We all want to look like our favorite fitness model and do everything like they do. But let’s be honest, if we want to go from 0 to hero we will have to start small.

What motivates me everyday:

  • I found my why. Why am I doing all this? When you will find it, everything will be simpler.
  • I put a poster of my idol on my wall (Arnold) and look at him like “Bro, I’m coming for you!
  • I watch at least one inspiration/motivation video everyday, about fitness or life in general it helps a lot (srs)
  • I’m always hard with myself because I don’t want failure to be an option. When you start to discipline yourself, motivation doesn’t need to be here to make you do the job.
  • Get off the couch! I’m not judging you at all, but you’re not a baby anymore. It’s time to take decision! Otherwise, future “you” will look back and see regrets instead of memories.

And of course, check daily Gymaholic motivation ->


Yesterday’s leg workout left me this sweat with NO CARDIO!! Lift heavy people 👊

Deadlift 4x10 

Sumo DL 3x10

Single leg DL 4x10 // smith glute press 4x12

Ass to grass squats 4x10, pulse for 10 end of each set // glute bridge 4x16

DB straight leg DL 3x10 // squat jumps 3x12

Cable DL 4x10 // Cable squat 4x10 // cable hamstring curl 4x8 // donkey kick 4x8 

Hamstring curl 4x10 // leg press wide 4x10, toes out 4x5, narrow 4x5

Weighted cable crunches 4x25 

Burn out: one four minute long tabata style HIIT with plyos


Workout Log 11/21
*Pictured above: Trap pump and chili lol

Handstand Pushups:

2x12 with awesome depth! My head was just hovering the floor



2x2@71 (meh)

1x3@72 (wut?)

1x10 Push Press@75

1x8 Push Press@80



Bent Over Row:


Skull Crushers:




Tricep Dips to failure


15 Minute HIIT routine

Workout felt pretty good, then I cooked some chili for tomorrow. I’m hosting a Mexican night for friends and fam. Tomorrow I’ll be making the guacamole, chicken enchiladas and yellow rice and beans.  All are invited. Sombreros required for entry :D  

Happy Friday, all! <3

genius idea: since I’m afraid of the weight room and I wanna figure things out when no one else is there, and the north campus rec center isn’t open until 7 when all the middle aged people get there, but the central campus rec center opens at 5:30, what if a couple days a week i got up super early and run from north to central campus, lift there, and then take the bus back????

that is a terrible idea and I just need to get over my fear of people and the gym.

The bad news? Winter is coming. The good news? You are not a bear. That means you don’t have to hibernate. You don’t have to hunker down, curl up or stay in. You don’t have to binge-watch seasons 1-4. You don’t have to let holiday traditions trip you up. You don’t have to get cabin fever. You don’t even have a cabin. It’s the weatherman’s job to tell you what’s headed your way. It’s your job to not let it get in the way. You can’t choose the weather. But you can choose your winter.
—  Nike (Instagram)
Why I don't like "cardio:"

I can’t get “lost” while I run. Some people talk about a “runner’s high” or something to that effect. They can run for hours and their minds just go on auto-pilot. I am always very consciously running, and quite frankly, it’s boring to me.

I genuinely enjoy lifting. Squats, cleans, snatches, deadlifts, etc. excite me. I would lift for hours on end if I could. I don’t think I’ll ever feel that way about running.