amaranthinewander said:

Hi. I'm using the prepare-to-burn theme atm and tried to tweak it a bit to suit my blog style (didn't remove the credits or anything of the sort) and while I was trying to delete the slink colors somehow the tags stopped showing up....(I know I'm such a loser for fooling around with it). the tag color option still appears under customize and looks fine in preview, but when I save and close it just stopped showing up. Help?

I’m really sorry, but I have neither the time nor the patience to go through all of your code atm. The tag div is still there and in the CSS everything seems to be fine, too. I did find one glitch in a quick glance, but I don’t know if that’s the thing causing it:

#navibar { 
top: 10px;
left: 112px;
background-color: ;

There is no value for the background-colour, could be that the browser doesn’t like that and gets a hiccup, so to speak. Just put in transparent before the semicolon. Maybe it’s fixed then, maybe not. In which case you could just copy and paste the whole code again and start anew :)

amaranthinewander said:

I love your ps graphics. they are amazing!!! (you must get a lot of these :p) would it be too much to ask if you are going to post a tutorial in how to make them?

askdfjasdklf thank you! :) 

I would actually love to make a tutorial. It’s something I’ve never done before and i want to try my hand at it to see if I can even explain stuff. But then, no one’s really asked for one? I’ll definitely make one If I get a tutorial request for a specific graphic.:) 

amaranthinewander said:

Dear Jim: mhm, how should I put this. I require a little assistance in getting rid of a sly little "bugger" that's been bothering me for well over a year. I always love it when ordinary people think they are smarter than the rest of the world, 'cause it hurts more when they fall. You'd love their expression, really, the pain of disillusion was priceless. Anywho, back to my-little-problem, any suggestions?

It depends, darling.

How naughty are you willing to be?

Often times I see Mycroft as this pretty disillusioned genius who, instead of becoming an ascetic like Sherlock, chose to play the game, maybe just to prove he can win even with all the unfairness and bigotry. I’d like to think that Sherlock is withdrawn because he believes no one truly understand him or approves the straightforward way he chose to express himself. Genius has its own price and it’s likely that Mycroft often felt alone and isolated as well, he just deals with it differently. Despite all this, both Holmes boys got heart. And though acting from two ends of the extreme, they are trying to change the world for the better.

His entire life is devoted to what he believed was right. He turned his back to the Righteous as well as the Evil. In the end, he chose his own road, and carefully, yet boldly, walked on. He was lied to, he was used, and he clearly sees through the power struggle and knows he’s nothing more than a pawn in this war. This realization doesn’t deter him from keeping the distant promise, from completing his assignment. He walks alone, while the world collapsed around him.

He’s not perfect. Far from it. The once-upon-a-time innocent love is buried under bitterness and hatred. How complicated is human nature, who can truly define, what is good, and what is not evil? He conceals his virtue and uses detest as a shield. Deep within his soul, who says he’s not deserving, who says he lacks courage?

For him, death is simply the light to a long-destined end. Proud as he is, who looks upon pity and sympathy with destain, refused to seek other’s appreciation nor reciprocation. Some of us may bemoan at the fate’s unjust treatment, but to him, life’s never perfect. He accepts it without so much as a blink of an eye. He doesn’t care for people’s praise for his courage, nor those who lament his sacrifice. Because everything he did, all of this, is his way to repent and atone to his loved ones for the mistakes he once made.  

He cautiously balances on the fine line between justice and evil, love and hate. As the dark mark is burned through his skin, years of suffering has clawed their way to his heart. 

In the end, all he wanted, was to look at the pair of emerald eyes that once inspired love deep within his decrepit soul. Perhaps to beg for forgiveness after spending seventeen years in the dark pit of remorse. To catch the familiar spark that soothes out all the pain and despair, to be reborn in the same world with her again, to find the long lost peace.