Hijack Smut Week Day 2: Lingerie

Jack checked the time and smiled. 12:15. Hiccup wouldn’t be back from teaching for another two and a bit hours. Sprawled out over their sofa, a laptop open atop him; Tumblr showing on the screen, the TV on playing Tangled and a cat named Toothless pawing at his other hand. Life seemed good.

Lazily getting up from the leather sette, not rushing particularly Jack swaggered over to the vent in the wall, concealed by the boys using a tasteful potted plant. Jack rooted around in the soil, searching for the miniture screwdriver he kept in the pot for occasions just like this.

He lifeted the two inch tool and began to unsrew the bolts holding the face of the vent in. One bolt fell out and fell to the floor with a clitter. Toothless’ ears picked up at the noise and one eye barely opened. Jack started on unscrewing the next screw along the top and repeated with the one below. One screw remained, on the bottom left corner, but that one doesn’t really need to come out. He could just rotate it open.

Jack withdrew a small, cardboard box from the shaft containing several pairs of silky, frilly, lacey pants. Jack picked out his favourite pair and took them upstairs, past the cat playing with screws on the floor, into the shared bedroom of the two teens.

Jack stripped off his plain frost, white pants (why would he wear trousers, he was alone in the house) and slipped on the frilly ones. He removed his shirt and walked to the full length mirror on his wall to pose and admire the curve of his hips (that he hoped was there) that was brought out by the colour.

He strolled over and admired everything, the way his crotch filled the pants perfectly, the way his hips curved at perfect angles (Yes!) and the way the boy in the background’s mouth made the perfect circle. Wait what?

Jack span to meet the face of the teen that stood at the doorway. He stood bag dropping from his drooping shoulders to the ground, mouth in a perfect, comical O and phone hitting the floor.

"Hiccup what are you doing here" Jack said, his voice’s pitch changing mid-sentence.

"I, it, we. It was a halfday at school so I thought I’d surprise you coming home early" he stuttered, eyes staring at the frilly lace covering jack’s crotch.

Jack’s eyes widened in realisation of what Hiccup was staring at and rushed to cover his crotch his crotch with his hands to protect teh little dignity he had left.

"It’s not what you think, I swear!" Jack blurted, wishing he had thought of a better excuse before saying the first thing that came to mind.

"Are you sure? Because it looks to me like someone has a dirty fetish" Hiccup said "And I think that that is wonderful" he finished coming forward to cup Jack’s face into a gentle kiss.

"You don’t think I’m a sick weirdo?" Jack whispered into the kiss all the energy and fear he had of being rejected collecting into one specific area of his body.

"Of course not" Hiccup whispered back "Just a regular one. Who has a little problem"

Jack frowned then gasped as a simple squeeze from Hiccup’s hand to his dick confirmed all of his fantasies and left jack with a few new ones. Jack moaned and pushed into the hand grasping his cock.

"My gods I’ve looked forward to this" Hiccup murmered grasping the hem of the pants and pulling them down, to recieve a cock infront of his face, and a beautiful cock it was. It sat nestled in an untrimmed patch of white hairs.

Hiccup took the fdick at the base, pulling a couple of the hairs that nestled there, and gave the whole thing a lick, base to tip, and swirled his tongue on the slit, to be rewarded with a moan. He gave the length a couple strokes and licked it again, from top to bottom to top again and this time took the head into his mouth, no more, and sucked on thatleaving jack with a feeling his hand would never be able to replicate.

Jack grasped Hiccup by his hair and tried to push more of himself into Jack, whining at the refusal, pushing his hips forwards desperately. Hiccup for his part seemed to find the whole thing amusing and sent shockwaves of laughter into Jack’s tip making him more desperate. Hiccup suddenly, no warning given, opened his mouth and took the now fully hard member half way in, three and a half inches of jack and gave a fast suck then pulled off again only to push back on. Jack moaned at the continued refusal of Hiccup and tried to get more in each time but eventually hiccup stopped sucking all together and whispered:

"Don’t want to finish too early do we?"

Considering how damn long it took Hiccup to rid Jack of his lace it took his much less time to remve himself of his own clothes. Hypocrite. Hiccup walked over to his bed, ignoring the whines of the snowy haired youth on the way and opened his drawer to, taking two somethings out and walking back over to Jack. Both boy’s erections stood tall.

Hiccup swaggered back to jack and stopped just before the mirror to sit on jack’s snowflake patterned bedandpopped open the tube of lubricant he had taken from the drawer, throwing down the condom 9which of course was the second item) and slathered a liberal portion onto his fingers.

jack stared with fascination as his soon to be lover took one of his fingers and pushed into himself, sighing from what jack assumed to be the intrusion. Jack reached down and touched his cock, the strokings feeling not as good as Hiccup’s mouth but damn good none the less. He watched as the teen in front of him put one, then two, fingers inside of himself and scissored himself open, moaning all the while.

Jack barely even registered that it was daytime now, the strokes from his cock and the brunette finger-fucking himself becoming Jack’s whole world. he could feel his climax coming, building up within himself to the point that he-

"Jack I think I’m ready" Hiccup sighed out removing his fingers and getting onto all fours, crawling up to the tip of the bed to allow for more room.

jack grinned and climbed onto the bed picking up the condom as he started to crawl to the asshole awaiting him soon. He tore open the packet with a purpose and rolled the condom down his dick to the base,then coverign it with a generous helping of lube. Jack gave himself a couple of quick strokes to slic jhimself up and positioned himself behind the ass awaiting his member.

And then he pushed in.

Going slowly as he assumed was best (he had read fanfiction after all) Jack moved himself deeped and deeper into the now not-virgin hole consuming his prick until he was buried to the hilt. Then in one fast motion he pulled out completely and pushed back in again, savouring the sharp intake of breath he got from the teen beneath him and loving the deep moan he recieved follwed by a single word:


jack pulled out once more, leaving just the head, and slammed back into Hiccup angling to hit the same spot as before and succeeding. He pulled out and thrust in several times, loving the ecstasy he was feeling, savouring every feeling he had coursing through his body, every adrenaline rush he experienced knowing he was close, so clsoe, to his climax.

Jack pushed in again and groaned, the anal muscles around his cock tightening as Hiccup came, with a cry, shootign his seed over Jack’s bedsheets. jack pulled out and thrust in one more time and came into the condom, fillign it with his cum, and shuddered as the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt shook his body and emptied him.

jack suddenly felt very tired as he pulled out of Hiccup and fell onto the bed, head slightly dangling off of the bed, not caring that his bed was dirty, not caring hie was still wearing a condom full of cum. He was satisfied beyond compare.

"I should catch you in female lingerie mroe often" Hiccup chuckled, his voice tired and hoarse from the symphony of moans he had been releasing.

"Reckon we could push these beds together, pretend it’s a double" Jack gasped back, laughing at himself.

He really did love wearing Frilly Lace.

raging-riven said:

"Nyx?" Riven walks up to her, rubbing her pudging belly lightly "Are you busy?"

"Yes my love?" Nyx asked as she lifeted her head and turned towards the door the Riven entering the study. "Not too busy." She replied. "Why?"

For Crossroads chef Tal Ronnen, healthful eating a way of life
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For Crossroads chef Tal Ronnen, healthful eating a way of life

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