throw back to my belly when my breakfast consisted of froot loops pop tarts and pancakes, and dinner was 5 cups of pasta EVERYDAY! Never had a single vegetable in my life during this picture, and now i eat like a rabbit. I feel so much more healthy!! :)

I just ran 3 miles on the treadmill (Day 2)

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You may start off slow and weak in the beginning, everyday that you keep going,you only get stronger and faster With determination of a new you! I can personally say when I started my weight loss journey I could barely pick my self up into a plank or barley run for a minute. Now since two months have passed I can do all types of planks and run a half mile with out stopping! With a strong mind set and determination anything is possible #newme #newyou #lifestylechange #healthyme #health #healthychoices #determination #excercise #motivation #fitness #active #strong #getfit #eatclean #instahealth #inspiration #heretohelp #fitspo #planks #rinning #fitnessaddict

My Resolutions

I realized that I never posted my New Years Resolutions. I’m actually really excited about these, because last year I didn’t make any. Last year I told myself that I was happy and I didn’t care about anything. This year I have goals, ones that will help better an already amazing me! :)

1. Run a 10k

2. Get under 200 pounds. I want to get to my goal weight (160) but I also wanted to make sure I set an achievable goal that wouldn’t stress me out too much. So my goal is to lose another 23 pounds, but hopefully another 62!

3. Walk the dog more. I walk a lot, but at work! I need to do some morning walks with Charlie.

4. Pay off one of our loans, and start building some savings for a house.

5. Stop letting people walk all over me. I want to stand up for myself, and stop being such a pushover. I don’t want to let people get away with their snide, under breath comments. I want to call them out on it, and let them know it’s not okay.


5 goals. I think they’re all reasonable, and all pretty important. Happy 2014 <3.

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I like this picture. I just wish it rang true for me. My family, friends and coworkers can see the change in me and my body but I can’t. I see it on the scale and in the way my clothes fit. I see slightly smaller love handles. But I don’t see the body everyone else does. They go wow. And what are you doing?! I wish I could see that. I still see the over weight me. The one that can’t fit into any of her clothes anymore. The one that juat binged on crappy food because she was bored. I’m not saying I hated myself or my body. I love myself. And my body does amazing things. It’s gotten me to where I am. It’s made me smile and made me cry. But I would never have wished for a skinnier body or a tinier waist. I feel great and right now that’s going to have to be enough for me. Which moat days it is. But I can’t help but get embarrassed and blush when people make comments. Even if they are great to hear!

Body Image

The other day when I was at the gym, I started to feel self conscious when I was on the treadmill. I began to worry about how much I was sweating, how heavily I was breathing, and what the girl on the elliptical might be thinking about me.

And then I just kept running. And I told myself “you just ran your fastest mile ever!” And I reminded myself to be proud of that.

And to be proud of the body that achieved that.

Honestly, yes I am still big. Yes I still have a long way to go. But my body has been through so much and I am so fucking proud of what I have accomplished with it. I have lost 75 pounds and I have every right to be proud of that! I’ve sweat, cried, struggled, and worked my ass off to create the body I currently have.

And after I thought about that, I realized I didn’t care what the girl might be thinking. If she knew what I’d done, she’d probably be proud of me too!

So I’ve been feeling pretty great about my body this past week. Yes I’m going to have bad body image days, but the point is that I should be proud of what I’ve accomplished and the body that I’ve earned!

so this is my Transformation Tuesday, which is a bit of a throwback. The beginning photo was taken in May at the Harry Potter studios and the last was at the beginning of September, on the last day of the Matt Smith era of the Doctor Who Experience, in work. I think it’s important to look back and take stock of how well I did through the summer, battling a number of issues that at times did break me but I got back up and fought every time. In the last photo I think I was around 14-18lbs down, and I was so proud but it’s not until looking at this comparison I notice just how much of a difference there is especially in my face.
The past few months have been extremely hard. I fell back into the rut I was in during the summer due to completely unfair circumstances, out of my control and in turn have put on around 10lbs of what I lost. But thanks to my amazing work family, my friends and actual family I took on everything in my stride. Weight loss took a back seat for a while but I’m feeling 100% positive and ready to make some more progress. I’d love to see how much I can achieve over the next four months- so I can have a 12 month before and after shot that I can be proud of, even though it won’t be the end of my journey.

I’m a completely different person than I was in that first photo. And things are only just going to get better.
I’d also like to thank lovehealthlift for the support she’s given me since last year. This lady is one of my biggest sources of inspiration and motivation.

Sigh, i’m NOT used posting quite like this. Ive NEVER liked my stomach and after 10 children and 14 pregnancies, i’m sure my stomach doesn’t like me. But I promised myself and my daughter @untamedxdesire that I would embrace ALL of me..flaws and all. While i still won’t be wearing any belly shirts, i must say that this is the MOST development i’ve ever had on my tummy and I am so very proud of my progress so far.
Thank you guys for taking this journey with me and allowing me to lay my vulnerabilities out there.
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