So a week ago I showed you the new truck the hubby got me… A few days later it was returned. I wasn’t all that happy about it but sewing that we were approved by our credit union for a much better rate and the mileage was an issue for them… We took ourselves to the auction to get me a different truck. We found this beauty!! All the same spoiled pampered features plus cooled steering wheel, DVD, sun roof, and like 40k less miles. Yep this one is even better. Still need to pinch myself that I’m driving a Cadillac…. Thank you God for providing a better vehicle at about the same price and with no hassle. I just keep seeing it out my window and keep thanking him for my blessings. #spoiledlinewife #lifeofalinewife #blessed

Ride and shine and give God the Glory glory, children of The Lord!!! I have read my bible and spent time talking with my king, I have made a half gallon of juice. (Watermelon, apples, mango, oranges, carrots and celery) I have a movie ready to watch and I’m getting to work. Oh and today is Ambers last day of 4th grade!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!!! The baby is almost 10!! #thankyougod #blessed #juicing #lovemyjob #netflix #lifeofalinewife

There is something so dynamic between a mother and her daughter…. I so madly love all my kids, but this girl is my shadow!! We are snuggling an watching Hallmark Christmas movies drinking sugar cookie sleigh ride tea pintresting craft ideas…. Life doesn’t get much better!!! #lovemykids #lovemylittlegirl #minime #hallmarkmovies #sugarcookiesleighride #lovesnuggles #christianparenting #lifeofalinewife